Monday, March 16, 2015

A Week of Sailing!

Every week continues to be a great week! We sail to and from Copenhagen this week, and it was a splendid experience where we learned exactly what we needed to hear for our area and missionary work. We have some great leaders in the mission right now, so we were grateful for our Zone Training!
District at Kronberg Castle

While we were up there, we also held our District Activity! We went to Kronborg Slot (Hamlet's Castle) and it was way fun. Even though I'd been there before, it's always fun to be with the District. We also had our member friend, Jessica Dalberg, there to show us around because she had grown up right around that castle.

Arriving at Christian Island
Then, today was quite the adventure. Today is John Mogensen's 9th birthday, and so we decided to take a road trip. I had wanted to do this for my birthday, but it ended up working out better this week, so we did it for John's with the Mogensens! They've been so good to us to take us to these exciting places. We took a trip to Christiansø (The Island of Christian/Christian's Island), this small island in our area, and it was an experience to remember! First off, the weather was absolutely beautiful today! But because it's not the summer season, they don't have the usual summer ferry that sails. Instead we took the small little postal boat that they use to deliver their mail! So that was exciting! Arriving to the island I discovered that the population of this island is 90. 90 people - I thought Bornholm was a small island! We were able to explore every nook and cranny of that island in 1 1/2 hours. Very small, but extremely beautiful!

Our appointments that we had when we got back were fantastic! The Lord blessed us so much with progression and success in this last week (as well as every other week). We had another opportunity to do service with J* this week, but the best part was the lesson. She has had a concern recently where she doesn't really believe that it's necessary to believe in any specific thing. She said she was 90% sure that it didn't really matter. But at this lesson we decided to show her "Come and See" from David A. Bednar's last General Conference talk. It made all the difference to her. By the end of the lesson she committed to read and pray that evening about the Book of Mormon! The talk just really hit her and helped her to understand why we invite people to come and see.

Another investigator, S* invited us over for dinner, and again, another great lesson was had! Turns out, she's been reading random chapters in the Book of Mormon and had lots of questions, especially about baptism. We had a great discussion, and by the end she invited us to come and speak to her class that she teaches. So tomorrow we'll be headed over there and be able to talk to all of her students.

N* and C*, what a miracle! They also had us over for dinner, and it turns out that N* has been smoke-free for over a week now! And not only that, but both of them have felt the power of the Atonement of Christ as she's struggled to overcome her addiction. She bore powerful testimony on how she knows that He has helped her to continue and that she knows He lives. It was incredible! So there is great progress being had with those two, we'll see where it leads them in the near future.

Lots of good things are happening on the island. Every day I look out and just think how lucky I am I got sent to this place. It's my home! I look forward to hearing from you all next week, and next week I'll be the big 21! Love you all and have a great week!


-Ældste Wawro