Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fastelavn/"Kill the Wabbit!"

Hello dear family!

You may be a little confused about the title of this email. Everything will be quickly explained.

Fastelavn is a holiday they have in Denmark. It's kind of like Halloween where you dress up. They also have a tradition that is kind of like a pinata. In the olden days they didn't use pinata. Instead, they had a barrel that had a live cat in it that they hit until it died (weird stuff). Luckily, now they fill the barrel full of candy, not cats.
Celebrating "Fastelavn" with the Mogensens

Fastelavn was last Monday and we spent it with the Mogensens until the evening where we went out to work. We saw a few sites on the island, one being Ekkodalen which has some awesome cliffs! Then we went back home and hit the barrel and did some other stuff as a family. It was way fun, and I'll make sure to send some pictures!

Well, this week was a little bit of a setback as far as numbers go. It's not that we didn't work hard, because we definitely did! A ton of our work consisted of doing service which we were so grateful to help others with. That's one great thing about this island, there's always service to be done!

We still taught quite a few lessons even though most of our really positive people couldn't meet this week. There's been a sickness going around and many of them have caught it. But of the lessons we had they all went fairly well, but the one that I want to talk about his week was with J*. J* is still going strong. She's been reading and she's been in church recently. We committed her to watch Elder Bednar's "Come and See" talk from General Conference. She couldn't come with us to the Mogensens last week, but we have it all set up for this week! I believe that will help a lot.
Cliffs at Ekkodalen

We biked out to Klemensker this week because no missionaries have really worked there before. Unfortunately, we knocked there for two hours and not a single potential!!! And then a storm hit. The wind start blowing crazy against us the entire way home for about 50 min! That will be a night we will remember in the future, ha!

The other great thing was the fact that we were able to do service for K*, Jessica Dalberg's sister! They've been really apprehensive of the missionaries, but by the end K* was so grateful for the help. They have an awesome farm up in Olsker and an amazing house, but they need a lot of help to take care of it. We had some great conversations with her and her son.  I feel like we're going to become great friends, and from there, who knows what miracles can happen?

Building in Klemensker
But you may be asking, what service did we do? Well I'll tell you. First we moved a bunch of wood, and that was great. Then, she led us to a pen where there were a bunch of rabbits. We then proceeded to pick these cute little rabbits up, break their necks by hitting them with a crowbar, then skinning and gutting them! What?! Never imagined I would be killing and gutting rabbits on my mission. She wanted the pelts and the meat, so we helped her with it all! We even got to take one of the rabbits home and Elder Redd and I made a stew out of it. It was pretty weird at first, I won't go into too much detail, but now we know how to skin and gut animals if we ever need to survive out in the wilderness!
Kind of self explanatory

In the end, it's been an adventure filled week. Elder Redd and I will continue to work even harder and more effectively this next week! We look forward to the miracles that are going to happen on the island. 

Love you all!