Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Walking, Church, Hippies, and the Gospel.

Hello Hello Hello!

It's still great to be on the Island! All the snow has melted, but we've got that nasty wind back. Luckily, it's not too bad and Elder Redd and I just keep trudging along!

Hey, I'm also supposed to tell you not to worry, all the missionaries are safe. I don't know if you've heard about the shooting that happened in Copenhagen this weekend, but the church has taken good procedures to make sure that no missionaries are around the vicinity where it happened. And really, with us two being on Bornholm, it really makes us not have to worry. So don't worry! :)

I'm glad to hear Casey had a great birthday! She's grown up so fast! And congratulations to Nathan on making it into the MDT Program!!! That's amazing! Sounds like things are going well with the family.

It actually has been quite a miraculous week. The miracles started on Monday with a random potential investigator. There actually was written a random address on our whiteboard with no name on it. I'd always wondered what it was, but the address was in village called Arnager so I just never thought much about it. Well, Elder Redd and I decided that we might as well give it a shot, so we decided to bike out to Arnager. It was pitch black and the only light we had was a light I've attached to the front of the bike. Because so much of Bornholm is rural, you need a light or else you can't even see the path that you're on. Little did we know that this path would bring us through the middle of a forest! Ha, we had to bike so slowly to make sure we didn't run into anything!

But don't worry, we arrived in safety to Arnager. The interesting thing about Arnager is that when the missionaries came for the first time in the beginning of this dispensation, it was Arnager that the entire town was converted and moved to America. They even had to defend the missionaries from a mob at one point in time! The city used to be a big city, but now there's hardly anyone there because they all moved to Utah to build up Zion! So it's a pretty special place.

Well, we arrived and found the house. A man answered the door, and he told us he believes in all religions. He was way nice though and willing to listen. His wife came out and she was way nice to us, and they both said that we were always welcome to come back. Then their cat came out of the house and started walking around us and wanting to be petted by us. They were dumbfounded, because apparently the cat hates strangers and NEVER goes around them. So they kept commenting about how there must be something special about us, some special energy. Then we started to leave and the cat kept on following us! Ha, they were so surprised! But they are excited to see us again, we'll see if we can baptize the rest of Arnager!

We had a great experience with [the newly baptized member] Jessica Dalberg. So she was still over until Thursday this last week, so she took us out to lunch and we were able to teach her daughter a little to help her get ready for her baptism over in Copenhagen. We had a great time, but the best part was when we had to meet up with Jessica's sister, K*. The missionaries actually have met with K* before I got to the island, but she dropped us when I tried to set up an appointment. Her husband is really against the church. Anyway, we got to talk to her and we were able to set up service at her farm. They have been really busy because they own the only shoe repair shop on the island and have a ton of property to take care of. Hopefully service can open their hearts so they can be more open to the message in the future.

Saturday was a pretty crazy day. We bought a day-pass for the bus so that we could visit all of the investigators that we normally cannot get to because we generally have to bike everywhere. We began our morning by going to a town named Olsker. Now, I thought Olsker was a lot bigger than it actually was! It's really in the middle of nowhere and hardly anyone lives there. We had 3 stop-bys, one was in at a Rehab Center and the other 2 lived way far out in the country. Because we took the bus, we didn't have our bikes so we had to walk. We walked a ton! One lady was actually way nice and we'll try to stop by her again. The other one turned out to be a complete hippie! He owns this farm where he tries to save all the animals on the Island so he has like 30 horses and donkies, sheep, mules, all sorts of animals. Way nice guy, but a pretty crazy experience! The rest of the time was spent up in Allinge, Sandvige, and Hasle and that all went pretty well.

We've continued to be really blessed with teaching lots of lessons. We've had a few member presents, going out to Gudhjem with Frants to visit L* and S*, we've found a couple more investigators, and things just seem to be going great. Our investigators are progressing! It's just getting people to make that next step of accepting a baptismal date. We've been inviting lots, hopefully it will really hit home with one of them soon. But we actually have a few investigators that are getting close.

On Sunday we had 2 investigators come to church. One of them was T* again! We never would have guessed that out of all of our investigators he would have been the one to come two weeks in a row!

The second person was J*. She has been doing so well. She has been reading in the Book of Mormon almost every day, and now she's come to church. She seemed to really like it and the members did a great job at reaching out to her. She especially has been getting along with the Mogensens, and Patrice invited her over to dinner on Thursday! Hopefully that would work out, because with the combination of her reading and her getting friends in the church, that could give her the desire she needs to take the next step. We invited her to baptism, and she definitely has a few hesitations, but if she continues as she has been doing she will be baptized.

Well, I love you all! Hope you enjoy these pictures of the sunset, it was pretty amazing! Have a great week!

-Ældste Wawro