Monday, July 22, 2013

Greetings from "Elder Weird"

Greetings from Denmark! This last week has been a great week! Elder Lindstrom and I had the most member-present lessons and investigators in sacrament meeting in the mission this past week! We have been greatly blessed.

It sounds like you had a busy week as well! Happy Birthday to Haley as well! That is so fun that you all went to see YASI. I love YASI. It's good to hear we had some good Orem High representation!

The language is coming along better. I able to be an active part of the lessons and can understand more than I can't understand …for the most part. It's still crazy hard, but it’s coming. I actually sang "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" in Danish during Sacrament Meeting this past week!

A big tree at Rosenholm Slot (Castle)

Doing our thing with the Zone Leaders at Rosenholm Slot

Those pictures of Kaleb are great. He and his companion are basically twins....basically.

One of our investigators is getting really excited for his baptismal date. He actually moved it up a week which we will not complain about. He came to church and loved every second of it. He said he felt so good and peaceful the entire time.

Oh, by the way, before I forget, I can't wait for you to hear a Dane try and pronounce our name. It is hilarious! Some look at my name tag and don't even try. Multiple people have asked me if it's an Indian name! We actually met with a couple sisters who moved here from Venezuela. One sister is a member but can only speak Spanish, and the other sister translated for us. They were so funny! The sister that was translating for us just called me "Elder Weird" because she couldn't say my name. They made South American food and the entire atmosphere reminded me of getting together with my Mexican relatives.

Oh, I believe I forgot to tell you this. I was talking to President Sederholm the other day at a Media Training Conference/one month in the land meeting. Basically he told me I was going to train either in August or September! I’m a little nervous because I feel like I hardly know what I’m doing yet, especially in Danish.  I don't know for sure yet but that's what he said he was hoping for.

By the way, Mom, I did get your package the previous week! I somehow forgot to mention that, but I got it! Thank you so much for all the stuff you sent. It was great to have some American candy again.
Any more mail?

I forgot to tell you about this lady we met with this past week. She is a recent convert and lived in Nauvoo for a couple months right after her baptism! Her kids lived there with her and they were greatly befriended by the church members in Nauvoo and have since moved back to Denmark. We decided to visit her and by chance one of her sons was there. At first we did most of the talking but then her son opened up and just started sharing all of his personal experiences! Apparently he wasn't very talkative with the missionaries before but we seemed to form a quick friendship with him and he talked to us a lot! We had his mom teach a lesson on faith and we committed him to come to the Young Adults Activity, so we hope he comes!

Ha, super funny that Lauren Pugmire saw Carina's picture on instagram. She is a recent convert, baptized in April, and is a fantastic member! Let me know about Ben Thomas! Tell him to email me soon! I want to know where he is going!

I hope everything continues to go well with you all! Keep emailing me!  Oh, and the Dear thing is great, keep doing that. Jeg Elsker Jer!

-Ældste Wawro