Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Beginning of the End

On splits with Elder Clawson walking down a Bornholm road
Today begins the first day of my last transfer...
Honestly, it doesn't feel right. At this point in time it feels too soon. I can't and don't really want to imagine life not being a missionary. These have been the greatest two years of my life.

But, today, I'd prefer not to focus on that aspect of my life. Elder Redd and I have seen a miraculous week! We actually led the mission in finding new investigators, so the Lord has been generous to us.

I have to thank Mom for the packages, first of all! I got them both and the Mogensen kids loved the Pop Rocks and all the other candy! Thank you for sending that, we've also enjoyed our fair share of candy as well. ;)  Also, is it possible to get tickets to General Conference this April? That would be awesome for us to go up and see that! If not, that's fine, but it would be pretty neat if we could.

The Lord has been pouring out his blessings on the island of Bornholm!

It all started with our Zone Training this last week. It was a great Zone Training and it was actually exactly what I needed to hear at that time. I think my faith has been dwindling a bit recently and I haven't been as bold about inviting people to baptism. It really was an eye-opener to me that I haven't been inviting people to make that next step towards complete repentance, and how are they ever going to be able to repent themselves if they don't have a goal to motivate them? So I've been doing some repenting myself and have been trying to be more focused on what our purpose as missionaries truly is. 
On the ferry with Ældste Brindley and Ældste Clawson

Then we had splits! Ældste Clawson and Ældste Brindley came out with us to the island and it was so great! We learned a lot together and just really enjoyed splits. The things that I probably learned the most was how much I love this island. I truly do love it here and consider it my home. Ældste Clawson especially helped to rekindle that love for this place. It's not often we get visitors here on The Rock, but we really appreciated this opportunity.

Here are the two big miracles that happened in the week:

We found 5 new investigators this week! The Lord has again blessed us with more than we've deserved as we've tried to follow the counsel of our leaders. Elder Clawson and I had about 10 minutes before we needed to head somewhere else and we were debating whether we should just go then. We decided to knock 3 doors before we moved on. We only knocked on one, and then this man from Syria answered and let us right in! He had two friends with, one of them being more interested than the other. We didn't have too much time because we had another appointment, but we explained our purpose, set up another appointment with 2 of them and invited them to baptism. They told us if they found out it was true they would. The Lord blessed us as we acted in faith to at least knock a few doors.

Elder Brindley and I went up to Allinge to work the next day. We had some potentials we needed to go to, but I got lost and couldn't find one of them, so we decided to move on to the next one. We got there and an elderly couple opened the door and let us right in! They were so nice and open to listening to what we had to say! They are extremely religious and were so eager for us to come by again. Another blessing from the Lord.

Our last investigator was found that evening after the Birkerød Elders had taken their ferry back to Copenhagen. Elder Clawson mentioned someone that we should maybe stop by. She had dropped the missionaries before, but it had been almost a year. Elder Redd and I stopped by her and she let us right in! She is from Greenland and has a faith in Christ. She was super nice and also open to our message. She also said that if she found out the church was true that she would be baptized. We truly were so blessed to find these people and we hope we can keep the faith and diligence to find even more people!

The second big miracle happened on Sunday. I got a text that morning from Jessica Dalberg (was baptized 3 weeks ago in Helsingør) saying that she was coming to the island and asked what time church was. We had already become good friends from when I went up on splits to Helsingør, so I was excited to see her. The problem was, church was starting only 30 min. after she arrived on the ferry and her family didn't want to go to church. So she started thinking that she wasn't going to make it which made her sad because she hasn't missed church since fall began. But her faith was in the right place and we were able to make it that she came to church alone as the rest of the family went to go begin their vacation. She's an amazing woman!

Then, after we pick her up and get to the church, I get a call. It was T*. T* has investigated for some time but struggles with a few things, but he truly believes in Christ. We've been stuggling on how we could really help him, but I've had too many experiences on my mission which showed me that I can't give up on anybody. Well, anyway, he called and I answered and said I didn't have too much time to talk because church was starting, but then I got the feeling I needed to invite him to come. We invite him every week and he never comes, plus it was going to begin in a few minutes, but I decided I should invite him anyway. He replied, "yeah, yeah..." and then we ended the conversation. But lo and behold, 30 minutes later T* comes walking in the doorway! He stayed for the rest of Sacrament Meeting and also Sunday School, and he participated quite a bit! He still has a long way to go, but this could be the start on his road of to a better and more fulfilling life. So Elder Redd and I again were blessed to see the Rønne Church a little more filled than it usually is. It gives me hope that there are people prepared and ready to accept the gospel.
Speaking with President Sederholm during Zone Training

Last Tuesday, right after the Zone Training, I actually got a blessing from President Sederholm. That was a very special moment for me. I needed some help and guidance on how I could stay focused and give everything I had for my last transfer. There are a few things that I've thought about that were in the blessing.
-That I need to stop worrying so much and enjoy my last transfer
-I need to do the work in the Lord's way and then we'll be blessed with success
-This transfer will be a bittersweet experience. As I approach the date where I will both head home it will be sweet because I'll be coming home, but bitter because I will be leaving home.

We've been greatly blessed this week, and I know it's because we're trying to do what the Lord wants us to do! President Sederholm is keeping Elder Redd and I together for this transfer. This place is special for me and have been filled with some of the greatest moments of my life. Bornholm truly is my home.

I love you all! Happy Birthday this week, Casey, and I hope you all have a great Valentines Day as well!


-Ældste Wawro