Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"...I make weak things become strong unto them."

Ældste Redd and I had a great week! Even though we didn't get to as many people as we wanted, the people we did meet with were great appointments and we were blessed with new opportunities to serve others.

Last Monday actually started off as a great day! There's a member that I was really close with in Copenhagen that's named Ester Ørum. She's fantastic! She works on the ferry that goes from Denmark to Bornholm, so last Monday she had some free time and wanted to take us out to lunch. We went to a restaurant called "Texas" and we got some great big burgers with fries, it was delicious! It really was a great time with Ester! Afterwards, we went out shopping at our local grocery store, Netto, and suddenly I felt way sick in my stomach, and we had to come right home. I ended up getting the stomach flu and had a fever and terrible aches all over my body as well as a host of digestive problems (which I do not need to go into much detail) which lasted the next few days. I felt bad that we couldn't go out and Elder Redd was stuck inside, but I was feeling like I was going to die! Luckily, I'm mostly over it now and feel a lot better. Saturday, though, I started getting hives all over my body and every time I scratch somewhere they appear there as well. I still have them, but they've been getting a little better. As far as my health goes, it's been a little bit of a slower week, but it's on the rise. The Lord has strengthened us so that we could still see miracles happen despite our weaknesses!

Thursday was the first day that I was feeling good enough to get up and do something, and that day we had J* come with us the Mogensens. It was such a good evening! J* is so kind and brought gifts for all of the kids as well as their dog! The Mogensens were just as welcoming and kind as well. Patrice and Knud were great at getting to know her and just trying to be her friends. We were able to share a message where everyone participated and it was actually quite special to be able to teach in the environment of a member's home. We had a great spirit there and it was another great step for her progression!

N* and C* continue to surprise me every time we meet with them, especially C*! He actually held his commitment and they both bore their testimonies on how they know that God answers their prayers, where before, N* didn't even know if she believed in God. She also has started to stop smoking completely, so she's asked us to continue to pray for her that that goes well. Two great people who are very grateful for what the missionaries have done for them in their lives.

One of our new investigators, H*, is an amazing man. He was a very successful lawyer in Syria with lots of money, property, yet still a very humble and righteous man. He truly believes in God and lives his faith as well as his wife and children. But, you've probably heard of the terrible happenings in Syria and they literally took all of his money, cars, and property and he needed to flee to keep his life. He's been working every day to get his family to Denmark, but it's been a hard, long journey. His many trials have been difficult, but in his heart he still believes in God. He really appreciates our visits. Hopefully we can help him see how the Gospel can help him and his family, even in these circumstances.

On Sunday we were able to use our talents and play some music for a non-member's birthday! Her name is M* and she's a friend of the Middlemas's. She is so fun and full of energy, despite her age! She's never celebrated her birthday before because her parents were divorced when she was a kid and her birthdays just bring back bad memories. But the Middlemas's set up a birthday party for her and we came with to be the musical performance! So I played piano and guitar, and Elder Redd and I sang together for her a few different songs. She absolutely loved it! She started to cry and just said how nobody had ever done anything like this before for her. Her husband, L*, and her son were also with us and we ended up talking around a cake Sister Middlemas made for us. They were not too interested in meeting the young missionaries before, but now they love us and are already setting up another time for us to come back! So it goes to show, when you show love and use your talents, you can open people's hearts.

That was the majority of our week. I would say, even though we didn't have a plethora of lessons because of my sickness, the Lord greatly blessed us with success. We were able to touch the hearts of a few and it brought joy to us in turn.

Elder Redd and I are headed to Copenhagen today to go to our Zone Training, so it should be a fun next few days! It's crazy to think that Carina is home now, Kaleb is getting home next week, and everybody else that's home! So my Homecoming will be on the 29th? Let me know when you find out the topic. Luckily, we have too many awesome things going on to give it too much thought. :)

I love you all and hope you have a spectacular week!

-Ældste Wawro