Monday, June 30, 2014

"Hjælp Venligst Emma Med At Finde Sin Hest" ["Please Help Emma find her horse"]

You may have some questions about my email title this week. I found this written at a bustop in Allerød on our way home from Church.

This week we had some great success!

At the beginning of the week Ældste Merril and I decided to do some finding because we need investigators!! We've been knocking and street contacting in Ordrup and Hellerup, but we weren't really finding much success. Everyone in this area is really rich so I think they don't really feel like that have time or even need to hear about religion. So we decided to find an area that wasn't so rich, so to Dyssegård we went! And do you know what? We only knocked 1 Opgang and every person that answered we placed a Book of Mormon too! We gave out 3 Books of Mormon and had two lessons from knocking only 6 doors! So this week we'll be doing some following up!!
Close up on "Please Help Emma find her horse"

We had splits with the Elders in Virum. I was with Ældste Gifford here in Ordrup and Ældste Merril went up to Virum. While on splits we had three lessons:

The first was with A******, the 26 year old from America. She is doing great and we had a really good conversation about God and our relationship to him. We also discussed the Book of Mormon. She asked us as well about our experiences gaining a testimony. We're still not sure how actively she is actually investigating in between appointments, but we'll find that out next time.

Morning view from our apartment in Copenhagen
We also followed up on a 90 year old lady Ældste Metcalf and I gave a Book of Mormon to during our splits the week before. When we introduced to her the Book of Mormon she told us she would just check it out at the library. We told her she didn't need to because she could just have this copy, but she said she would just check it out. We eventually convinced her to just loan ours for now and we would just stop by the next week. When we got there though, she invited us in and showed us that she had gone to the library and checked out an old translation of the Book of Mormon...even though the one we gave her was still sitting on her desk right next to it. She then proceeded to point out all the things the library edition didn't have like cross-references and title headings so we told her just to read the new one which we already gave her, but she refused. It was a little weird...but she was almost finished with the 1st Book of Nephi!

Our last appointment on splits was with M******* J********. She began by reading a poem she had written back when she was baptized about Joseph Smith. It was actually really good! We can tell that she had and still has a really strong testimony of the church. We talked to her about the atonement of Jesus Christ and read out of Alma 7 with her. She was also really excited because we gave her a new Book of Mormon because she had lost the one she had from when she was baptized. Ældste Merrill and I actually visited her one other time this week and taught the restoration to her. She didn't remember a lot but, she believed everything that we taught. We also got her the Gospel Library on her phone which she really appreciated. She did come again to church yesterday so we're excited to see her progress! Now we just need to find out for sure whether or not she is still a member.

This last Friday we had another one of our Mission Leadership Conferences. It's always so fun to be with all of those great missionaries who have been big examples to me on my mission. The training from President Sederholm was great as well, as it always is. Ældste Merrill and I are looking forward to train the zone tomorrow on some of the Things that we learned from President.

Today I received an email from Martin Cico. He is that Slovakian that's my age from Odense that just moved back to Slovakia right before I was transferred.
Martin Cico saying goodbye in Odense
We were trying to get him on a mission while we were there and he really wanted to serve, but he said he wouldn't be able to until he was around 25 or something because of his plans. Well, I intended to email him when I got here but I lost his email in the process and wasn't able to get it until this last week. In a part of his email he said this, "I will go home later during summer holidays and I do not really know how long I will stay there because I want to go on mission this year so... :D I will see :)). I want to go on mission during autumn or in the winter so I will go through my own Endowment soon :)))."
Martin (back left) doing Baptisms For The Dead
at Frieberg Temple

I was so excited to see that he decided to leave this year! I was really worried for him moving back to Slovakia, but there must have been something that happened to change his mind. Whatever it was, I am very grateful for his decision to serve.

Other than that...not much else has happened. We haven't really been able to travel much on our P-Days because this last month the mission was doing a test on us and they changed our mode of transportation. It's a little complicated, but basically, if we wanted to go visit something on P-Day we were going to have to pay for the transportation ourselves because it wasn't a mission related activity. But we are switching back to the old way so we'll be able to travel all across Sjælland without having to worry about paying! So hopefully I'll be able to send pictures soon of some cool places in Copenhagen. We also have a district activity planned to visit that Helsingør Castle you mentioned, Dad! So that will be exciting.

Love you all!


-Ældste Wawro

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cruisin' in Copenhagen

Tradition has it that missionaries in this area have to try and eat this whole ice cream cone. It contains 3 scoops of icecream, 2 flødeboller [snowballs], and every scoop has a ton of soft-serve in between as well as a ton of soft serve on top. Let's just say...I failed. Here are the Before and After shots after only a few bites.
Howdy Folks! It's great to hear from you all again. These weeks are really flying by! This week has been way fun and I've learned a lot. My desire to do better is definitely growing every single day.

That's a real bummer to hear about USA tying with Portugal! We actually talk about the World Cup a lot with people on trains to start conversations because everybody wants to talk about the World Cup!
At the end of the road the cone cracked and started leaking everywhere, so I could not continue longer.

Life in Copenhagen
You've asked the last few times about the witch burnings, AKA “Sankthansaften.” It actually happens tonight! Ældste Merril has never seen it so we'll probably try to find a place where they are holding it.

Ældste Merril and I were actually really lucky this week because President Sederholm took his family to Iceland to go to their Zone naturally we asked for their car, and they agreed! So we've had Sister Sederholm's car for the past few days and that has really been such a help in our missionary work. So we've just been cruisin' around Copenhagen doing the work.

I had my first Zone Report this that was long! We were in the office for hours doing office work for the Zone! We were mostly there so long because one of the areas wasn't able to call us back because they were in an appointment, but it's definitely been a while since I've had to do anything like office work on the computer. I've been more used to just going out and doing things! But you gotta do what you gotta do!

Here's a view of Sweden on the other side of the sea
Funny thing about Ordrup [the part of Copenhagen they live in]. It's a really rich area and actually there are a ton of people with horses! So sometimes you'll see a Ferrari and right behind it will be a horse drawn carriage. There really are so many horses who are just walking down the roads!

Music as an Answer to a Prayer
I forgot to share a story about the musical number I did at our Zone Conference with Sister Packard. President Sederholm told us we needed to have a musical number and that was around 5 days before the Zone Conference so we didn't really have any time to ask somebody to put something together. So Sister Packard, who is a great violinist, and I decided to play "I Know That My Redeemer Lives!" We only had one day to practice beforehand, but we are both her pretty good at just going with the flow.

Sister Packard and Elder Wawro
playing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives!" in Zone Conference
So we played it about half-way through our Zone Conference and it was actually a very spiritual experience. It didn't really have so much to do with us than it did the song itself. It really is just a great song. We sat down and President Sederholm talked about the Spirit it brought and then we continued on with the meeting. But at the very end of the meeting President Sederholm called Søster Packard and me to go back up and play it one more time! He invited everyone to pay attention to the feelings and thoughts they had while we played. It went well again and he thanked me a lot afterwards for the number.

I had my quarterly interview with President this last week and he told me that that song was an answer to a Missionary's prayer. Apparently we made a big impression on that missionary and it was just the answer they needed. He thanked me multiple times for that. I really have been lucky to use music in many different instances on my mission. I'm really grateful that God has let me use these talents that I have to bless others!

Splits with the Birkerød Elders
I'll start off by talking a little bit about our splits with Birkerød. I was with Ældste Metcalf down here in Ordrup and that was a little interesting because both of us have only been in Copenhagen for about 3 weeks, so neither of us knew where we were going! But, luckily, we were able to find our way around. Working with Ældste Metcalf was a great experience for me! It was actually the first time that I've been able to work with somebody from my MTC group since the MTC. It was great to see the differences we both had from the MTC to now. Ældste Metcalf is a fantastic missionary. He really wants to do his best and he works hard. While I was with him we talked to every single person that crossed our paths: on the train, on the sidewalk, in between appointments, etc. We had our weekly lesson with E* and they really connected. Ældste Metcalf is really good at holding a conversation with other people.

The rest of the time was spent finding. Like I said, we talked to EVERYONE! We were both startled, though at how much harder it is to contact people here in Copenhagen. Everyone always has somewhere to be and doesn't have time to talk. We were blessed enough to get an appointment with a 90 year old lady on one of the last doors we knocked on that day. She believes in reincarnation but she was very interested in the Book of Mormon. We gave her one and told here we'll be stopping by in one week to see how reading is going, so maybe something will come from that.

Ældste Merrill and I have been doing quite a bit of finding. We have some really positive investigators, especially L*** V** U**, but they have all been too busy to meet with us recently. So we really have been needing to find some new investigators. So we'll keep searching for them!

So we saw Ældste Simpson at church today! It was really great to see him because I've always considered him one of "my" assistants because he was the one who picked me up from the airport in Copenhagen on my first day. Anyway, the reason that I'm telling you this is because I've recently been getting a little bit down on my Danish. I've just heard a lot of people telling me that it's impossible for a missionary to really sound Danish and that we'll always sound American, so I've really been starting to believe that. But when I heard Ældste Simpson speak in Danish I was absolutely stunned! He is so fantastic at Danish I can't even believe it! If he has an accent it's a very small one. It's kind of rekindled my desire to learn the language, because if I could speak the language as well as he still can, I would be a very happy camper. :)
Here's a picture with us missionaries and Spencer (Formally known as Ældste Simpson).

Reconnecting with a New/Old Friend
Probably the highlight of the week was with M******* J********. M******* actually contacted us while we were on the way to the train station one day! She yelled to us and said, "Hey! I was one of you Mormons once!" So, naturally, we were inclined to find out what her story was. Turns out she had been baptized back in 1981 and absolutely loved the church, but she hasn’t been back in years. We asked if we could stop by and visit one day and she gave us her number. We were able to set an appointment up with her and we brought the sister missionaries along because we plan on having them continue teaching her in the future since she is a single woman.

We found out at this appointment that she has a few serious health challenges that have isolated her from her family.  This has made her really lonely. She actually is a very talented person! She's a fantastic cook, she was a model back when she was young, she's a great artist, and has a great love for music. If there's something that needs to get done, she learns to do it herself. We actually didn't believe most of these things until she brought out pictures and showed us all of these things. It's so sad that she has had so much going for her but has lost so much. She did say she still believed the church is true. We invited her to church but she said she didn’t think she could go because of some past experiences that happened in the ward.

The day before church I got a call from her saying that she found out how much the church has helped her sister in the past so she decided she needed the church again in her life so she was coming to church tomorrow with us! We were super excited for that!

She was really nice at church and was talking to a lot of people, but we were still worried that she wouldn’t feel like she was accepted by the ward. But in the end, I don't really know if that matters, because she gave me a call after church and expressed how grateful she was that we were put in her life. She felt like that she was going to have to be alone for the rest of her life and the church has given meaning into her life again. She was so grateful for church that day.  I am grateful for the church and all it does to heal the brokenhearted and the down-trodden.

I love you all! Thanks for keeping me updated. I really do love hearing from all of you every week!


-Ældste Wawro

P.S. By the way. I finished the Book of Mormon this last week! It's a true book, you should read it!

Editor's Note:  Here is a link to a great new video posted on the Church's Denmark Facebook Page showing several missionaries in Christian's mission meeting people at a festival on Bornholm Island.  Its in Danish, and Elder Wawro is not in it, but the Sister Missionary talking at the beginning was in the MTC with him.  Its really fun to see Danish the missionaries in action.  You can watch the video at:ødet-på-bornholm-2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hej Hej Hej!!! [Hello Hello Hello!!!]

Ældste Wright and I representing the Orem Sharon Stake!
Good to hear from you all again! I always love reading all of your emails!

This week was a little bit of a slower week...we've been trying to work as hard as we can but it seems like we've hit a little bit of a rut in this area. All of our investigators have either not responded to our calls or texts, been too busy to meet with us, or have cancelled our appointments (without necessarily telling us that they cancelled them). We're just going to have to increase our faith, work a little harder, and find those new investigators!
Gladsaxe Ward Building in Copenhagen

We had Ældste Gifford with us this week because Ældste Crank was on Bornholm doing his Indian Hoop Dance for Folkemødet. So we've been working both of our areas. It has been pretty convenient to be in a threesome the last few days because we've been able to visit all of our single women investigators as well.

We met with A****** who is a young lady from the United States who is up here nannying. Apparently some previous missionaries knocked on her door and when she found out that they were Americans told them to come back. She doesn't really know why she decided to come to Denmark. She has a Bachelor’s Degree already and had a great job in the States, but she said she just had this feeling that she needed to come to Denmark even though she had no idea why. So she did. Up until right before I got here she was mostly just interested in talking to them about their lives as Americans here in Denmark. But because Ældste Strong was just about to go home in just a few days, he used it as an excuse to give the Book of Mormon as a parting gift and bore his testimony of it to her and challenged her to read it.
Zone Training Meeting

At Zone Training
So I come in, take Ældste Strong's place, and we visit her to find out that she actually has read in it. She said it's beautifully written and has really enjoyed reading it. Her only concern is that she's scared that if she keeps reading it she's going to find out its true and have to convert, and she doesn't know how her family back home will react to that. But she believes that she can find an answer, so she's just going to keep reading. We're excited to see where that goes with her!

Up in Virum we went to visit one of Ældste Gifford's new investigators. This was a pretty different appointment. This lady is from Iran and is a Christian while her husband is Danish and is a converted Muslim. You don't see things like that too often! She is pretty hard to understand, though. She has a really strong Iranian accent when she speaks Danish, so when we were first introducing ourselves she asked if we could go to a specific place to meet. We couldn't understand what place she was talking about, so eventually we all just said yes. Turned out the place was McDonalds...because we were American she thought we would really appreciate going to McDonalds. Haha. Not an ideal place to teach a first lesson, but actually, it turned out really well. Both she and her husband are really open to the things that we have to share with them. There wasn't a single point that we talked about that they didn't disagree with. They even think the Word of Wisdom is great! Both of them are definitely looking pretty positive.

At Zone Conference
We've also been having some great success in the Zone. After looking at our numbers from last month we realized that we have been doing really poorly as a zone at inviting people to baptism. So we decided to set a goal to achieve a certain number of baptismal dates. In one week we've already achieved more baptismal dates than we had all of last month!

We also made a goal to speak Danish all the time outside of the apartment as a zone. It seemed that as we gathered as missionaries it would always be in English. But now we've set the expectation to always be speaking Danish with missionaries over the telephone, outside the apartment, and even our District Meetings are going to start being held in Danish. We felt that as we set this expectation as a zone to do this, the amount of Danish spoken would greatly increase because we would all be helping each other. And it has! I definitely have experienced myself that the more I speak Danish the more natural I am at the language. The Zone seems to be having great success with that as well.

I'll end with this funny story I had the other day on the train. There weren’t a lot of seats so I sat across from a couple of boys, probably eight or 9 years old. It ended in a way funny conversation. I'll just write what exactly went down...

Boys: (while he looks at a newspaper he has he looks at me and says) Se her! De tor at de har fundet nogen fremmed (alien) i Mælkevejen! [Look here! They say that they have found no foreign (alien) in the Milky Way!]
Me: Wow! Det er rigtig Fedt! [Wow! That is really great!]
Boys: Vi er spejdere og vi gik 10 kilometer i dag! [We are scouts and we walked 10 km today!]
Me: Hold Op! Jeg var spejder tilbage i USA. [Hold Up! I was a scout back in the United States.]
Boys: Woah! Hvad laver du her i Danmark? [Woah! What are you doing here in Denmark?]
Me: Jeg er missionær for min kirke. [I am a missionary for my church.]
Boys: Hvad betyder det? [What does it mean?]
Me: Det betyder at jeg går rundt og taler med folk om den kirke jeg tilhører. [This means that I go around and talk to people about the church I belong to.]
Boys: Du har meget pænt bukser. Og et meget pænt skjorte! [You have very nice pants…and a very nice shirt!]
Me: Mange tak, det synes jeg også! [Thank you, I think that too!]
Boys: Og du har en rigtig flot slips! Er det silk? Hvor fik du den? [And you have a really nice tie! Is it silk? Where'd you get that?]
Me: Ja, den er det! Faktisk, var det en ven der gav den til mig. [Yes, it is! In fact, it was a friend who gave it to me.]
Boys: Jeg vil meget gerne få sådan en slips. Og Jeg kan godt lide dine sko! Jeg skulle har købt sådanne sko, men jeg købte de her i stedet for. [I would love to get such a tie. And I like your shoes! I should have bought such shoes, but I bought these instead.]
Me: Tusind Tak! Jamen, Det er mit stoppested. Jeg håber I har det godt! [Many Thanks! Well, This is my stop. I hope you are doing well!]
Boys: Ok, Forhåbentlig Vi Ses so snart som muligt, ok? [Ok, hopefully we will meet as soon as possible, ok?]

I just thought that was a funny conversation. I didn't really have time to go through and think about the funny expressions in English, so have a fun time translating!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! I promise to take more Pictures this next week!

-Ældste Wawro.

Monday, June 9, 2014

"Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen!"

Denmark Copenhagen Mission Leadership Council
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!! Thanks for everything you've done to help me get out here on my mission. I love you and hope you have a wonderful Father's Day next Sunday!

So my introduction in church was way funny. Again, everyone slaughters my name when they first meet me. When I was called to give my welcome testimony to the Ward, the Counselor was not even close to saying it right. He even added a couple Z's so it sounded like "varvzaed." How do you get that out of Wawro?? Haha!

So Elder Merril is my new companion (I'll attach a picture) and he's great. He only has this transfer and most of the next transfer left. He'll leave a week or two early so that he can begin school on time. He's from Fresno, California. We get along great!
 Ældste Merril while we waited out a storm in a forest!

So you asked about that Mission Leadership Council Meeting. It was way fun! We talked a lot about speaking Danish as a mission and what we needed to do to change the mission culture so that we speak the language more and become better teachers in Danish. And yes, there are two other people from my MTC group who were at the meeting. Ældste Ludlow and Søster Rogers. It was fun to see them again!

 Ældste Merril and I are in the NordSjælland Zone and we live in a little town called Ordrup. In fact, let me send you my address so if anyone wants to send me stuff, they'll know where to find me:

Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro
Henriettevej 9, 1, -3
2920 Charlottenlund

So please, feel free to send things to that address!

Here's a lowdown for the last week...

We met with Elijah this past week a couple times. The first time was this last Wednesday. We generally meet with him every Wednesday. Elijah is such a great new convert and just wants to know and do what's right. Even though there's a little bit of a language barrier because he comes from the Ivory Coast he still he pushing strong and learning.

Elijah also came with us to a lesson of a new investigator Ældste Merril and I found this past week. We were looking through some of our old knocking-books and found a few people that said we could come back. As we were stopping by all of these people, all of them said no except this one African woman. She told us we could come back on another day so we made a return appointment with her. When we and Elijah visited her, she wasn't home. We knocked on her door 3 or 4 times, but no answer. Luckily, right when we were leaving the apartment building, she walked up with her two kids! We then went in and taught and awesome lesson about the Restoration! She is super prepared and has a very strong faith in God and Christ. She agreed to come with us to church and even prayed at the end that she would be able to make it. Because our church building is pretty far away, she couldn't get there unless there was somebody to drive her, so we told her that we would get somebody to drive her there. Unfortunately, she called the next morning and said she would be out of town, but we have a return appointment with her and we'll get her to church this next Sunday!

Other than that, nothing too exciting has happened. We taught the Gospel Principles class in church about the Church of Christ today and the Sisters had two investigators there who seemed to really enjoy it. We stopped by a TON of people and none of them seemed to be home. I guess because it was pinseweekend [Pentecost Weekend] everyone was busy with other things.

Oh! We also had a giant splits with the Ward. We had all the missionaries around meet so we had a total of 10 missionaries and 10 members meet up and split off two by two to work just in our Ward. We had a lot of great experiences and got to meet with some less-actives. The Ward is great here, I love them already.

There's really not a lot to talk about this week. But remember I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!


-Ældste Wawro

Monday, June 2, 2014

"This Will Be the Start of Something New!"

Elder Wawro and Elder Mogensen in beautiful Odense
Hello Friends and Family! I'm currently writing from the library here in Hillerup. I can't believe I'm actually here on Sjælland. Nevertheless, I'm excited for the time I'm going to spend here in Gladsaxe!

Leaving Odense was very emotional for me. They asked me to play a musical number about 15 minutes before Sacrament Meeting started. So I did, but after I was finished I was right next to the podium and everyone was looking at me so I HAD to go and bare my testimony. I just couldn't hold in the tears because I loved all of them so much! I'll really miss them and I'm very sad that I only got 2 transfers there, but I've heard great things about [the Gladsaxe 2nd] Ward.

Ældste Mogensen and I had a great last week in Odense together.

So, we have this investigator named S****. [we haven’t felt that optimistic about]...or so I thought. He was the one who stayed in church for only about 10 minutes and then walked out. We met with him again and he told us that he really isn't interested in converting at all. He'll read and stuff because he respects religions, but he's not really interested in changing anything. While he is telling all of this to us, Ældste Mogensen and I are just thinking that we probably have to drop him. But then, he asked if we had any pamphlets. We told him we do. He asked if he could have some so he could keep him out for all of his guests who come around so he can show them a little bit about our religion. He then said that the next time we meet with him he'll bring a friend of his who has just gone through a rough divorce and could use our message! Of course we were fine with that! We gave him a scripture to read and a couple days later we ran into him and he asked when we were going to meet again because he had read the chapter and has some questions about it. For not being interested, he is acting pretty involved in what we give him to do!
Knocking on Hans Christian Anderson's House ...
But this book is no fairy tale!

J*** J***** is doing great! We hope that he'll reach his baptismal date for the 26th of July! I really think he can. We had a great appointment with him where Kim de King [a local member] was present and he was fantastic. [Kim] explained how meeting with us was great and that we could teach him a lot about the church, BUT, [Kim added] “the real magic starts after we leave.” Kim explained that the most important thing he can do is read and pray to find out by the power of the Holy Ghost if our message is true. He then offered his services to drive J*** to church and back Again. J*** accepted and he came to church that Sunday and he really seemed to enjoy it. So we're very thankful for Kim de King!

We helped do a service project on Thursday where we moved a bunch of tile to help redo a driveway. The tile was way heavy and there was a ton to do, but the members were so appreciative for our help. We also got to work with their less-active son so that was a great opportunity to get to know him better.
The Fyn District

We also had splits with the Svendborg Elders again this week. I went to Svendborg with Ældste Syversen, and guess what we did Friday morning. We moved heavy tile for a member! By this point in time I was pretty sore, but the member was super appreciative so we were glad to help. We also found a new investigator! His name is Fossil (I have no idea if that's how it's spelled, but that's how it's pronounced). He's a friend of a family that they're teaching and he's actually Muslim. He's as least interested to hear more about our church, so we'll see where that goes!

On Saturday we biked EVERYWHERE in Odense trying to stop by people, but nobody was home. At the end of the day we were finally able to meet with J*** U***** P*******. He's doing great, has a great testimony, but he needs to come to church more often! I’m not sure how best to help him understand that. He's an artist, and he gave me a painting, so now I just need to find a way to get it home...

So, I got a call the other day which surprised me. I missed the call at first, so I called them back. When they answered they told me it was the missionaries from Lithuania and they asked me if I was Ældste Wawro, the District Leader of Fyn. I told them I was and asked why they were calling. They had a referral for us. It was one of their investigator's sons and he is super positive! He was supposed to come to church this last Sunday but he got sick, but he is really excited to meet with us. It was a little strange, though that the missionaries actually called me from Lithuania. Apparently they called the office and got our number from there...? I don't know, but they said they had permission. Great referral though!

Thomas Bøgelund is just fantastic. He is doing so well and is so excited to be an active member. The best news is: He is getting the Priesthood this next Sunday!!! I really wish I could be there to see it, but I am just happy to see him grow in the church. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to meet him and help him be baptized. I've learned a lot from Thomas and I look forward to seeing him again someday!
With Thomas Bøgelund  

So I traveled this morning, got on a train at 10:07 AM and drove straight to Copenhagen. Exciting news, I saw Ældste Wright for my first time actually in the mission! He has been on Bornholm and I've been in Jylland and on Fyn so we've never seen each other. But now we're both in different parts of Copenhagen so next time we see each other we'll have to take a picture together. I'm sure members from the Stake back home would like that.

Well, I don't have much more to say! I'm excited to start working with Ældste Merril. I also get to go to the mission home for my first time since the day I got to Denmark for a Mission Leadership Council Meeting. That should be fun!

I love you all and hope the best for you!


-Ældste Wawro

The Frederiksen Family (Stake Presidents Family)

Are you sure this is the way to Copenhagen?

JJ Simonsen, and awesome Greenlandic member of the Odense Ward!

The Nørrung Family (Bishop's Family)
I was able to see Ældste Lindstrom, my trainer, right before he left to go home. He goes back home today but he was at the train station so we were able to have a final goodbye. Safe trip back to America!
From Elder Mogensen: "I REALLY ENJOYED, our companionship. It was rad... rader than rad it was raddishliciousness... Back to business, you have some pictures that I might want, and I would highly appreciate you sending those. I also wanted to say thank you for a good companionship, and have a good one in Gladsaxse..."