Thursday, February 5, 2015

On the Island, We're Wet, but Happy!

Bornholm Branch Building in Summer
Merry Christmas! Well, I might as well be saying Merry Christmas because of all the snow we've been getting recently! The middle of the island has especially been hit by the snow. It keeps snowing, then raining, the melting, and then snowing again. So basically everything is wet and/or frozen, always. The wind hasn't been as bad as it was a few weeks ago, but every once in a while it hits us hard! One evening Elder Redd and I were just getting soaked out in the rain, and we were biking down the bike path and a gust of wind came and hit us so hard it brought us to a complete stop on our bikes! Fun times, memories you never forget. :)

Just thought I'd add as a side note: I registered for all of my classes for summer semester this morning, so you don't have to worry about that! Everything should be all set and finished. And Elder Mogensen in Salt Lake I believe has switched apartments, but Patrice isn't home right now so she can't get me the address. I'll try to get it, but I don't think I'll be able to until next Monday.

Elder Redd and I have actually been quite busy! At times we've had a hard time trying to fit everything in that we've wanted. I suppose a part of that is that our investigators don't live that close together so traveling takes a bit of our time, but we've been managing! We've been greatly blessed that many of our investigators have been progressing and holding our commitments. I'll give a few highlights of some of the lessons we had.

N* and C* are still going strong! They've held every commitment, read everything we've told them to, seen everything we've asked them to see, and have just been doing great! I feel like they are really gaining a basic understanding of who God is and why Jesus Christ is such an amazing gift. They also want to come to church as soon as they get a car that can transport C* which should be coming in a couple weeks. Some great progress happening with them!

We put together some more cabinets for an investigator this week. She is such an amazing lady! The Middlemas's were also with and had a great time with her. After we were finished with the cabinets she made us a delicious dinner. Then she proceeded to give Elder Redd and I a giant box full of food for the future! But, the best part of the lesson is that we had found out she had been doing the reading challenge we gave her and she had been reading in the Book of Mormon every single day. And not only that, but she had written down what all the scriptures we gave her were about and any questions she had about them! Not too shabby, I must say! We can see that she is really seeking, and with seeking comes a confirmation! Next, we just need to get her in church.

We had a lot of other lessons, but they all kind of follow the same story. The people that we visited this week have been holding their commitments! We've seen the blessings that we've been receiving have been a direct result of mine and Elder Redd's effort to be obedient to what we learned in zone training and the Teixera points. Not going to lie, after Elder Horrocks left I had a bit of a hard time because I didn't know that many people and I felt the obligation to get to know our investigators so we ended up staying a lot longer and forgetting the points. But we've been trying to do better and have been seeing the blessings because of it!

Well, sorry to disappoint, but no pictures this week! We're headed up to Copenhagen today so we'll probably get some pictures from up there. I'll try to do better this week!

I love you! Vi ses!

-Ældste Wawro