Monday, April 22, 2013

My First Week at the MTC - April 18, 2013

Hej! Hvordan har du dag??

Now where to start...Well first off the guy who took my luggage from our car left to Mexico just on Monday. He was a really great guy and was very helpful to me. The first day was very overwhelming. In our first Danish class the teacher didn't say a single thing in English and I walked out of there have learned no more Danish than when I walked in. That was pretty crazy.

Luckily, when I got there I found out my companion was none other than Elder Kolby Madsen! Elder Madsen was the one who tore his ACL in February and had surgery on it only about a month ago. We went to the Danish consulate together and he was the one I hung out with the most while there. It has been such a blessing to have him as my companion, and even though we have our differences in interests and opinions we work very well together.

A little bit about my district...I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys. We are so vastly different in so many ways but we have so much fun together. I can tell each of them are going to be awesome missionaries.

The first few days were pretty crazy. It was such a sudden change of lifestyle with always having to be with a companion, having hours of personal study at a time, and learning Danish. I did not know how I would be able to learn the language, but I've had faith in the fact that the Lord qualifies his servants to the task. Dad, I've taken what you (and my Mission Prep teacher) said to me very seriously. I've been practicing exact obedience cause I know if I am doing exactly as asked that Heavenly Father will be able to use me to the fullest extent and that my capacity to serve, learn, and speak will be infinitely expanded. My district actually has a motto now that says,"Obedience is power." We use that now because I said it a ton of times the first few days whenever we were borderline on whether we should do something or not. I know that the Lord holds a special place for his servants who are obedient.

I've seen a ton of people while here such as: Elder Droubay, Elder Zushi, Elder Johnson, Elder Plothow, Sister Hilton, Sister Wilson, and some other people I just can't remember right now. Elder Droubay's dad actually spoke on our Sunday Fireside and he gave an awesome talk about the hastening of the Lord's work through the Media and Publicity. It's made me really think more about Public Relations and maybe getting a job with the church, but I still have two years to think about it.

Elder Richard G. Scott came on Tuesday and gave an amazing talk about praying to our Heavenly Father. I don't have time to write about it now, but maybe next week!

Finally, my Danish teacher is amazing and I love his example so much.

Love you guys, and tell people to write me.  Tell them to use or write me! Please do!

 Jeg elsker dig!
 -Elder Wawro