Thursday, April 25, 2013

2nd Week at the MTC

It's been great hearing from all of you. Getting mail and Dear Elders have helped out so much. It's great to hear a little bit about what's going on in the outside world! I'll start off with replying to some of your letters.

Again, my departure date is May 20th. I guess you need that in order to send Dear Elders..? I don't really know, I've never used it. Also, I can only email and write letters once a week, but I can receive letters anytime throughout the week, so keep them coming! And make sure that my friends know to write me on as well!

Right now I don't have a specific calling, but they always ask me to play piano on Sundays. I've loved doing it, especially the prelude music while everyone is taking their seats. I miss being able to play and sing whenever I want, but usually I'm too busy to think about it much :)

I'm so glad to hear West Side Story is going well! I wish I could have seen the final product of all of the rehearsing, but I know you guys are doing amazing. Ha, it's crazy to think that Nathan asked someone to Prom. I don't really know who she is, I just remember her from seeing her at West Side Story rehearsal for a bit. Choir tour sounded awesome and I've missed singing!

Actually, speaking about that, I went to the MTC choir the other day and Brother Eggett is the conductor! He brings such a spirit every rehearsal and always gives such interesting insights to the songs we sing. The first rehearsal he saw me in the crowd and called me down to say the opening prayer and asked if I could do it in my language. I had only been here for a little over a week but amazingly I was able to do the entire prayer in Danish. I have felt the Spirit helping me with the gift of tongues every day while I've been here.

My first week of teaching was pretty rough. Pretty much Elder Madsen and I just read straight out of Preach my Gospel and didn't ask any questions that weren't yes or no because we could not understand anything that came out of the investigators mouth. It was pretty frustrating but I knew that I had to keep trying and the Lord would provide. Yesterday He did, and it was the first time I could start listening and responding to questions he had without having to look down at my notes the entire time. I was able to start forming sentences and started going off script to meet what the investigators needed.

The other night the BYU Men's choir came and Austin Sosnerros was with them! He bore his testimony and it was amazing! He is such a good guy and has such a strong belief in Jesus Christ.

Oh, also, if you could email me or mail me a laminated copy of my Priesthood Line of Authority and my Pedigree chart that would be awesome!

Anyway, make sure you tell Grandma and James thanks for writing to me! I loved reading what they had to say and I plan to write them today, but make sure that they know I really appreciate it.

I'm gonna end with a couple things I've learned about while being here. First off, if you ever have the chance WATCH ELDER BEDNAR'S TALK ON THE "CHARACTER OF CHRIST!" It is one of the most amazing talks I've ever seen. It really was life changing and changed my entire perspective on my mission. I'll share one quote from him, "If you lose yourself in the service of others, you'll find yourself, but you won't be looking." It testified so strongly to me about how this mission is not about me and if I have a focus on how I will be blessed for it I will not receive all those blessings. It's only in the service of others and through an improvement in trying to work towards the "Character of Christ" that we will receive the fullness of His power and blessings.

During personal study I've been working intently on my knowledge of the scriptures. In my patriarchal blessing it states," I bless you with the capacity of remembering even better than you do now those things that you read in the scriptures." This blessing has been made manifest during my time here. Everyone in my District refers to me as the "scriptorian" of the District. I'm not trying to sound prideful, I'm just using this to testify of my own witness that God does bless you and will always uphold His covenants if you are faithful.

For Katten!! (Danish phrase which means about the same thing as "Oh rats!")...I'm writing my email while my laundry is going downstairs and when I went down to change the load over to the dryer I found the remnants of my white bible destroyed in a papery mess. I had left the missionary handbook in my shirt pocket and forgot to take it out...well, I won't make that mistake again.

Ha, well recently I've been focusing the majority of my study towards the New Testament, namely the life the Peter. I never realized how incredible he really was. He was in no way a perfect man but through the Atonement and his Faith in Christ he became one of the greatest men/missionaries to ever walk the earth. I'm especially loving the book of Acts and the things he had to say in there. I hope I can be like Peter on my mission

Well I've got to go now, but it was so great writing to you all! Jeg vel, at Jesu Kristi evangalium of Mormons Bog er sandt. Gud gengav sit evangalium gennem Joseph Smith. Jesus Kristus er min Forløser.

Jeg elser dig!
Ældste Wawro