Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Good to hear that everyone is still alive and living! Everyone sounds so busy with shows and school and work, just like always. That is way cool that Haley gets to do the Syd Riggs Concert. Way jealous!

It's great to hear that Taylor Moulton had a bomb homecoming talk. I know his mission was a very different mission than the one I'm serving here in Denmark. I can't wait to be able to talk to him about it.

I'm also glad to hear that you're enjoying your new job Mom! And good luck to Casey and Nathan with their upcoming shows/auditions!

I'm also jealous about you all seeing "Saving Mr. Banks." I don't know if you remember talking about that movie but I saw the announcement about it and was researching it a little bit before my mission. I wanted to see it way bad, so add that one to the list of films I need to see when I get home!

Oh, also, right after I finished emailing you [where he said it hadn't really snowed yet in Denmark] I walked out of the library to see a snow storm raging outside. How coincidental?

We also had splits with the zone-leaders this past week and had a couple of really cool experiences. When Ældste Strong and I walked outside of our apartment into the stairwell there was a lady struggling to carry a piece of furniture up the stairs. We offered to her our help; she declined, so we started to leave. After a couple steps we both turned around, asked if she was certain, and then she realized how many more stairs there were and accepted our help. We carried it to the top and she asked where we were from. We told her the United States and she immediately switched to English, telling us how she lived in North Carolina for a time. She asked if we were Mormon, we said yes, and she said that she was nannying for a Mormon Family in North Carolina. She then asked if maybe it would be okay to come back and talk about the church. We affirmed that that would be okay with us and exchanged phone-numbers.

Ældste Brindley and Ældste Nordfelt were doing some language study when they got a surprise knock on the door from a member. He told them that a random person on the street asked if he could help them move some furniture into their new apartment and he quickly came to enlist our services. The other Elders went to help since we were already gone and the people they met seemed very grateful for their services. They also exchanged numbers with them so we hope to get in contact with them as well.

Baptisms are A-okay
The highlight of our week was our appointment with [one of our investigators]. We got there and she was kind as usual. We came in with the game plan to find out where her faith really was, do some how to begin teaching principles, and establish where we envision where our meetings together are headed. At one point in time I started to talk about baptism and slipped up my Danish a little bit. I said "When you get baptized..." and then I corrected myself, "When one gets baptized..." But she cut me off. "Oh by the way," she said, "I want to be baptized." She asked us if it was okay, and we assured her that it was. The rest of the lesson was spent talking about baptism, why she wanted to be baptism, how she would need to prepare for baptism, and testifying of the blessings of baptism. The Spirit was super strong in the room and we made sure to point that out as well. She seems very sincere so we hope that she will continue to progress.

Funny story of the week. So I get a call early on in the week from Præsident Sederholm. He told us he was going to be up in Ålborg so he was going to pick us Randers Elders up on his drive down to drive us to the new missionary meeting. So he picked us and drove us to the ferry in Århus which we were going to take to Købenavn [Copenhagen}. The ferry was half an hour late on boarding and about 5 minutes out from harbor there came an announcement saying that the ferry was broken, So we had to start the drive late in the evening all the way from Århus to København with Præsident. It was actually way fun though (even though we were really cramped) and we got to talk about a lot of cool things with him.

That was basically my week! Lots of cool things happening here in Randers and I hope that it continues! Love you all and vi snakkes [translation: we'll talk] next week!

-Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro

P.S. Regarding my birthday present, I actually would prefer it if you would save money from buying gifts and the costs of sending them so at some point in time I can buy a Danish suit. I love the suits here. :) Hej Hej!
Danish Billboard - Elder Wawro in 20 years?