Monday, March 3, 2014

Possible last week here in Randers..? Måske?

The greatest street ever!
So, funny story. We get down to the library to write emails, and when we get on a message comes up saying that myldsmail has been blocked at the library because they think it's a dangerous we're writing at the church. Because there is only one computer and we have to take turns, I don't have a long time to write...but I'll write a few essentials and then just copy and paste my message to the President to you.

So I've been in Randers 7 months around now, and we found out about transfers on Wednesday. Everybody is telling me I'm getting transferred, but I really hope I don't. But transfers happen next Monday, so nobody send me anything from this point forward! Also, because I may be transferring, I have no idea when I'll be writing on Monday because if I'm getting transferred to Sjælland [the main island where Copenhagen is located] I'll be taking a train in the that's that.

So I've been having the craving for some Mexican food I was wondering, Mom, if you could send me some of your recipes to that I can make it over here! I don't know if I'll be able to find all the ingredients needed, but I should be able to find most of them.

One more thing, I deleted a lot of classical music off my ipod on accident before I got here, and it's Dad, if you can think of any good classical songs to send me, feel free! :) I'm thinking specifically about the Billy Joel Classical CD (Not Classic Billy Joel) ;). I would loooooove to have that again.

I'm excited to get my package! Thank you for sending that! I should be getting it within the next few days.
My district

Here's my message to the Præsident:

"Hello President!

This week has definitely had its ups and downs. Things started to pick up towards the end of the week.

We had a lesson with [female investigator #1] on Monday and that lesson in of itself went pretty well. We focused on the importance of really reading and praying and coming to church and how those things are essential for personal conversion and will bless every aspect of her life. She agreed to do it.
So as the week progressed we texted her to remind her to read in the Book of Mormon, like she asked us to do, and every night she replied that she hadn't read. Finally, on Thursday evening, she replied that she hadn't read and it now is necessary to tell us that she doesn't have time to read or to come to church. We replied telling her that every commitment we've given her is meant to bless us, but she said that she felt confined by the commitments and needed freedom. We then told her that these things don’t limit her freedom, but helps her retain it. She disagreed and said freedom is being able to do exactly what you want when you want to. So, unfortunately, we had to drop her because she is not willing to meet with us anymore. That's particularly sad for me because I found her my first day here in Randers with Elder Peterson and saw how close she was to baptism. She just needs some time to think things through.

Thursday we had splits with Skive. They are having it a little bit rough right now. They're only investigators just dropped them. Elder Parry and I went out to meet them, but when they answered the door they slammed it right in our faces. The rest of the time was spent finding (knocking doors, contacting, etc.). They are working really hard, President. I am glad that we will be studying Ch. 9 [in Preach My Gospel] this month, not just for our sake, but for theirs.

Sunday, [female investigator #2] came to church again. This was her second Sunday in a row. She brought her son as well. You can see her aura change from being very sad and almost hostile to really being happy to be back. I really hope she continues to come and becomes reactivated.

After church we stopped by [male investigator #1] and he let us in. We shared a message about "by small and simple means are great things brought to pass" and he really enjoyed it. We invited him to read and pray and he said he would. He also wants to come to church! He was really impressed by the members at the Open House. We have another appointment scheduled for this evening.

We met with [male investigator #2]  from the Fri Kirke church yesterday evening as well. He's the one who leads our bible studies. He was really nice to us and was really open. He talked about the Book of Mormon and he says he's been reading! He has a lot of questions that we didn't get to yesterday, but we hope to be able to answer them soon. Also, right before we left, he said he was talking to some of the other Fri Kirke leaders and said that the most religiously solid and believing people in his group were the Mormons! That was pretty cool.

That was basically everything from this week. This next week is already looking pretty busy, so we hope to bring good news in a weeks time. Vi snakkes!

-Ældste Wawro"

So, another crazy story I didn't write to the Præsident:
Ældste Brindley and I were going to get a hotdog when, all of a sudden, we get this text. When we looked who it was, it came from our old telephone we sent to the office. This is what it said (translated to English)

"Ok, excuse the late point in time, but I have just received a text from you. We can bring it up the next meeting, if you want. Remember, I have God and Jesus on my side????? I am just back from Germany, and I'm not holding anything back. No answer is also an answer...sorry"

As we were left pondering who our unknown nemesis was and wondering how he obtained our old phone, we received another text.

"Good Evening. Ældste Wawro and Brindley. Thanks for last time, and sorry for my skepticism. You still have much to learn... Now the Olympics are finished and the world’s discussion goes political against Russia and their stance towards homosexuals. I know where I stand...what about you?"

At this point we are veeeerrrryyyy confused on what is going on! Who is this person, what are these religious debates we've apparently been having that I cannot remember, and how does he have our old phone?? About 20 minutes we get another text from that phone, and it turns out some other missionaries now have our old phone and they forwarded us those super hostile messages to us. It was from one of our investigators while he was drunk, he sometimes likes to get very contentious when he's drunk. So he was our unknown nemesis! Just the previous week, he also got a little bit mad at me because he brought up that only Moses has seen God so it's impossible that Joseph Smith could I kindly redirected him to the Book of Acts where Stephen sees God and Jesus Christ. He got a little mad after that....ha.

That's basically everything! Can't wait to tell you what's happening with transfers! Let’s hope for Randers, 6 more weeks!

Jeg elsker jer! 

-Ældste Wawro