Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Work Continues …

Many Greeting from here in Denmark!

Exciting to hear about all the performances coming up and that Night on Broadway went so well! I watched the videos and everyone did a fantastic job!

Weather has been nice here. Way better than before. Everyone's saying it's been the warmest and shortest winter in a long time. I'm grateful for that, because it was still really cold for a time!

I think I'm just going to order the scriptures myself. We have a distribution center here and it's free shipping, so it will be cheaper that way. Oh, and if you're sending something, you need to do it soon because transfers are on the 10th of March!

Tuesday we had our weekly Bible Study with the Frikirke. We invited them all to our Open house on Saturday and we had a good discussion about the character of Christ. Other than that, nothing to eventful there.

Wednesday we had a lesson with our muslim investigator. It's going fairly well with him. He made us dinner and he loves to talk to us. We discussed scripture, particularly the Book of Mormon. We bore testimony of its importance and how it’s a tool we can use to come closer to God. We also talked about Joseph Smith and his role as Prophet and Restorer. He was very accepting and we ended by inviting him as well to the Open House.

Thursday we had Splits with the Elders in Viborg. They came here to Randers and we were fortunate to be especially busy on that day. Ældste Syversen and I went to Hobro to teach a lesson to an investigator and invite others in Hobro to the Open House. The lesson with Bjørn started out pretty rough. He just wanted to talk about Joseph Smith being a Free Mason and kept wanting to know why he got gold plates when Moses only got stone tablets. I don't even know why that's important...but it was to him apparently.

Luckily, we switched the conversation from that to why he believed in the Bible, and when we did that he really began to open up. We discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he said he agreed with everything we said. It ended on a very good note and he is excited for our next visit with him.

While in Hobro, we also stopped by one of our old investigators. He had been really positive in the past and almost was baptized, but his wife talked him out of it every time. When Ældste Syversen got there, the door opened and a new family was standing there. Apparently, our investigator had moved and these new people from Africa had moved there just 4 days ago. Luckily, they spoke English very well because they didn't know any Danish. We ended up starting a conversation with them and he was excited to see that we were "Preachers." He invited us to come back and he took a Book of Mormon.

During their appointment with [a female investigator], Ældste Ogden and I went to the investigator that has the problems with his son to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we got there he had made food for us, so we ate and discussed the Gospel. He basically believes in everything we believe in, and I think he wants to become a member, but he doesn't understand that it's going to be a big lifestyle change. He already believes in God and Jesus Christ so I don't think he believes that it's much more than just joining our congregation. He needs to stop smoking and drinking wine. Otherwise, it went really well!

On Saturday was our Open House, and it looked really good. Ældste Brindley and I spent a lot of time to make sure we had everything we needed. It ended up having a pretty good turnout. A lot of members came and there were about 8 non-members who showed up, one being our investigator Ældste Ogden and I taught Thursday evening. He loved the baptismal font and told us that we do baptism right. He got along great with the members as well and told us he would be coming to church the next day.

We were pretty excited for [the investigator] to come to church as well as that Brazilian woman. But about 5 minutes before the meeting began, he texted and said he couldn't come. The Brazilian woman didn't show up as well. We were really disappointed, but just before the meeting actually started a person who went in-active since I've been here showed up. I actually am very grateful that our investigators didn't show up because it gave me the opportunity to notice her and sit next to her during sacrament meeting. We became close when I first got her but lost complete contact with her after she went inactive. We had a really good talk and she stayed for all 3 meetings as well as choir. I hope that she stays.

That's my week! Unfortunately, I don't have any [new] pictures to send this week...I'll make sure to take some this next week! Love you all!


-Ældste Wawro