Monday, May 5, 2014

Another great week, with a little bit of crazy mixed in.

Goddag mine kære Søskende! [translation: Hello my dear brothers and sisters!] The weeks are really flying by! We're already in the month of May and about to Skype Again next Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it!

It's crazy that Haley is in Montana. Such a cool experience for her! You should definitely meet with Ældste Huffaker. He's the Hope you'll be able to Skype as well!

I can't believe Jay Sargent is actually home! A lot of the ward’s missionaries are going to be home soon now. I read his blog every once in a while and its crazy how much of the Swedish is just like or super close to Danish.

The weather here has been really nice until the ending of this week. It started getting a little cooler and rainy. But that's just Denmark.

I'll start off with a knocking story. Ældste Mogensen and I decided that we should plan some specific time to go do our own finding because we've been pretty busy recently getting ready for the baptism that we hadn't had a lot of time to go knocking. While knocking we met a man named J*** J*****. J*** is a man in a wheelchair who is deeply religious. Right when we started talking about God he bore his testimony to us how God has helped him in his life and started getting emotional and crying right there. You could definitely see his strong belief in God and Christ. We started talking about the Book of Mormon, and at first he was hesitant, but he agreed to take one. There more we talked the more he seemed to like us and it ended with him telling us to come back, so we'll do that tonight!

We had another appointment with A***** which went great! She looks so much better than she did before, and the entire time that we were teaching her she was only drinking water. She is still in the process of detoxicating and getting all of that alcohol out of her system, so at times it was hard for her to really focus and understand everything. But she definitely felt the Spirit. We taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation to her which went really well. We'll have to remember to take things slower with her because of her lack of a Christian background. She really enjoyed our visit, though, and wants to continue to learn more and come to church! Unfortunately, she ended up not being able to come this week because her boyfriend was in town and prevented her from coming, but we'll get her there this Sunday.

We had another service project this last week with Claus. He lives Down around Svendborg in the middle of a forest.  We moved a lot of firewood for him. Let me tell you, it was a lot of Wood. It took around 3 hours just to move all the Wood into his shed, but he really was very appreciative about it.

Now, concerning T*****...We taught T***** almost every single day this week. Every appointment was as it usually was. We teaching a principle and/or reading in the Book of Mormon with him and he agreeing with everything we taught. He truly does love the Gospel so much. After our service project on Friday we took the bus back from Svendborg to Odense to meet up with the Zone-Leaders to go interview T*****. The interview was fantastic. They both said that he was one of the most prepared people they have met. Thomas was looking so forward to the next day.

At about 10:30 the morning of his baptism, right before we left the Apartment to go do some Work with the Zone-Leaders (we were on splits), we got a phone-call from T*****. "Brothers, I have some terrible news," He said. "I can't be baptized today." We were all stunned. He explained that there was a rule that there needed to be somebody from the Facility to come with him to change his clothes since he's paralyzed and there was nobody to come with him that day. So we ran to the bus just in time to catch it to Tornbjerg. When we got there, we first talked with T*****. He was so distraught that the Ward was going to be mad at him or think that he didn't want to be baptized. We assured him that both of those Things were false. We then talked to the administration there and they explained that the person that was supposed to come with T***** that day was sick as well as multiple others so they were understaffed. There was no way they could find someone to come with T*****. So, unfortunately, we've had to move the baptism to next Saturday. But luckily, we've straightened everything out so the baptism WILL happen this Saturday.

After we called everyone to tell them the Baptism was cancelled, and since we had some free time because there was no baptism and the Zone-Leaders were still with us, we decided to go visit some people. All of us met with a previous investigator from when Ældste Hawkes was in Sønderborg but she moved to Odense. She's way positive and wants to meet with us now! Apparently, Ældste Elsbury stayed at her family's house with his Family when they came to pick him up and it resparked an interest in her in the church. We also met with Robert, this way cool English-Man that Ældste Hawkes reactivated while he was here in Odense. He took Ældste Hawkes and me out to eat and we were able to commit him to prepare to go to the temple. We also met with a less-active and committed him to write his Testimony Down of the Book of Mormon. It was a great splits!

We also reactivated someone yesterday! Kim de King. That's right. He is the biggest Elvis Presley fan so he changed his name to Kim de King. We've been meeting with him for a while now but he's finally come to church for three weeks in a row and got a calling to Work in the Primary! That calling will be great for him and we're excited to start getting him prepared for the temple.

Things are great here in Odense. I love it! I hope you all have a great week and I'm excited to talk to you on Sunday!


-Ældste Wawro