Monday, May 19, 2014

Copenhagen Or Bust!

Cool international market right outside our Apartment! Tons of people and had people and food from all across Europe!
As you heard, I was in Copenhagen this last week for a "Specialized Training Meeting" with everyone in my MTC group [they are the largest MTC group in the mission and now have been out for 13 months]. It was amazing. I can't tell you how great it was to see everyone again. Dad, you mentioned how it reminded you of when Alma saw the sons of Mosiah Again. President Sederholm said the same thing.

MTC Group at Copenhagen Temple for a "Specialized Training"
It was pretty interesting. President Sederholm began by saying, "I bet you're all wondering why you're all here for this meeting." Of course we were. Everyone had been talking about the past few weeks what it could be. Formulating ideas. IPads, opening Greenland, extensions, all sorts of things. He continued, "Well, so am I." Apparently, he just had this feeling that he needed to call us together, but it wasn't until he recited D&C 4 in the meeting that he knew why we needed to be there. He gave a great training about focusing on the things that are most important and enjoying enduring to the end. He's always very inspirational.
Getting pizza at the specialized training

After the meeting we got to go to the temple and see the newest temple video in English! Everything about it was so beautiful. I just haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

We went on splits with the Svendborg Elders this week. Ældste Jewkes was up here in Odense with me. It was a great experience and we learned a lot about being bold and loving in our teaching.

While on splits we taught F******, the man from the Faroe Islands who came to Thomas's baptism. It was a pretty good lesson. We focused on the Restoration/Gospel of Jesus Christ. He really liked all the things we told him. The biggest problem for him is testimony. He likes everything he hears but he says he doesn't know yet that it's true. So we'll definitely be talking more about testimony in our next appointment with him.

Ældste Jewkes and I visited J*** J****** as well. Because of his age and an accident he was in, he has a hard time remembering all the Things that we taught him, so we decided to go through the Restoration Again. He remembered a fair amount, but there were definitely some key points that need reviewing and re-explaining. He said he believed that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. So that's great! He also said that if he finds out that the church is true that he will be baptized. So, again, we'll focus on receiving that answer with him!

So we met with Martin [a recently reactivated member] this week. We first met with him after CUV to talk about going on a mission again and the lesson went really well. He then expressed that he felt like he needed to go back to Slovakia soon to help build up the church in his homeland. We gave him a Blessing of guidance to help him in his decision of what he should do.

A couple days later I saw him for about a minute where he told me he might be leaving sooner than he thought. I told him to make sure to call us when he found out when he was going.  On Friday we got a call from Martin. He told us he decided to leave the next day, Saturday, so he wanted to see us before he left. We talked for a little bit, talked about his plans, and then said goodbye. I also gave him one of my ties and told him I expected him to wear it the day he enters the MTC to begin his full-time mission. I really hope he gets out on a mission. I'm a little worried for him but we have his email, so we'll stay in contact with him.

S**** is an interesting man. We met him for our first time a couple weeks ago. He invited us over to eat that week with some of his friends and he prepared a really fancy meal for all of us and we were able to hygge [translation: have fun] a little bit and get to know all of them. Unfortunately, we didn't have too much time to really discuss the doctrine of the church. It was more of us answering questions about what we did as missionaries and why we decided to be missionaries.

But, this week, we got another appointment with him. He fed us Again. It was actually pretty funny, because when we got there the door was open but the house was completely empty. We kept calling for him to see if he was around, but there was no answer. We waited for around 20 minutes. We started getting worried that he died and he was just lying dead in his house. Right when we were thinking about going in to investigate, S**** showed up. Turns out, he went to pick us up from the bus stop, but we took a shortcut so we didn't meet on the way back!

Anyway, we met with him personally this time and it was a great appointment. He isn't really religious but he respects everybody. By the end of the lesson he agreed to go with us to church. He came, but it was a little weird. Because it was Ward Conference this week the classes were first and sacrament meeting was last. So we were in Priesthood and S**** was sitting with us for the first 10 minutes. But right when we split off to go to our separate classes he just got up and left! Apparently he just wanted a taste of it and he thought that was enough...a little disappointing, but it happens.

Thomas is still going strong! We didn't get to meet with him as much as we wanted. Our Schedules just didn't match up well. But we are making Thomas a focus for this next week. Nevertheless, we met with him a couple times this last week.

We introduced The Doctrine and Covenants because he had some questions about it. He has a copy of it now so we read the introduction and some of our favorite sections with him. He loves D&C 4. He wants us to print it out so he can put it on his wall. He's doing great!

We had a great Ward picnic this week. It was just like being back at the states. We went to this beautiful location in Nyborg right next to the beach. It was so much fun. We played a lot of games. We did the egg on the spoon race: Me vs. Ældste Mogensen and the Bishop. Way fun!

I also played piano for both musical numbers in both wards here on Sunday. So much piano! I'm probably going to have to start telling some people no because we have other things to do than play in Sacrament Meetings. But I do love playing.

Oh, speaking of that, the lady that is in charge of the Primary told me that she's going to find me a beautiful Danish girl to marry so that I can move here to Odense and continue to play piano for the Primary. So, just thought I'd give your some forewarning about that. ;)

Thanks for everything you do! I love you all! Have a great week!


-Ældste Wawro