Monday, June 30, 2014

"Hjælp Venligst Emma Med At Finde Sin Hest" ["Please Help Emma find her horse"]

You may have some questions about my email title this week. I found this written at a bustop in Allerød on our way home from Church.

This week we had some great success!

At the beginning of the week Ældste Merril and I decided to do some finding because we need investigators!! We've been knocking and street contacting in Ordrup and Hellerup, but we weren't really finding much success. Everyone in this area is really rich so I think they don't really feel like that have time or even need to hear about religion. So we decided to find an area that wasn't so rich, so to Dyssegård we went! And do you know what? We only knocked 1 Opgang and every person that answered we placed a Book of Mormon too! We gave out 3 Books of Mormon and had two lessons from knocking only 6 doors! So this week we'll be doing some following up!!
Close up on "Please Help Emma find her horse"

We had splits with the Elders in Virum. I was with Ældste Gifford here in Ordrup and Ældste Merril went up to Virum. While on splits we had three lessons:

The first was with A******, the 26 year old from America. She is doing great and we had a really good conversation about God and our relationship to him. We also discussed the Book of Mormon. She asked us as well about our experiences gaining a testimony. We're still not sure how actively she is actually investigating in between appointments, but we'll find that out next time.

Morning view from our apartment in Copenhagen
We also followed up on a 90 year old lady Ældste Metcalf and I gave a Book of Mormon to during our splits the week before. When we introduced to her the Book of Mormon she told us she would just check it out at the library. We told her she didn't need to because she could just have this copy, but she said she would just check it out. We eventually convinced her to just loan ours for now and we would just stop by the next week. When we got there though, she invited us in and showed us that she had gone to the library and checked out an old translation of the Book of Mormon...even though the one we gave her was still sitting on her desk right next to it. She then proceeded to point out all the things the library edition didn't have like cross-references and title headings so we told her just to read the new one which we already gave her, but she refused. It was a little weird...but she was almost finished with the 1st Book of Nephi!

Our last appointment on splits was with M******* J********. She began by reading a poem she had written back when she was baptized about Joseph Smith. It was actually really good! We can tell that she had and still has a really strong testimony of the church. We talked to her about the atonement of Jesus Christ and read out of Alma 7 with her. She was also really excited because we gave her a new Book of Mormon because she had lost the one she had from when she was baptized. Ældste Merrill and I actually visited her one other time this week and taught the restoration to her. She didn't remember a lot but, she believed everything that we taught. We also got her the Gospel Library on her phone which she really appreciated. She did come again to church yesterday so we're excited to see her progress! Now we just need to find out for sure whether or not she is still a member.

This last Friday we had another one of our Mission Leadership Conferences. It's always so fun to be with all of those great missionaries who have been big examples to me on my mission. The training from President Sederholm was great as well, as it always is. Ældste Merrill and I are looking forward to train the zone tomorrow on some of the Things that we learned from President.

Today I received an email from Martin Cico. He is that Slovakian that's my age from Odense that just moved back to Slovakia right before I was transferred.
Martin Cico saying goodbye in Odense
We were trying to get him on a mission while we were there and he really wanted to serve, but he said he wouldn't be able to until he was around 25 or something because of his plans. Well, I intended to email him when I got here but I lost his email in the process and wasn't able to get it until this last week. In a part of his email he said this, "I will go home later during summer holidays and I do not really know how long I will stay there because I want to go on mission this year so... :D I will see :)). I want to go on mission during autumn or in the winter so I will go through my own Endowment soon :)))."
Martin (back left) doing Baptisms For The Dead
at Frieberg Temple

I was so excited to see that he decided to leave this year! I was really worried for him moving back to Slovakia, but there must have been something that happened to change his mind. Whatever it was, I am very grateful for his decision to serve.

Other than that...not much else has happened. We haven't really been able to travel much on our P-Days because this last month the mission was doing a test on us and they changed our mode of transportation. It's a little complicated, but basically, if we wanted to go visit something on P-Day we were going to have to pay for the transportation ourselves because it wasn't a mission related activity. But we are switching back to the old way so we'll be able to travel all across Sjælland without having to worry about paying! So hopefully I'll be able to send pictures soon of some cool places in Copenhagen. We also have a district activity planned to visit that Helsingør Castle you mentioned, Dad! So that will be exciting.

Love you all!


-Ældste Wawro