Monday, July 21, 2014

Unlucky, or Fate...?

Wow, can I just say that this last week has really been a roller coaster! A lot has happened in the zone that has kept us on our feet, but despite the stressful and sometimes demoralizing circumstances, we continue to pull through, grow, learn, and love a little bit more than we did in the past.

On Monday we helped all of the new people that were being transferred into our zone get to their areas, and we obtained the new car for our area! Unfortunately, we only had it for a couple hours before it got rammed by a speeding car in the rain...Luckily, everyone was ok. Unluckily, it was very unfortunate that it happened because Ældste Merrill's knee has gotten to the point where he needs a car or else he can't really work. That made it really hard to really go out and do the finding that we needed to do, because he really just can't walk that much.

Ældste Merrill had surgery earlier on in his mission on his knee, and he actually almost got sent home. But it got better and he hasn't had any problems with it since until a few weeks ago. So hopefully it will get better enough so that he can endure to the end!

Tuesday, we had a service project with a was a really interesting project. We actually needed to help with some boxes. I thought we were going to move them, but she actually had us individually unpack every single box and take a picture with every individual item, and then set it back in the box and carry the boxes back to where they were. It went great and she was really appreciative!

We also went with one of the members to go do home-teaching for [a new member], which was nice because we needed to meet with him anyway. We had a great appointment and made him promise to go talk with the Bishop about getting ready for the temple! He did talk with the Bishop on Sunday and will begin temple-prep next Sunday.

We finally were able to meet with M******* again! She has just been so sick recently she couldn't have us over. But she is better now so we were able to visit her. We had Kim Bång with us this time, and he was so perfect for her. He was sincerely interested in her problems and concerns, offered solutions, and gave her his phone-number so she could call if she ever had a question or just needed to talk. The last time we met with her we gave her some chapters to read about the Plan of Salvation from the Book of Mormon and hoped she would read one of them. She actually had read all of them! That made teaching the second half of the Plan of Salvation so much easier because she came prepared with questions and also some answers to her own questions. It was just a great appointment and we are already seeing the difference the Gospel is making in her life. It's amazing what the Gospel can do after such a short time.

District Activity at Hamlet's Castle
So, today we had to move the sister missionaries in our ward to a new apartment. We had to go to their apartment a few times to pick up some of their stuff while they stayed at the mission home and then we officially moved them today. The problem was, both our car and the assistant's big van were in car accidents this past week. But, luckily enough, their car was finished in time to help us this week and everything went as planned! There have been a lot of random stuff like this that I've had to do since coming to Gladsaxe, and planning and arranging it all has been kind of stressful, especially on top of our normal missionary load, but we definitely have had support all the way through!

There's a member in our ward who was the old mission-president of the Poland Mission. He likes me a lot because, well, because of my last name that comes from Poland! He is a fantastic missionary. He actually started going to the gym and shared the gospel with his trainer, and now his trainer has come to church for the past two weeks in a row! He is 21 years old and seems like a great guy. The member is trying to set up a time for us to come and begin the lessons with him, so hopefully that happens this week. This really shows how much better things are when the members invite somebody to come and fellowship them instantly. We are really grateful for them who have already done so much in our ward, and hopefully they continue to feel the missionary spirit!

Best news for last: I got a call from President Sederholm and asked me if I had any plans for the 6th of September. I was thinking, "Well, uhh, President, we don't have anything planned that far in advance! That's in the next transfer!" So I said I didn't. He then asked me if I would be willing to play the piano for our Mission Conference that day that was going to be attended by ELDER BEDNAR!!!

...I said yes.

Elder Bednar
So on the 6th of September Elder Bednar is coming here to Denmark and will be meeting with all of the missionaries! I'm grateful that President thought of me to play the piano! That is just going to be an incredible experience. I can't wait!!!

So all in all, yeah, I've had my difficulties and my problems. I try not to write the most of them home because it's much easier just to remember the amazing miracles we've seen. At times things have seemed unlucky, and you wonder why things have worked out the way they did, and whether or not God put this trial in your life or if it was just the misfortune of the world.  However, I've realized that maybe it just doesn't matter. No matter the source of our problem, the Gospel is the answer. How grateful I am that I was lucky enough to be born into the church.

I love you all! Can't wait to hear from you next week!

-Ældste Wawro