Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet Brad: He's a Mormon.

Here's a picture with us and Brad Wilcox. Meet Brad: He's an author, a BYU Professor, and He's a Mormon.
Goddag!! Right now Ældste Merrill and I are on the edges of our seats because we are waiting for THE TRANSFER CALL!! ...although, let's be real, neither of us are going to transfer because I just got here and he is leaving a week early next transfer. But it will be exciting to hear where everyone else is going in our Zone.

That is too bad to hear about the van...lots of good memories in that mini-van.

President Sederholm actually has talked a little bit about the iPads. You saw that all of Western Europe gets them. He is not sure if we are counted in that or if we are categorized as Northern Europe, but he believes that means us as well. If it does, we should have iPads and Facebook by the end of the year. That would be exciting!

Hey, I did get your package this last week and thanks so much for it! There was a lot of great stuff in there. I was very excited for the beef jerky, I was actually just thinking a few days before that I wanted some beef jerky. They don't really have it here, and if they do, it's pretty expensive. Also, that hair stuff is a lifesaver! I've been trying to find a good Danish product but nothing seems to work really well with my hair. So thanks for sending that as well!

Ældste Merrill's Birthday is on the fourth of July, so for our dinner hour we had a barbeque with the other missionaries in our ward. It was way fun and we were thankful for the opportunity we had to show our patriotism for the land we love! America!

We had our Zone Training this last week and we taught from Preach My Gospel Ch. 8 - Using Your Time More Effectively. It actually was an eye-opener to see all the areas that I could improve in as far as planning and goal setting is concerned. But we definitely have already seen the fruits of better planning in our work.

As a result of our better planning, we realized that we needed to stop by a man we knocked in to the last week. His name is M** T****** and we had given him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read Alma 32. When we stopped by he wasn't finished with the chapter, but he had actually highlighted some of the verses that he liked. We taught the Restoration and it went pretty well. He seems sincere. We're excited to continue working with him.

I went on splits with the Assistants this last week. I was with Ældste Gifford in Frederiksberg and we had some good appointments! We met with C********, the new convert, and talked to him about receiving the Priesthood.  Assistants are already thinking of ways to help him, though.

Me eating a rootbeer float on the 4th of July
Ældste Gifford and I tried to make a smoothie on splits...but...things went a little awry. The biggest problem was that they didn't have an actual blender. They had this really weird hand-blender that didn't really work very well. So as he made dinner I spent like 30 minutes trying to make a smoothie with this hand-blender. It turned out kind of a weird consistency and was really foamy, but it still tasted pretty good. So we decided that when we both get to BYU we are going to open up a store and sell "Foamies: Like a Smoothie, but not quite as good!"

We also met with a Polish man. I can't remember his name right now...but it was a really good appointment! He really seems to be searching with real intent. He has a little bit of a hard time speaking English, though, so we actually had to start using Google Translate at some points of the lesson to help him understand! We invited him to baptism and he said yes, but we weren't sure that he actually understood what we we used Google Translate to invite him to baptism! Luckily enough, he said yes again and now has a date to be baptized. So Ældste Gifford and I had some great experiences on our splits and I definitely learned a lot from him about teaching and working hard!
At Mission Leadership Council

We met with M******* again this week. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she really already remembered most of it and loves it. Unfortunately, she has had some bad health problems recently and has been going to the doctor a lot. We were able to give her a blessing while we were there and it was a really spiritual moment for us all. She wasn't able to come to church this last week because of health, but we hope to see her this next week!

Saturday Evening was a great night. We were invited by some of the members to come eat dinner with them, and guess who was there? Brad Wilcox! But as great as it was to be able to talk to him, the highlight of the evening was when Ældste Crank did his Indian Dance. You see, we have been going to this family's neighbor for the last few weeks and doing some service for her and she has always been very grateful for that. Some of the other neighbors have noticed as well and have been very impressed by us. So when the members were holding this evening for Brad Wilcox, they decided to invite all of those neighbors to come and see the dance, and they came! Ældste Crank taught the Plan of Salvation through his dance and explained it afterwards, and all of the non-members were intrigued by it. We had to leave right after he was finished, but Brad Wilcox held a fireside afterwards just for those few people there and they were touched by it. So we believe that there is some good potential with some of these people. Member-Missionary work at its best!

We were able to talk with Brad a lot as well at the dinner and that was way fun. Brad Wilcox is just such a great guy and since he lives in Provo it was fun to talk about all the places around the area. He invited us to come to the Fireside the next day and wanted to talk to somebody we were working with personally. We've been preparing him for the temple so Brad gave him a little bit of a pep-talk. We were so lucky to be able to be with him, because it was only Ældster Crank, Gifford, Merrill, and me at that dinner. Oh the benefits of living in Copenhagen!

Just heard transfers, and yes, we are staying together! Wahoo! Here's to another one with Ældste Merrill in Gladsaxe 2! I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again next week!


-Ældste Wawro