Monday, August 4, 2014

"By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Come To Pass..."

I got to visit the Christus this last week in Vor Frue Kirke! Absolutely amazing, I got the chills just looking at it.
Hello Friends and Family! I have a lot to talk about this week, so I'm going to jump right in to it!

We had splits with the Assistants this week and I was here in Ordrup with Ældste King. I really learned a lot from Ældste King and I truly appreciate his leadership he's given to the mission. We stopped by a lot of people on splits, but the highlight was our lesson with *Janet* [name changed for privacy]. We helped her get packed up and ready to move, and afterwards we gave a lesson about studying the scriptures. It went great and you can definitely see how much the church has blessed her already. When we first met her she was truly struggling from a lot of the problems going on in her life. But we saw how much she loved the church that first Sunday, and we love to see how this Gospel is changing her. We are going to miss her when she moves this Friday.I got to visit the Christus this last week in Vor Frue Kirke! Absolutely amazing, I got the chills just looking at it.
The statue was being constructed in 1820 and was finished in 1821. The artist was inspired to write these words above the Statue which says in Danish: "Denne er Min Søn Den Elskelig Hører Ham" which means in English, "This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him." Coincidence? I think not!

We also had splits with Birkerød this past week and I was with Ældste Enniss in Birkerød. He is a really sincere missionary. He really wants to do his very best and love the people in his area. I was really impressed with his attitude and desire. He also showed a lot of interest and love to me which is such a great quality to have and one which I really appreciate. We had a great time together in Birkerød.

We made a ton of appointments with people while we were there and stopped by a lot of people. It was pretty funny, actually, because I had to use Ældste Metcalfs bike and he is so much taller than I am so I had to stand the entire time while cycling! I was pretty sore afterwards, to say the least, but we were greatly blessed!
At Latest Leadership Council

Probably the thing I'll remember most was our appointment with *Doug* [name changed for privacy] and his brother. They have investigated the church before but dropped the missionaries because they didn't really see the need for a Book of Mormon or organized church. We made an appointment with them the evening before and then stopped by the next day. They are amazing. Just from reading the Bible they basically believe everything that we do already. They truly are incredible brothers and the love for people and their understanding and love for the Gospel is absolutely incredible to see. Their father was a Muslim but while he was in prison he had a dream about Jesus Christ which really confused him. So in one night he read the entire New Testament and became converted to Christianity. He spent the rest of his time in prison teaching his inmates about Jesus Christ and converting them to the Gospel.

Their father sounds like the most incredible man. They always really loved meeting with the missionaries because they love meeting fellow Christians here in Denmark, but they felt last time that the missionaries were trying to tell them that their faith was wrong and we were right, which troubled them because they knew that their faith in Jesus Christ was correct. We were able to explain to them that that wasn't the case, but we were just trying to add on to the correct faith which they already had in Christ and build up their faith, no tear it down. They were extremely pleased from that answer and have decided to start reading in the Book of Mormon! I really have high-hopes for them.

I was also able to see Ældste Enniss in action with some members. We started a family mission plan with a lady in their ward and afterwards went to eat at a member's home named John Thompson. We ate some Rødgrød med Fløde and Ældste Enniss led in a great lesson about the Atonement. Great lesson, great appointment!
Heart of Copenhagen!

I then got back to my area with Ældste Merrill. To be honest, I've been feeling a little down. I've not really been sad or anything, but there hasn't been a lot going on in our area and we've been trying our best in our current circumstances, but because of Ældste Merrill's knee it's been hard to do a lot of our own finding. It's been especially hard because I feel like I am becoming the best missionary I've ever been, but I haven't been able to act to my full potential. Basically we can just stop by members, our current investigators, and old potential investigators. So the next few days we didn't even have any appointments. Sunday morning when I began my fast I decided to fast for a new investigator that we could begin teaching...and the miracles came. And from the most unlikely of sources as well. *Janet*.

On Saturday *Janet* was waiting for us to come by and help move a washer, but on her way home her watch broke and she needed to go get it repaired which made her late for our appointment. But while she was waiting at the bus stop in front of the watch place, she met a Filipino woman, around 24 years old, and started talking to her. *Janet* has been so happy for all the help that we've been giving her that almost instantly she started talking about missionaries and the church with this Filipino woman, and the Filipino woman ended up asking if she could come to church with her the next day, and *Janet* said of course! So, sure enough, *Janet* comes walking in to church with her new friend, walking very proudly because of her great missionary work!.

The Filipino woman is a very strong believer in Christianity, but since she's moved to Denmark about 9 months ago she has felt lost, abandoned, and that she hasn't been fulfilling her duty to God. It's also always been her dream to be a missionary. Five days before her coming to church with us, she came across a movie on YouTube. It's titled, "The Other Side of Heaven." I think we all know that movie. But she absolutely loved it and it was the first time she ever had any experience with our church. After that she really started thinking over religion and started searching for a church to go to. Friday evening, she got down and just prayed that God would give her some guidance in her life, because with all of her friend and family problems she just felt lost. The very next day she met *Janet* at the bus stop.

She actually didn't have any clothes to bring to church, so *Janet* gave her some dresses that she could have to come to church in the future. She loved Sacrament Meeting. She described it as if there was someone who had a hand on her shoulder the entire meeting, and there was just peace in her heart. After Sacrament Meeting we went and taught a class to her in English with the sister missionaries for Sunday School about the Restoration, because the person her generally teaches English Sunday School was gone. It was probably the most amazing Restoration lesson I've taught in my entire mission. She is so sincere in her search for God and what's right. She began by telling us that she desired to come closer to God, and we assured her she was in the right place. 

We taught the Restoration up until the Great Apostasy, and right after that, she asked us the question, "Well, what do you all think about dispensations? I mean, Adam had a dispensation, and so did Moses and Abraham, so what does your church think about dispensations, especially in the time that we live in?" We hadn't even used the word "dispensation" in our lesson yet, but she already knew herself what they were. We then shared the story about Joseph Smith, explained to her that we now live in the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times and then testified that we knew that these things were true. I think that was the only time that I got emotional as I shared my testimony about Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith being called as a prophet, and this being God's church.

She then asked, "What's the Book of Mormon, and how is it different from the Bible?" Apparently she learned just a little bit about the Book of Mormon from the movie. We explained where the Book of Mormon comes from, how it is used with the Bible, and how it's ultimate purpose is to invite people to come unto Christ and verify the truthfulness of the work. She then asked, "How can I get a copy of that book?" We assured her that we could get her a copy.

And as if it couldn't get any better, she asked, "What does your church think about baptism?" Seriously?! It was as if she was inspired every time to ask the exact right questions at the precise time we wanting to talk about those topics. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and the other class was trying to get in so we didn't get to talk too much about baptism, but I feel like if we had 5 more minutes, she would have accepted a baptismal date. But we have a time to meet with her tomorrow and talk more about the church.

There is something special about her, and I'm not sure what it is. But all yesterday I was really emotional in church as I thought of all of the little miracles that happened in her life to prepare her for the big miracle of meeting us. I am especially grateful as I think about us teaching *Janet*. There was some driving force that gave me the patience and the love needed to continue teaching *Janet* even when it seemed we were making very little progress. And I truly do love her. And now, not only *Janet's* life has been changed as she has returned to the church but now we've met [this Filipino sister]. And I already have such a love and strong connection to her which I cannot describe. Thank God that he has put me here in Gladsaxe, and not only that, but that he has made it a trial and a struggle so that when these blessings have come that my joy has been filled to overflowing. Thanks be to God that I'm a missionary.

I love receiving your emails and letters. I can't express how much I appreciate all the sacrifices you all have made to send me out here. I don't even want to think where I would be in my life without me mission. So, thank you, and remember that I love all of you! Can't wait to hear more from you next week!

-Ældste Wawro