Monday, August 25, 2014

Transfers Already?!

Elders Wawro, Crank & Mogensen
Hello, everyone! I'm going to apologize in advance that this email is going to be a little bit shorter, but I am short on time. I hope you'll forgive me.

So transfer happened! I am sure you are all dying to know what is happening with me:

I'm staying, and Ældste Metcalf is going to be my new companion! [Elder Metcalf and Elder Wawro were in the same MTC group]

We really are so excited for this transfer. We have big dreams and even bigger faith that we can start to see some change in our area. Our teaching pool has diminished, so it's time to get to work. Ældste Metcalf and I are really good friends and both have great desires to work our hardest, so basically I'm really looking forward to this transfer.

 Ældste Crank, Ældste Mogensen and I had a fantastic week together. We had a couple amazing lessons and we really grew to love each other in our time together.

We met with *Joseph* and *Jenny* this last week. It was a great lesson. *Joseph* want's to come back to church so badly and has been giving such an honest effort to do his part to become fully active again. His girlfriend, *Jenny*, is also currently investigating the church. Apparently she did a lot of studying because she knew all about Joseph Smiths experience, him getting the gold plates, and a lot of church doctrine. She also had begun reading in the Book of Mormon and just the day before *Joseph* caught her reading the Doctrine and Covenants. She had some really good questions that we were able to answer and ended up presenting a baptismal plan for her even though she's really hesitant about the idea. It turned out to be an all-around great lesson.

*Sarah* is our investigator from the United States. She leaves to go back to America this week. She is a self-proclaimed atheist and we had a really hard time talking about how religion could help her. She always loved to talk, but she was always very clear when she said she never had the intention to convert. But *Sarah* and I have become really good friends and she's always appreciated the thoughts that we've shared with her.

She said since it was probably our last time we could meet she said we could talk a little bit about the Book of Mormon. But she just wanted to hear about how the Book of Mormon and Mormonism has blessed our lives, because she was atheist and not willing to change. However, something powerful and different happened in this lesson. The Spirit really took over and it seemed like we were really able to ask the perfect questions and share the perfect stories at the perfect times. We bore testimony of what we knew to be true. 

By the end of the lesson she said, "Wow, I never imagined this happening. I wish I had had more of these kinds of talks with you before. You know what?  I'm going to try this whole praying thing tonight!" Her heart was softened and you could see that our faith in God really made an impression on her. I don't think I'll see her again here in Denmark, but I hope she does pray and receives an answer that God lives.

We also had a ward picnic this week where a couple of investigators came to watch Elder Crank do his Indian dance. Everyone seemed to love that and we were happy that our investigators had the chance to mingle with the ward.

We did service for President Paulsen in the Stake Presidency and I sawed wood for 2 hours straight! My hands are destroyed with blisters but it was actually really fun. Best part, somebody was walking down the road and commented to President Paulsen about all of the hard work we were doing, so President Paulsen offered us to go over and work at his house! So now we have service lined up with one of his neighbors.

I really appreciated the growing experience I had to be with Ældste Crank and Ældste Mogensen. I really do love them and I hope Ældste Crank has a safe trip home [He finished his mission today]. Ældste Metcalf and I are stoked for this next transfer and we are going to hit the pavement hard and watch the miracles happen.

I love you all! Have a great week!


-Ældste Wawro