Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baptisms and Transfers

At Zone Training
This week is a week with BIG NEWS!! So listen up!

First, to Mom, I'm not quite sure what I want for Christmas yet. But I'll let you know next week! I need some time to think about it

This was a great week to get to learn the zone a little bit better. I was on splits up in Heslingør with Ældste Pitcher and Virum with Ældste Mogensen. Both were great splits and they are fantastic missionaries and I learned a lot. Helsingør has some great work happening up in Helsingør. Sophus and Vibeke are progressing really well. Ældste Pitcher really showed me the importance of using our priesthood power in our missionary work. Great experience! Ældste Mogensen and I found 3 new investigators while we were on splits! The two most positive ones are a man and his girlfriend from Nepal. We had a great lesson about the Restoration, and especially our relationship to God. They both seem very sincere in their desire to find the truth. High expectations for them!
On splits with Elder Pitcher in Helsingor

Ældste Metcalf and I also found a family this week from Nigeria. They were a referral from the Gladsaxe 1 Sisters who contacted them on a train. Ældste Metcalf, Elijah, and I went and taught them last Friday and it was a really nice appointment. The father actually hasn't been baptized into a church before, so that's a big desire for him to find out which church he needs to be baptized into. The mother has been living here in Denmark for 5 years by herself because her husband hasn't been able to get a VISA in Denmark, so he can only visit every once in a while. It's a way hard situation, but we're hoping that they'll see how the church can help keep their family strong, even in these difficult circumstances.

Lisa Jansen was finally baptized!! We are so happy that it happened!! So many missionaries have been a part of this and we're so lucky to have been here when it happened. Of course, it happened in France, but they will be coming back today and she'll be confirmed in our ward on Sunday. Lisa is going to be an amazing addition to the ward! We now just need to make sure that she gets her calling and home-teachers visit her ASAP!
At Zone Training

Our Zone Training was so much fun last week! The Zone Training went really well, it was about finding new investigators. This past week we had the highest amount of new investigators in who knows how long?! Our District actually led the Mission in most found new investigators. We were richly blessed because of the faith of the mission and the zone specifically.

Afterwards we had our talent show and it was sssooooooo funny! So many good acts! I put a video up of mine, Ældste Metcalfs, Ældste Mogensens, and Ældste Sakuradas barbershop quartet that we first practiced the day of. It's pretty terrible, but so funny! A video is posted here:

I also got to be a part of a couple other musical acts as well as did the historic "Mexican/Polish Folk Dance!" Definitely one of the stranger moments of my life.
The infamous Polish/Mexican folk dance

Well, here comes the real big news (besides Lisa, of course). I just got the call here in the library, and I'm getting transferred. And you'd never guess where. Well, I'll start off by saying that I'm no longer a Zone Leader! I'm headed to my last area as a normal missionary! I loved being Zone Leader, especially with Ældste Metcalf, and it was one of the biggest growing experiences of my life! But I'm excited to just focus on the work now.

Well, enough build up, my last area will be.....................................................................................................................................


I'm going to Bornholm!! The little island between Sweden and Poland with less than 40,000 people! The branch there has about 15 people, including missionaries. The Mogensen Family consists of the majority of that branch and I'm so excited to be with the Mogensens! Ældste Mogensen is one of my best friends and now I get to go and spend Christmas with his family! It's going to be a big change, though, because I'm going from being so engaged with other missionaries to being put on an island where all other missionaries are at least a ferry away, and all other missionaries in the Danish Mission are a ferry and a train ride away! It's going to be quite the growing experience, but a time where I'll be able to focus solely on the work! I'm way excited. :)
Zone Talent Show

I love you all so much, and next week I'll probably be writing from Bornholm! If you don't get an email next Monday, it's because I have a ton of travel to do. I'm not sure how it's going to work, so expect the unexpected! Have an amazing week!

-Ældste Wawro