Monday, November 3, 2014

Member-Missionary Work, It's Great!

Elder Metcalf, the Assistants, and I at Tivoli Gardens [2nd oldest amusement park in Europe] around Halloween! We got in for free because one of the Senior Couples has a Year Pass!
This week has been a good week for transition. Ældste Metcalf and I are making some changes on our priorities in our missionary work and what we really think is most important. We went through all of the baptisms in the mission this year and found out that well over 50% of them were member referrals, only 2 baptisms were found by knocking. That definitely was an eye-opener for us, so we've decided to focus more on the members and get them more excited for the work! We've started a plan with the members where we stop by once a week for only 15 minutes and share a message and make some goals, and so far all the members we've done this with are way excited for it! Since then we've received 4 referrals and others will come!

We've met with *R* a couple times this week. This last time we did service for him because he's trying to rent out one of his rooms so he needed it to get cleaned out. It was just us three and you could tell that he really enjoyed the help and the company. He also said that he'd come with us to Stake Conference this Sunday, so hopefully he'll enjoy coming back to church!

We've met with *U* again. He had just been in the hospital. He's doing a lot better than he was, but he is still just depressed. But we're making progress. He considers us his friends now, so hopefully as friends we'll be able to reach out to him a little more and he'll be more willing to receive help. 

We had a few other lessons with some new people, but none of them are super positive. One of them was a woman who knew a lot of Mormons from the States. Way nice, but not really interested in investigating the church. I think that's the biggest problem we're having. Ældste Metcalf and I can find investigators, but we're having a harder time finding "interested" investigators.

But! *L* is getting baptized this weekend! Wow, *D* [her member husband] and *L* have just been fantastic. Ældste Mogensen and I went to their apartment to eat and so that he could give her the baptismal interview. We had a great conversation, she passed with flying colors, and *D* and I had a great conversation about what they could do to help do missionary work! They have such a desire to do their best. They aren't perfect, there's still a lot that they have to work on (like the rest of us) but their desire is there.

The zone is doing great as well. We're definitely starting off the month on a high note after a little of a more difficult month. We had more member present lessons and more baptismal dates than we've had in a long time. We have a fantastic zone who is all trying their best to improve. I've been blessed to serve with some of the best missionaries we have to offer! We're actually holding our zone training tomorrow where we will also be having our Thanksgiving Dinner and be holding the Annual Turkey Bowl!! Huzzah!

Other than that we had a fantastic Mission Leadership Meeting. It really was inspirational and I learned a lot and hope to apply it! I only hope that I'm going to be able to keep up with the pace that the mission is setting. It's definitely been amazing to see how much the mission has a desire to improve and how our leaders have been setting such good examples to change as well. It makes me want to be a better leader and missionary.

Love you all! 

-Ældste Wawro

Pictures - Elder Metcalf, the Assistants, and I at Tivoli around Halloween! We got in for free because one of the Senior Couples has a Year Pass!