Monday, December 8, 2014

"He is the Gift"

Zone Conference
We have some great news:

The Mogensens are officially living in their new home now! It is not finished, but we've finally finished all of the rooms (ending with the master bedroom) and all of their clothes and food are moved in. It's amazing to see this home come together! It really is so much of an improvement from where they were living. I wish you could see it. Because they're living there, we had the opportunity to help dedicate the house to the Lord. Knud [Mogensen] gave the prayer and it was a great experience for everyone. We'll continue to help a lot with the house, but now that they're moved in we can definitely shift focus more towards finding new investigators and helping those we already are teaching.

We had our Zone Conference this week, and it was sooooo good. I'm sure you've heard how the church is doing this "He is the Gift" initiative, and it's so exciting. It's like what Elder Bednar said that we're going "sweep the earth as with a flood!" Make sure that you ALL share this video at least on facebook.

On our way up to Zone Conference, we took a ferry to Ystad in Sweden and from there drove with the Middlemas's to Copenhagen. We were supposed to stop by IKEA on the way there, but we got lost...the Middlemas's also had an appointment with some friends there so we ended up waiting in a car in Sweden listening to some Spanish guitar for an hour. It's amazing how similar, yet different Sweden is, especially in architecture.
At Zone Training

But something else happened at this Christmas Zone Conference...because it's the Christmas one we always watch a movie together, and guess what movie we saw........FROZEN!!! Oh man! Frozen was sooooo gooooood! It was the first "normal" movie I'd seen in almost 2 years, and I enjoyed it so much. Watching it with President and all the missionaries made it way fun as well.

Some more great news, Steen is coming to our Christmas Party! Steen is a professional guitar player so we've set it up so that he and I are going to have a concert portion of the party where we'll play some Christmas songs together. We practiced for our first time this last week and had a blast! So we're excited to have him with for that and hope that he'll see how the friendship and doctrine of the church can help him.

Yesterday we had a crazy/frightening appointment...We went to go visit this referral we received. We'd met her once before and she seemed way nice, so we were looking pretty forward to this appointment. We brought our branch president, Ældste Middlemas, with because we needed a third man. She let us in time, but we quickly found out that she was drunk, I mean, very drunk. Basically, she wasn't interested at all in what we had to say and altogether was just frightening to be with. So we decided we needed to get out of there as fast as possible. Luckily, we survived.

We've also been able to use the new "He is the Gift" video for lots of people, both members and non-members. You can see it at: The Mogensens have all shared it on Facebook and are having very positive responses from their friends in school. Our investigators have also really enjoyed it. We were with some investigators yesterday and they absolutely loved it! They even shared it on Facebook right afterwards and just praised the church’s public relations department.

We showed it as well to another one our investigators, who also really benefited from the message as she's been really busy with decorations and parties etc. She actually, as well referred us to her neighbor to do service for her. So we went over there and her neighbor was very grateful for the help. We worked in the garden for about an hour and have a return appointment to help out tomorrow. Bornholm has been a great place to find service!

By the way, I got the package slip on Saturday, so today I can go to the post office and collect my package! I'm excited to open it, but just so you know, it's here on Bornholm and safe.
Also, I need to repent...I didn't take any pictures this week...I'm sorry!!! But Ældste Horrocks, Ældste og Søster Middlemas, and I are going on a hike this week to a waterfall, so we'll get some pictures there!

Love you all, and have a great week!


-Ældste Wawro