Monday, December 15, 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Gospel is so Delightful!

Døndalen Waterfalls
Once again, we are loving life here on Bornholm. Despite the rain, cold, and terrible winds we've been having for the past week, Elder Horrocks and I both love the people and this place so much. It's actually been way cold here. It's been raining and the wind has been blowing so hard. On Friday all the power went out on the Island for about 1 1/2 hours. Luckily we were at the Mogensens, so we all lit candles and had a great time together.

Here's a miracle that happened:
So Ældste Metcalf and I were out working a few months ago and decided we needed to stop by somebody who never seemed to be home. We've stopped by him countless amounts of time and I still don't know what he looks like. Generally, his wife answers. So it was weird that we thought we should do that, but we did it anyway. Somebody else answered who we'd never met before. She was a young African woman, probably in her 20's, and was way nice! She told us that he wasn't home but she'd give him the message. Right before we left, we asked if maybe she would be interested in meeting with us. She said, "Actually, I've been looking for a church to get my 2 kids baptized into. That would be ok if you stopped by my place." We found out she lived out of our area in Slagelse and so we referred her address to them and never heard back about it.

Her name is Maria Assane and I just found out that she was baptized this last Saturday. I didn't even know they every started teaching her! But I am so grateful that we were attentive enough to the Spirit to stop by even though our wisdom would have told us not to.

We've been lucky enough to share the "He is the Gift" video with as many people as possible, and everybody seems to love it. We're also so grateful for the cards, they are way easy to give out to people. We had an appointment with an investigator where we did some service for her and then gave her some cards that she could share with her friends because she liked the video so much! So the video works!
We hiked with the Middlemas's to the waterfalls last P-Day! It's Denmarks largest Waterfall! (Not that big, but beautiful nonetheless)

We saw a gospel choir this week in the Nyker Kirke [Nyker Church]! Ha, one of our investigators was singing in it and invited us to come, so we brought the Mogensens. It was fun, Christmas music and always brings that Spirit with it!
With the Mogensens at the concert!

We went up to Allinge because I got some referrals from a member in Gladsaxe that she told me to visit and deliver Christmas cards to, so we went up there to do just that. Unfortunately, they weren't interested, but that gave us the opportunity to stop by a man who was a previous investigator and is a very nice man. We had a great chat (he really likes to talk) and he said he's coming to the Christmas party this week! We're hoping he comes!

There's this less-active in the area named Erling. He's a very nice man. We actually had a great conversation with him, though. We got a broader picture of why he went inactive, but I think he can come back. He's made a list of questions about the church that he says nobody can answer. I haven't heard these questions, but I don't think it really matters. I have a question for him, "What about the Book of Mormon?" I think if he starts reading and praying about that book, he's going to start resolving a lot of his own concerns. Plus, he misses the friends that come from the church.

This was a great miracle. We met with a previous member, and Knud Mogensen actually came with us! He's been asked so many times by missionaries to come with, but never would. But when we asked this time, he just responded very matter-of-factly, "Hvorfor ikke? Jeg kunne godt hilse på ham." [Translation: “Why not? I could greet him.”] And he was great in the appointment! I feel bad for the former member, though, because he's completely left Christianity. He's kind of moving into a more Buddhist belief system. But he really appreciated our visit, said we're always welcome, and may come to the Christmas party.

It's been a good week. I can't believe it's almost Christmas. But I'm look forward to skyping all of you this upcoming week! I love you!

-Ældste Wawro
Sister Middlemas