Monday, January 12, 2015

Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat!

Stormy Baltic Sea
This was how the sea looked right before
we left port yesterday for Copenhagen
I am currently writing from the big city, Copenhagen! We have our zone training tomorrow so we needed to come up. But, you see, a giant storm came and hit the island. Everything was closed down Saturday and most everyone was just staying indoors. All the ferries were also cancelled except for one on Sunday at 12:30, so we decided to take that what just in case the ferries got cancelled the next day and we wouldn't be able to make it to our Zone Training.

This was us on the boat at sea.
Let me just say, the waters in the Baltic were the roughest I'd ever seen! Generally its way calm, but this storm really shook things up a bit! It was bad enough that we couldn't take the usual ferry and had to take a different boat that's a lot older. This boat takes 2 h 45 min to cross the water opposed to the usual 1 h 20 min. And guess what that meant about the ferry ride? That's right, people were throwing up left and right. It was like being on a roller coaster for over 2 1/2 hours straight! Poor Elder Redd got way seasick and went through 3 bags of throw-up that I had to throw away for him because he couldn't stand.
Poor Elder Redd ready with his throw-up bag. :(
Luckily, I didn't get to sick, but this family right next to us at the beginning of the trip thought it was a smart idea to buy a bunch of fries and burgers to eat! Needless to say, that family had easy over ten bags of regurgitated food. But! We survived and all is well on Zion. You can see a short clip of us out on sea at the beginning on my Google+.

Google + video

We actually had quite a few lessons this past week. We would have had a ton, because on Saturday we had 6 lessons planned, but all except for 2 were cancelled because of the terrible storm that hit! But we'll just have to catch them at some different point in time.

The 4 appointments I would like to talk most about are these:

*N and *K had us over and told us to bring the Middlemas's as well. These people really need God in their lives. They've already made some huge changes so that they can gain full custody of their children again, but so much more would change if they found a strong faith in Christ. *K actually does believe in God and always has, although it's been a more passive belief. Our appointment focused on God's plan and purpose as well as the role of Jesus Christ in fulfilling God's purpose. We were able to answer a lot of their questions and concerns and you could definitely feel the Spirit in there. If anything, I strongly believe we can help them see how much they can be blessed by incorporating God more into their lives.

We had a day spent in Gudhjem to visit *L and *S as well as *I. *S is the one who played guitar with me at the Christmas Party. Our good friend Frants Bøving was with and both appointments were great! We talked about repentance with Lis and Steen and they told us that they would come to church with us. Unfortunately, because of the storm they couldn't make it. Then with Ivan, our investigator who was a sailor, we talked about the Restoration. He already believed completely in the Apostasy. We had to end right before the First Vision, so he has something to look forward to next time.

*E is a less active that has some doctrinal questions about Joseph Smith. He really likes us missionaries, though, and even though our appointment was Saturday night and it was storming outside, he made us dinner! We then talked about the church and he expressed more of his concerns. I think he appreciates that we are listening to him and not just trying to rebuttal him. We gave some explanations to some of his concerns, and then we invited him to come to church. We told him that Elder Redd was speaking and that we would both be singing a musical number together. He said he'd think about it, but he didn't have his car at the moment so he would have to walk in the storm the next day. I personally didn't have super high hopes that he would come, but I sure prayed that he would.

Sacrament meeting came and there were no investigators or less-actives there. The storm must have kept them all from coming. Elder Middlemas stood up and then said, "There were some investigators that should have been here today, and because of the storm they were kept from enjoying coming to church. We need to remember to constantly pray that we can get the missionaries investigators to church because we need them!" Then the meeting continued on. Right at the end of the first talk, the door opens and in walks *E! The rest of the meeting turned out to be a very spiritual one, and we could tell that *E was touched by it. It just goes to show, when you put faith and prayer together, miracles do happen!

I think there is some good progress being made here on Bornholm. We do need to find some new investigators, so we'll do better at planning more finding time, but the area has some great potential. We just need some more faith and prayers that miracles will happen because oh how we need more members in the branch!

I'll let you know how this next week goes. We're going to be in Copenhagen until Wednesday evening, so we'll probably have some adventures to talk about. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!


-Ældste Wawro