Wednesday, May 8, 2013

4th Week at the MTC

Hello everyone!
I loved looking at all the pictures you sent me. They were awesome and it was way fun to see what has been going on. Ha, I'm still laughing that Nathan is going on dates. Crazy!

I want to talk a little bit about all my friend missionaries:
1. Michaelah enters the MTC tomorrow, huh? That's so great for her! She will be an amazing missionary. Make sure you tell the Thompson family hi and good luck to them!
2. So I was talking to Elder Zushi the other day and we was telling me that he was probably going to need surgery. I really hope for him the best. I can really tell he has had a large variety and quantity of trials, but I know the Lord has a plan for him. I will keep him in my prayers, but I have faith that things are going to turn out very well for him. I can feel something big is in store for him.

So a few things have happened this past week. The Swedes just left so now we are the oldest ones in our zone. That is insane to think about. I feel like I just got here, but at the same time I can't really imagine having a life outside the's a weird feeling.

Today I went to the temple and did sealings for the first time. That was a way cool experience. The promises that were given there strengthened my testimony on eternal families. Heavenly Father really wants us to be the happiest we can be. While I was there the temple worker who was doing the sealings called me up but didn't know how to pronounce my name. He asked me and I told him. He then asked me where it was from and I said Poland. He then asked me why I didn't pronounce it with V's instead in W's like how it would be pronounced in Poland. I didn't really have an answer, so he did all the sealings pronouncing my name as Brother Vavro instead of Wawro. It was pretty funny. Apparently Danish people are going to have a really hard time pronouncing my name. That's what my teachers have said as well as some Danes here in the MTC. One girl from Denmark told me I made up name and it wasn't an actual name! That was pretty funny as well.

Now here is a funny story:
My district had to go to TRC which is where we teach volunteer investigators. This particular TRC we were going to Skype with members actually from Denmark. It was kind of a big deal because of the time difference and contacting people, so we were all a little nervous. Once we got into the building my district proceeded to go up the stairs while Elder Madsen and I decided to take the elevator because of his ACL problems. On our way up the elevator broke down and stopped! We were trapped inbetween floors while we were supposed to be teaching the members in Denmark. We pressed a button to call the front office to send someone to fix it but they said it may be half an hour before they could send someone to fix it, so we waited. We knelt down and prayed that the Lord would help us get to our appointment. 20 minutes later the elevator started moving and the door opened to reveal one of the TRC employees. He told us he had been looking for us and that we were there just in time to meet a member who just got on. It was an awesome experience that was pretty funny as well.

On Sunday I was appointed as the new District Leader. I don't know how I feel about it because I kind of like just doing my own thing. But I know that if we follow the rules as closely as we can we will be so greatly blessed. I'm praying that the Lord will give me strength to do what needs to be done in a manner that will not offend or make people mad. I can tell that everyone in my district is improving slowly with our character. The more we study the teachings and character of Christ the closer we come to becoming like Him.

I am literally blessed with the best teachers I could ever ask for. Brother Pullan served most of his time in Copenhagen so he has a very Copenhagen accent. Brother Williamson served in Ughland (which is like the hick version of Denmark) so he can be hard to understand at times, but it's so great to have that experience. Brother Stacey is incredible as well. He served everywhere so he has a very diverse accent. He also sounds and acts exactly like Ross from friends. It's actually mind blowing how similar they are.

The MTC is great, but even though I don't feel super great about my Danish yet I am so excited to get to Denmark. The more I learn about it the more I love it. I really feel like I was blessed with the absolute best mission I could ask for.

Thanks again for all of the letters. I love receiving them and they help me out so much. I love you all so much!

-Ældste Wawro