Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final Week at the MTC

Hej med jer!

I'm going to start this one by thanking everyone who has written me while I've been here. I've enjoyed reading everyone's letters so much and they have helped me out a ton. For everyone I haven't replied to yet I do plan on writing you, I just don't have a lot of time to write letters throughout the week. I DO want to write you though and love receiving your letters. Hopefully I'll get caught up this next week.

Things are starting to pick up as we reach our departure date. I still feel like I'm pretty inadequate with the Danish language. I'm teaching better but I feel like I'm not quite up with some of my district. Language is something that does not come very easy to me, but I'm hoping and praying that the Lord will help me.

Oh! Something that just happened today at the temple that was pretty cool. I was doing initiatories at the temple so I picked up my names and went to do them. I looked down at my card and saw that I had a William Sherwood, lived in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England. I probably just did the work for Robin Hood or one of his Merry Men. ;)

 I am so excited for Will Wright! That is amazing he is one of the Icelandic speaking missionaries. There are only 8 missionaries in Iceland and 2 of them are leaving soon. Icelandic is pretty crazy though, he is going to be here for 9 weeks. Tell him to write me about it or something because I would love to talk to him about it.

Tomorrow I'm singing at the meeting for all the new missionaries. I auditioned and they told me to sing for that. That's going to be a pretty cool experience. One of the Sisters, Sister Murray, is accompanying me. We're doing Beautiful Savior from the music that I brought with me. I'm so grateful for that music, thank you so much for putting that together for me!

Make sure that Carina writes me as soon as she gets her call! I want to hear where she is going from her! So don't tell me, have her write me! Also, tell David Buckley for me that I am so excited for his call! He is going to be an amazing missionary.

I'm going to try to take more pictures of me while I'm here. The biggest problem is that we've been doing pretty much the exact same thing for the past 5 weeks and so there isn't a whole lot of things to take pictures of...but I'll see what I can do! And as for my hair gel, you might have to get it off of Amazon now that I'm thinking about it so if that's too much of a hassle don't worry about it!

Customs at Denmark is pretty funny. On any package you send to Denmark just write "GIFT." If you say you send medication and write "MEDICATION" on the customs box or whatever they will just pull it out and then tax me. Also, Cheetos and Beef Jerky is illegal in Denmark so don't send me those...I know, weird.

Ok, time to give you all a heads up. As of right now our VISAs have not come in. They may delay when we leave the MTC or they may reassign us for a transfer if we don't receive them in time. If anything happens or changes I'll be allowed to call home for 5 minutes to tell you about it. It doesn't really look like we are going to get our VISAs in time, but for some reason all of us have this feeling that they will. Maybe it's just a feeling of peace, I don't know for sure. We fasted on Sunday that we would receive them in time and we've been praying hard. If you can pray for us as well that we will receive our VISAs that would be amazing.

Thank you again for getting my Line of Authority and Pedigree chart. They have been asking us to have those and I'm excited to see my Line of Authority. I was also wondering if you could find a book on the Apostle Peter...The more I learn about him the more I come to love him. I'm wondering if Elder Holland or someone has written something on him since he has talked so much about him in conference talks. If you can find a book on Peter that would be so helpful for me.

It's amazing being here. I used to think I had a very strong Faith, but after all of my studying and watching conference talks and reading scripture stories I know how little my Faith really is. Thankfully, we are only asked to have a desire for an increase of Faith and we will find it. "But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." -St Luke 22:32. I believe that more than anything THAT is the purpose of the MTC. If Christ thought that even one of His 12 apostles, of whom he gave all the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, was not entirely converted than how much more need we to be converted? We cannot strengthen our brethren until we completely, entirely, without a single doubt in our mind believe what we are teaching. It is through our belief and our faith that the Holy Ghost testifies the truth of what we are saying. It's like the Brother of Jared. Through his faith he was able to see Christ. Through our faith Christ is able to be shown to the ones we serve.

I love you all so much! Thank you for writing me and for your uplifting words. Every day I am grateful for this opportunity to serve in Denmark. I have such a love for all the people already. Pray that I'll be there in a week! And, in the words of Billy Joel, "Keep the Faith!"

Jeg Elsker Jer!

-Elder Wawro