Monday, August 5, 2013

On Rivers, Scripture Reading and Reconnecting

Some cows in the countryside outside Aarhus
Aloha, por favor! Greetings from the Land! By the way the word "Land" in Danish means country, so that's why I always say that. It sounds like everything continues to stay exciting and busy back at home. Things continue to be about the same here as well.

Ah, I remember the good times in the Provo River. You also forgot the fact that I got my leg caught between the raft and a rock last time and really badly scraped it. I had to put makeup over my legs that night because I had a performance for the Sound of Music.

That is awesome about Haley having that experience in New York. I forgot that this is Haley's first time in New York City! How exciting! It is also great that she is meeting all of those famous people. Is Big Fish already a musical or are they turning it into a musical? My monologue for Acting Proficiencies at BYU was from Big Fish. That is great about Haley thinking about a mission too. Obviously you will have to keep me updated about that. That is also great about Haley getting into the Polish language class!

So many Weddings! You will have to tell everybody congratulations for me! So you went and saw Guys and Dolls at the Hale Theater in Orem last week. I was thinking about Guys and Dolls the other day. That was a fun play! I hope I can do it again someday! 

Casey, you may think you are getting old but you will always be a baby in my eyes. Always. That is exciting how close you are to getting to High School! I'm glad you're excited to go to Girls Camp this week! It's also great to hear about all the scripture studying you're doing. I wish I had read Preach My Gospel more before my mission. Actually, I recently started the Book of Mormon over from the very beginning. It's going very slowly because I'm going through each chapter with my Book of Mormon Text Books I brought with me and also reading it and marking everything in my Danish Book of Mormon. I am moving vvvvveeeerrrrryyy slowly. In an hour I literally only got through 1 Nephi 8 today. 

So exciting to hear that Carina is getting ready to leave. Make sure to tell their family hi for me as well! Tell her to get ready for the best two years of her life! 

Now this past week unfortunately has been pretty slow...It seemed like nobody was answering their phones and we couldn't meet with hardly anyone, even our most positive investigators. We did hours and hours of contacting, door knocking, and dropping by former investigators and less-actives. It seemed like we weren't getting any success at all. It was a rough week.

On Friday we finally got in contact with one of our investigators. She's the one that was my first appointment where I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon. From now on I'll call her Ms. Greenland. When we got to Ms. Greenland's house she informed us that she invited a friend that night whom she had given a Book of Mormon and now he was interested in learning more. Not only did we get to teach both of them but Ms. Greenland actually helped teach him as well! It was truly amazing! By the end of the lesson she also said that in the Bible we also have to be baptized by the Holy Ghost and asked if our church did that. We replied, "Absolutely!"
Denmark Copenhagen Temple

Well, last of all, for all who are interested, I heard that they have a new temple video that is amazing. Get to the temple and do an endowment session so you can see it! I wish I had to opportunity so don't miss out on yours since you have the ability to do so! Also, I did see the new Bible Video on Peter and it was amazing! Love those videos.

I hope everything continues to go great. I love you all!

-Ældste Wawro