Monday, July 29, 2013

Celebrating Christmas in July

Good Tidings this Holiday Season!

On July 25th the Århus Ældster celebrated the Danish National Holiday which I created "Jul i Juli" (Christmas in July)! I hope you all had the opportunity to celebrate with as much fervor and happiness as we did. During this wonderful season I hope you can remember all of the good things that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with and remember our Savior Jesus Christ, our Lord and King.

It sounds like the family back home had some amazing Jul I Juli experiences! Ragtime sounds amazing. I would have loved to have seen it so much! The cast seems like the best cast ever. Oh how I miss the 

Of course I couldn't expect anything less than Reeses getting into other people's food while they weren't looking at the Pioneer Day picnic. What are we ever going to do with that dog?

Ha, I have forgotten about Duck Dynasty! Oh man I miss Si. He is a beautiful man. I also miss crab and shrimp. Haven't had any since I've been here!

Good job and preparing for your Patriarchal Blessing Casey! It really is an incredible experience and you will read through it over and over again throughout your life and learn something new every time. I can't believe school starts for you again so soon! Guess what? I don't have school for two years. ;)

Thanks for sending all the pictures of Jared and Kaleb! I love seeing them and their missionary work. I'm sure they are both amazing missionaries. Thanks Mom for all of the pictures of our family generations. They are way cool pictures and something I can use for my investigators if I can find out how to get them off of the computer...

Dad, as for riding bicycles, we ride them all the time now. Like I said, there are separate lanes for bikers on every single street. You will see more bikes than cars for the most part. Unless we are going somewhere far enough where we need to take a bus or a train, we will ride bikes. So basically, if we are working in Århus and not one of the other cities in our area we use them.

Now, a few other things of this past week besides Jul i Juli...
Aarhus Ward Building

Yesterday was the sweatiest day of my life. It was 101% humidity and HOT!! Oh man!! One thing you have to learn about Denmark is that Air Conditioning does not exist in most houses/apartments, or churches...Church was miserable in our suit coats! But! We had a member of the Quorum of Seventy come to our ward and he was awesome! He's from Sweden and so I asked him if he knew Elder Sargent and he said he can't think of him from the top of his head but he'll look out for him! His name is Elder Olsson. We wanted many of our investigators to come, but unlike last week, not a single one showed up. It was rough...and hot.

Right now in the Århus Ward we have 3 baptisms scheduled for the 31 of August. That is between us and the Zone Leaders. We are hoping to get two more for that date! That specific day is special because it is the day where we decided to have a ward baptismal program planned even though we didn't have any one we were teaching planning on being baptized at that time. We've been seeing miracle after miracle of people accepting our invitations to be baptized. Ældste Lindstrom and I met a women who is interested in the church and she is planning to be baptized on August 31!  Another man we have been teaching is also doing particularly well. 

It truly is amazing to see how the Gospel can change people’s lives. These wonderful people love Jesus Christ and how merciful He is in spite of our many imperfections. They find they love attending church and the spirit of peace it brings to them. As they accept our message of peace and as they try to incorporate the Gospel’s eternal principals into their lives, their entire personas seem to change. We can see the light creating a change from within and it really is amazing to witness their spiritual growth.

On another note, I just finished Jesus the Christ today! AMAZING!! James E. Talmage creates the portrait of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ began before the Earth and how it has affected mankind ever since then. You understand the scriptures in a whole new light. Everyone should definitely read it and then re-read it again!

Well, that's all for now folks! I hope you have another great week and a great couple weeks before school starts again! I love you all!

Glædelig Jul i Juli!!