Monday, October 14, 2013

6 Months - Where'd the time go?

Missionaries from North Jylland Zone Who Have Been Out for 6 Months

Happy 6 months to me!! This past week on the 10th of October marked 6 months since I entered the Missionary Training Center. Seems so quick and yet it seems like I've always been here.

I must say, those pictures of Kaleb are pretty awesome. New Zealand is so different from Denmark but it looks so beautiful! Can't wait to talk about it with him!

Proud to hear about Nathan and his games! Way to represent! Also, tillykke [Translation: congratulations] with your part in Little Women!

I can tell that volleyball has been a great experience for Casey. I hope you the best with your upcoming games! Way to be productive, keep saving your money, you'll appreciate it in the future!
Whitening Fields of Denmark

Good luck with all the music directing Dad! Sounds like your plate is full, as usual. What would you do with free time anyway? As for Danish missionaries, I believe there is one now from the Island Bornholm who stayed in Denmark and there is also one from Iceland. I believe that's it though. For the most part they leave to either Switzerland, Greece, Great Britain, or the USA. I'm also working really hard on my language. It's hard but I know it's so important. How long did it take you with Korean?

I wish I could see that new missionary movie! Sounds awesome! Nothing crazy like that happens here in Denmark, so no need to worry there!

Mom, tell me when you figure out which play you're doing! I'm sure it will be way fun. Also, I did receive your package a couple days ago! Thank you so much for everything you sent! I don't think you should send my Christmas packages to this address because I actually have a very big possibility of being transferred.

Dani, Ashley, it's great to hear from you two! The answer to the question of who is my favorite question is this: Doesn't really matter because I'm both of your favorite cousin! Thank you for writing; it was great to hear from you both! Keep me updated with your doings in the US!

 A fantastic miracle that I want to write about to you happened this past week. Recently I've been trying to talk to every single person that I can cause it's important, right? So I was doing that and in the process we realized that we were going to be late to reaching our apartment in the evening. We just contacted somebody who literally laughed at us and disregarded everything we said...sad day. Then we saw a couple emerging from the dark (because it gets very dark here being way up north) and my companion and I had to decide whether or not to contact them. It was dark, cold, we were late, we were just laughed at, and contacting couples never is fun. But, we did it anyway. They ended up being way nice and we found out that they were members of the Fri Kirke [Translation: Free Church] here in Randers and very actively religious. Also recently married (very unusual here in Denmark for people in their early 20's). I asked them if we could meet and talk about our church and they said yes!
Large Cathedral in Randers Downtown

That in itself was a miracle, but later on she started texting us and started taking the initiative to set up the appointment herself! She decided the time, place, and even arranged for food all on her own! She even said she was going to invite a friend! Wow! Awesome! But it doesn't even end there.

The night before we prayerfully decided on a member to bring with us and we both felt good about the member we decided on. Then the day came to meet with her. When we got there we were surprised to see her, her husband, and 3 other friends she had invited! All of them are very actively religious and very open minded. They asked about our church and of course we were more than inclined to answer. The lesson went great and by the end all of them accepted copies of the Book of Mormon and said that they would make it to one of our church services! 5 new investigators were added into our teaching pool that day. The Lord really does look out for his servants!

My new companion, Ældste Huffaker, is awesome. We get along so well. It's been a really great experience to serve with him and I hope that I will be able to be with him for a long time! Sadly, I don't think I will. We had interviews with the Præsident and he told me that he thinks he could be someone who will train at the end of this transfer, which means I'd probably leave Randers. Both of those thoughts are sad, but they are both in the future so best not to be dwelled upon!

I hope that you all continue to have amazing days and weeks and months ahead! Hopefully the next 6 months will be as adventurous and enlightening as the last! Jeg elsker jer! [Translation: I Love You!]


Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro