Monday, October 21, 2013

Insert Clever Title Here ....

Hello everyone, here and afar! It is all of your favorite time of week once again as you get to hear from your favorite missionary, Ældste Wawro. Let there be much rejoicing and merry-making.

Congratulations to Aunt Wanda with her wedding (that is awesome!!!) Nathan and his singing competition, and Casey with her volleyball games! What a week! Sounds like you all will keep busy. Thank you for writing, I really love hearing from all of you and all the stories you share! Unfortunately, today I don't have time to refer to everything you sent, but I'll spend a little bit more time on my experiences here since there were quite a few awesome ones!

First, everybody this week thought that I wasn't American who I spoke with! That's always good.  Nobody wants to sound American in Europe. ;) On the train a lady started talking to me and after a while she asked me where I came from. She said, "I just can't place it because you sound Swedish but your name tells me you're not from there." Nobody thinks I'm Danish yet, but I'll take any Scandinavian country accent over an American accent, as far as Danish accents go.

So I had the opportunity to go up on splits with the Ældsters in Aalborg. That was way great! We taught a lesson to this lady who had been investigating for a while. It was just a really relaxed lesson and the spirit was really strong. Right after, we played basketball and I made the winning shot for my team.  I suppose I'm just an awesome basketball player. ;)

There were a couple of experiences where we ended up somewhere and our plans fell through so we didn't know what to do. This month our mission has been focusing on chapter 4 in Preach My Gospel, Recognizing and following the Spirit, so we decided to pray what to do.
The first day we had gone to a part of town that took like an hour to walk to and got there to find out all of the apartments were locked at the bottom so we couldn't visit any of the people who said we could come back. We prayed to know why we were in that area because we had no idea why we were there. Literally not 5 seconds later we started a conversation with a lady who turned out to be a Jehovah’s Witness. She was way nice, took a pamphlet, and pointed us in a direction of apartments where they weren't locked so we could knock doors. It was a huge blessing for us.

The next time was a couple days ago. None of our people we visited were home and we found ourselves with some extra time, so we prayed again to find out why we were there. The next person we talked to was a younger Dane, she was probably around 19, and she told us that her Grandmother was born into a Mormon Family! Her Grandmother left and she was not religious either, but she told us she would like to learn what her family believed in and why! Amazing!

Anyway, the craziest thing was that this past week we went to a young adult "activity" for another church. It's called a fri kirke [Translation: Free Church] and basically all religions are welcome. Those 5 investigators we picked up are active members of this church. They invited us to this activity and we thought it would be a little bible study or something...we were wrong. There were hundreds of Danes from all across Denmark! They had an awesome Danish Christian Rock Band there and a priest who came all the way up from Britain who was awesome. It was a huge gathering and cost a bit of money, but they saw that we were Mormon missionaries from the US and thought that was awesome so let us go in for free and also gave us free albums from this band! They thought us giving up two years of our lives just to preach the Gospel was awesome. It is awesome, isn't it? It's the best, it really is. Our investigators were also so appreciative for our willingness to come and they said that they had to come to church and our Young Adults activity as well!

Well, those were the big things that happened! There are many miracles that happen every day and there is no way that I could name every single one, but they happen. One thing that Ældste Bednar has said is that we should pray for the Spirit of Discernment so we can recognize these blessings when they happen! We should always try our best to recognize them and be thankful.

I hope that you all have a great week! I love you all! Vi Ses! [Translation: You Six]


-Ældste Wawro