Monday, October 7, 2013

The Saga Begins...

Elder Wawro with Elder Huffaker with President & Sister Sederholm
The Saga has begun folks. Ældste Huffaker and I have made it through our first weekend in the training process, and it has been fantastic. But really, Heavenly Father has helped me so much this past week with my Danish and with my missionnæring in general. Actually, our ward mission Leader, Jakob, is meeting with us in the mornings during our language study and helping us with that, so that's awesome!

My companion, Ældste Huffaker, is a fantastic missionary. He speaks significantly better Danish than I did at his point in time. Apparently he had a friend at BYU who was Danish so he taught him a lot beforehand. Ældste Huffaker comes from Boise, Idaho and was studying Film at BYU. He is a very hard-working missionary and I've already learned a ton from him.  Even on our train-ride back from København he was talking to people sitting across from us in his broken Danish, asking questions about the Danish language! He really just wants to talk to everyone. He was reassigned to the Chicago Mission for 6 weeks before he received his VISA so he already knows all the basics of missionary work. Basically, I have it really easy with him.

The members here already seem to like him a lot. They can see how determined he is to get things done so it's been great to see them get excited as well. He speaks Danish at absolutely every opportunity he has and will even ask people on the street a question about the language! We also get along very well so that has been a big blessing for me.

We've visited a few of our investigators and our less actives this past week with him so he could meet them. All of them went very well. They seem to connect very well with us both and when we talk about the Gospel it seems more like a discussion than it does just us sitting there talking.

Visit to Copenhagen

Copenhagen Temple
A little about my trip to København, it altogether was pretty eventful. I got to see the temple, but it's being cleaned right now so it was closed. Just my luck, right? I got to see a lot of my friends from the MTC who are serving in København so that was fun! We also had our devotional before being told who we were training and, as usual, Præsident Sederholm was a huge inspiration to all. Right after we found out, we ate, got on the train, and headed back to Randers. It was fun to see Ældste Huffaker's eyes as he saw the huge hill we had to climb up in order to get to our apartment. Oh Randers, what a hilly place.

General Conference was a fun experience. I actually haven't been able to see all of it yet. I still have to see the 2nd half of Saturday Afternoon and all of Sunday Afternoon. I'll try to get that done this week! I set up the church in Randers for the 1st session so we could invite others to see it, went to Århus to see the Priesthood Session, and saw Sunday morning at a member's house (it's funny though because the morning sessions began at 6 PM for us).

The great miracle of the week actually happened yesterday between me seeing Priesthood session and Sunday morning session. A couple days before Ældste Huffaker and I were going through former investigators and decided to call somebody who actually looked pretty positive that somehow Ældste Peterson and I had missed previously. I called him and asked him if we could meet and talk about our church, he said that he was actually busy moving this weekend, so naturally I offered our help. He was surprised and said, "Virkelig?" [Translation: "Really?" We said, "Ja!" So we met at his house Sunday afternoon and helped him move. While there we became really good friends with the family and with our previous investigator. At the end they were really appreciative and super nice to us. Then, our investigator and his friend asked when our church was, we told them, and they said that they would be there! Service does awesome things! When we were walking on our way to the members house the family honked their car as they passed by to us. Great potential in store there!

It's awesome to all about Shakespeare. Seems like all around it was a really positive experience! It's fun to hear about the success you all had! I thought also (from what I've seen so far) that General Conference was awesome! Thanks for sending me another package Mom! As I finish my email, I'll tell you to be ready for pictures! Thank you all and remember that I love you!


Ældste Wawro

15 new missionaries and their trainers

Me, Ældste Huffaker, and the Assistants (Previous Zone Leaders I lived with in Århus)

Tall Ship Pictures in Ebeltoft! the "Fregatten Jylland"