Monday, November 4, 2013

Glæde Halloween!

Elder Wawro and Elder Huffaker
Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that it went well for you all. Here in Denmark they do celebrate Halloween, but not quite to the extent that you do in America. That's ok because they really make up for it for Christmas! Members have actually already called us to have us over for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Day after Christmas, and New Year’s Eve! It's been really great being here in Randers and, by the way, I shall be here for another 6 weeks! I am really hoping that I do not get transferred right before Christmas, but I'll at least be here ‘til Dec. 15 with Ældste Huffaker.

Those costumes were great! Nathan's made me laugh so hard!

Mom, thanks for the packages! I really love the new tie that you sent. I've actually been in dire need of a green tie! Thank you so much for sending that. By the way, Søster Soper actually sent me a pack of scripture markers that have been so fantastic but many of the markers are almost out of the crayon stuff, so if in the next package you can send some of those that would be great!
A Danish Country Church

There was this crazy storm that I see that you found out about! We actually had to cancel a couple of our appointments and stay inside for the evening. It was crazy stuff, but we're completely fine. The lights on our street went out though and so it was just so black!! Fun experience though!

This week has been a very busy week for us! We have been richly blessed to have our days filled with member visits, lessons, and service. We're very grateful and happy to see our relations to the members strengthen and progress happen with our investigators.

This past week we had two surprise lessons with less-actives on our way to Grenå. We picked up a few numbers on our way as well with people who wanted us to call back, but a couple people actually let us in. One lives out in the middle of nowhere and hasn't been visited by members for years. He was born into the church but never has been too active. His wife died 10 years ago as well as one of his sons. He lives alone and he seems to be very lonely. At first he was a little stand-offish but over time we couldn't get him to stop talking! He really enjoyed talking with us and told us we could stop by again next time we were in the area.

The other lesson was in Grenå. We actually accidentally knocked on this door thinking it was somebody else but she let us in. She hadn't been to church in years because she is living with a man she is not married to and is very worried about being judged. She seemed to really appreciate our visit though and we plan and visiting again next time we are in Grenå.

We had a few other lessons with some investigators but the really positive experience happened with a particular investigator. We visited her this past week and had a DTR lesson with her. We wanted to figure out exactly why she was meeting with us and if she was really willing to change. The lesson was going well and then we invited her to church. She told us she couldn't because she was going to a party on Saturday and would be hung-over Sunday morning. For a second we didn't even know what to say. After a few seconds a thought came into my head and I said, "[Sister], but you said you were going to hold the Word of Wisdom so you're not going to get drunk, so you'll be able to come to church this Sunday, right?" She looked back at me, thought a second, then said, "Ya...I guess you're right. I'll be there at church." That in of itself was a miracle, but she had promised she would come to church before and didn't so we made sure to make arrangements like before to pick her up. We were hoping she wouldn't leave another note on the door saying she couldn't come (as happened last time). We prayed the morning of to let her come and when we got there we saw her already outside of her apartment and walking towards the church. We were a couple minutes late getting there so she began walking herself! Her experience at church was as much a miracle as the members were so warm and welcoming. Before arriving at the church she said that she might try coming back again in 2 or three weeks, but by the end of church she said to expect us seeing her the next week at church! We are so thankful for God's help in preparing the way for her to come to church.

The members seem to really enjoy Ældste Huffaker and me. They always seem to be inviting us over and have been really helpful with member presents recently! It's been a great blessing to work here with him.

Oh, randomly, this past week I contacted a person from Poland! I've actually met quite a few Polish people here but this one I had a pretty lengthy conversation with. Whenever I meet a Pole I tell them that my ancestors (is that how you spell that? well here's Danish for that [forfædre]) come from and then they quickly switch in to Polish and I'm “Hold Up!” I only speak English and Danish! But anyway, with this lady I showed her my name and asked her how many Wawros she knew. She said that she could tell that it was Polish, but she had never seen that name before in her life! I guess our name is uncommon wherever we go! It was awesome to hear a Pole pronounce it though.

Thanks again for writing! Can't wait to hear from you all again in one weeks time!


-Ældste Wawro
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