Monday, November 25, 2013

The Bible, Missionnæring, and some good Football.

Why hello there! The Sun has risen and set approximately 7 times since our last opportunity to write, and it's great to hear about all the events that have occurred in those 7 days.

First things first: I got all of the presents, I believe, by now. I got a few packages over the course of a few days. It was actually really funny because usually Ældste Huffaker is the one getting mail (because he has a girlfriend and other friends who right him a TON!) but during those 3 or so days he didn't get a single letter and I kept getting packages full of Christmas gifts! It was so funny!! Thank you again for all that you sent to me! 

Congrats to Casey on her part! I'm sure it will be a fun experience for her!

Thanksgiving Meal with the Zone
Exciting that you decided on 7 Brides for 7 Brothers (for the Scera Park Elementary musical)! That's a way fun show and I bet it's going to be soooooo funny!

So Ældste Will Wright will be speaking a REALLY different dialect then the rest of us. It's like speaking Danish with a Swedish accent almost. It's pretty weird. Oh! Which reminds me of this hilarious experience we had this past week! We ate dinner with this member from Sweden who now speaks Danish, her fiance who only speaks Swedish, and the Ægtepar (Senior Missionary couple) where one of them only speaks English! So it was a weird mixture of Danish, English, and Swedish at the dinner table!

Ældste Huffaker is doing just fine now. He's been off of his crutches and we've been able to work just about the same as before. Of course we're going easier on his leg because we don't want to overwork it, but he's been great! And let Grandma know that I'm willing to sacrifice the safety and well-being of all of my companions to get her letters mailed. ;)

An awesome experience we had was our opportunity we had to go to one of the Fri Kirke [Free Church] Bible Studies. They were so grateful for us going to their service project last Sunday that one of them invited us over to eat and discuss the Bible with them and some other friends. It turned out to be a fantastic experience. By the end they were all saying about how they now have a different perspective on Mormons where before they were really weird to them, but now they think they're awesome! We also were able to discuss our views on following Christ and becoming sanctified by becoming a true disciple. Ha, it was pretty funny because they started asking us personal questions about our lives back at home, whether or not we had girlfriends, and marriage advice for the future! Ha, it's always kind of weird talking about our lives back at home, sometimes they feel like they don't exist. They invited us to the next one as well so we hope we will be able to develop this connection we have with all of these Fri kirke members.

We had a really good contact this past week. Since we were short on lessons this week we had more time to go knocking doors where we hadn't had that much time to do that recently. So we were knocking and nobody was responding very well so we decided to switch contacting approaches. Before we were introducing ourselves as the missionaries but they would close the door and shut their ears before we could get any farther than that, so we decided to try starting right in on the message. The next door we knocked a lady opened the door and as soon as she opened I said, "Gud har genoprettet Sin kirke igen her på jorden. Vi har en profet til at leder os i vores dage, ligesom i Bibelen. Tror du på Bibelen?" [Translation: God has restored His church again on the earth. We have a prophet to guide us in our days, like in the Bible. Do you believe in the Bible?]

She was caught completely off guard, but after figuring out what exactly I was saying she opened right up. She thought that what I said was an interesting concept and she began to explain to us her beliefs. I then asked her, "Hvorfor tror du på Gud?" [Translation: Why do you believe in God?]

She thought for a second, and then said, "Jeg har ikke noget bevis at Gud eksisterer, men Han har givet mig trøst når jeg har haft det svært." [Translation: I have no proof that God exists, but He has given me comfort when I've had it hard.]  

Then I replied, "Du sagde du har ikke et bevis at Gud eksisterer, men vi har noget som har hjulpet os rigtig meget at styrke vores forbindelse til Gud, og det hedder Mormons Bog." [Translation: You said you have no proof that God exists, but we have something that has helped us a lot to strengthen our connection to God, and it's called the Book of Mormon.]

When she found out that we were giving the Book of Mormon out for free she was so excited. We then gave her a passage to read and asked her if we could come back on follow up on her reading and she told us we were always welcome! It just goes to show how preaching the Doctrine really carries the message to the hearts of the people who are ready to accept the Gospel!

I also got to go to a Football game (Soccer) this past week! FC Randers one of the Danish Professional Football teams and one of our members works at the stadium so she got us free tickets! It was really fun and I'll send some pictures!
FC Randers Professional Soccer Game

The rest of the week was pretty dull. A few lessons here and there were nothing really happened. A few of our positive investigators have been really hard to get in contact with so hopefully this week will be a little better with that! But you can't complain, things are going great here.

Thanks for writing! I love all of your emails. Remember I love you all!


-Ældste Wawro