Monday, December 9, 2013

19 Days til "Jul"!!!

Elder Wawro with MTC Companion Elder Madsen and current companion Elder Huffaker at the Jylland Zones Christmas Dinner  
Why hello everyone! Can you believe it's already the Christmas Season? Ældste Huffaker and I have created a Christmas music playlist that we've been playing non-stop in our apartment to get into the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of Christmas, this is the month for Skyping! So, you asked about when, and that I'm still not completely sure of. I have to talk with the members we're going to be with. Here, they celebrate Christmas on the 24th, actually, and I'm not sure who we're going to be with at what time on the 25th and which ones of them will have Skype, so I will give you an exact time next week! Is there a particular time that works better with your schedule, or is whenever fine? I'm going to assume it will be around 8-10 AM (Mountain Standard Time) that I'll make the call. But I'll have definite plans next week! (unless I get transferred)

There's actually a great possibility that I could be transferred next week, the week before Christmas. I really hope I don't, I'd love to spend Christmas in Randers, but I guess we'll see! And I think, Mom, that you should still send the packages here to the Randers Apartment because if you send them to the office I won't get them in time.

Hey, so I've been sending a lot of people to my Facebook to add me as friends. I don't know if you have been already, but if you could get on my Facebook every so often and add any friends that are living in Denmark that would be great!
Elder Lindstrom (Trainer), Elder Wawro, Elder Huffaker (Greenie)

So I just found out that the Christmas song "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" is actually a Polish Carol! Did you know that? I think it's awesome because that song is beautiful.

So, I don't have a ton of time today because Ældste Huffaker has another doctor’s appointment today. He got sick this week with a 38.4 degree Celsius [101 degrees Fahrenheit] and so we've actually been in our apartment for the majority of the week.  Also, I'm going to try to send some videos so that will take up some time as well.

Last Monday we were invited to go to another Bible Study with the members of the Fri Kirke [Free Church]. It was a really great night filled with questions about missionary life and "Mormonism". It appears that they really enjoy our company and their views of Mormons are changing drastically. They decided to read Romans 8 and discuss the chapter, which I was okay with because it's one of my favorite chapters! So we read it and we were able to talk about our favorite points in the chapter. Eventually, I was able to bring up Romans 8:16-17

“ The Spirit itself beareth a witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: 
  And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. “

Ældste Huffaker then started asking great questions about what they thought about where we come from and why we are here. He then began to share what we believed about pre-mortal life. One person, who started becoming a little more hostile over time with his replies, said that it doesn't say anything in the Bible about us living with God as Spirits, so where did we get this doctrine from? We began talking about prophets, but it became apparent that this man wasn't too eager to actually listen to what we had to say. The others, though, seemed a bit more curious and by the end of the night we got 3 to say they would come with us to SUV [?] the following Tuesday! The one man also seemed to calm down over the night and actually told us we didn't need to pay him for the food he made even though all of us were supposed to pay 30 Kroner [$5.52], so we're glad we were able to make a good impression on them all.

We've also taught a couple lessons with Peter and Anika, and they both went pretty well. We're excited for his little bit of progress as far as faith is concerned. We've now been focusing on grace, Forgiveness, and what exactly Christ's role is in all of it. He's had a lot of questions about that so we've been preparing to explain most of his questions in the following lesson.

The highlight of our week was at the Christmas party we had last Saturday. We had been passing out wrapped copies of the Book of Mormon on the street with invitations to our Christmas party and had invited all of our investigators to the Party. Unfortunately, all of our investigators said they couldn't come and because Ældste Huffaker became sick we couldn't go out and pass out all of the invitations we wanted to. We were scared that nobody would show up to the party besides members, so the night before I prayed that God would lead SOMEBODY to come to the party.
Randers Branch member at Christmas party

Finally, the party came and when we got there it was only us and a few other families. But 15 minutes later the church flooded with people, members and non-members! There were guests that were invited by members that came from invitations we had passed out with wrapped Book of Mormons, and from other random means. Even the [one of our investigator families] came even though, earlier that very same day, they said they couldn't because they were sick! We had around 60 people there and 20 of them were non-members. It was truly a miracle!

Randers Branch Christmas Party
We hope this upcoming week we will be able to find and teach even more people than the previous week. Ældste Huffaker has gotten a little better, but we're stopping by the doctor today to get him checked up.

That's about it for this week! Again, we were in our apartment for the most part so don't have a whole lot to share. But thank you so much for all the letters and gifts and emails you all are sending! I love them all so much! Have a great week!

-Ældste Wawro

P.S. - Ældste Huffakers parents are going to be Provo so they might try calling you this week.