Monday, December 23, 2013

Glædelig Jul! [Merry Christmas]

Elder Brindley & Elder Wawro
A very Merry Christmas to one and all! 

Congratulations to Haley on being called back again for MDT! And congratulations on all the orders for the tamales! I know Nathan has been way busy with all of the Christmas Concerts but man, I really miss it. I was reading some letters from friends today while listening to music and "Carol of Joy" came on and it made me really miss singing that at this Christmas time. There are few things better than singing in Temple Square during the Christmas Season.

Super excited for this upcoming week. I explained how Christmas works here in Denmark to Casey, so I'll reexplain it again in the same words.

In Denmark they celebrate Little Christmas Day on the 23rd, Christmas Eve on the 24th is their big celebration day where they open presents and such, Christmas Day on the 25th, and Second Christmas day on the 26th! They're like Hobbits! So we have so many appointments with members for this next week. It should be a grand old time.

New Companion: Elder Brindley
So this past week has been pretty fun. Went down to Copenhagen again to pick up my new companion, Ældste Brindley. Ældste Brindley comes from this little town in Wayne County called Torrey. He came in a group of 9 Elders. He's really great and I'm super excited to get to work with him this next transfer!
Meeting Elder Brindley

I also picked up this huge box full of things needed for the new apartment/district. We had so many things to carry with Ældste Brindleys things, Ældste Kinchs (Ældste Huffakers new companion) things, my suitcase for staying in Copenhagen, and my huge box which weighed way too much for my liking! We were a miserable lot, but we survived and made all the trains.

I didn't get to go to the Temple, sad day. BUT, I will be going on the 2nd of January (Happy Birthday Dad) for a Leadership Conference in Copenhagen. All of the District Leaders and Zone Leaders are going down for some training and they told me to bring my Temple Clothes with because we'll be going through the temple! I'm super excited for that.

This last week really has been pretty uneventful. 2 of our days were completely shot because of the trip to Copenhagen. We did get to help a few people with moving and one day was a complete day activity! We got there at 8 in the morning and then left at 5. We've also met with lots of members as they are all excited to meet the new missionaries.

Right Place at the Right Time
We did have one great experience though that comes to mind. Yesterday, we were on the way to a members appointment but we had some extra time so we decided it would be best to just contact on the way to make up for the extra time we had, so we filled out some cards and left. It was raining pretty hard and Ældste Brindley and I quickly realized that there wasn't anybody on the road. We walked almost completely down to the members house (about 30 minutes away) without a single contact! Of course nobody wanted to come out in the rain and we were starting to wonder what in the world we should do.
9 New Missionaries and Their Trainers

I then had the thought to go visit this investigator that we hadn't visited in a while. It didn't really make sense in my head because we really didn't have that much time, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and also this investigator was never home. But Ældste Brindley and I discussed and decided just to drop by. Strange enough, he was just walking out the door when we got there to go down to spend the Holidays downtown for the next few days so we wouldn't have been able to meet with him for the next week at least. He told us he only had 5 minutes before he had to leave, which was perfect for us because we did not have that much time either, but he let us come in and give a Christmas message. He seemed to really appreciate it and we were all thankful that we were able to catch him exactly at the right moment!

That's all for now, until Christmas, so have a great next couple days until we Skype! I can't wait to talk to you all! Love you all!


-Ældste Wawro