Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Consecrated Missionaries (apparently still working on humility -Elder Metcalf) :)

Zone Training
Hello Folks! As you can see, Ældste Metcalf took some liberties in writing the title for this email.

This week has just been too much fun. Ældste Metcalf and I have been having a blast, but we've also been working the hardest I've ever worked on my mission. I can honestly say that we gave it everything we had this past week and we are tired! However, we have seen miracles and our area is about to get really busy. Even though we're tired, it's been so worth it and we're ready to give another week of hard work to find even more people to teach. We've set as a goal to become "consecrated missionaries," the kind of missionaries that God can trust with any task and knows that we will do everything we can to bring souls unto Him. We're not close to that or where we want to be, but we are working our hardest to get a little closer to that goal.

But before we begin on my week, you asked some questions!

I've tried a lot of those recipes that you gave me and I really appreciate them! I haven't been able to find shredded beef or corn tortillas here, though, so I haven't made tacos yet. But I'm also willing to try some new recipes as well! I also haven't seen Ældste Daw yet. He's actually and Iceland Elder so he's not even in Denmark! But he'll be coming to Elder Bednar here on Saturday so hopefully he brings it then!

Elder Bednar
We all are so excited to meet Elder Bednar on Saturday. He's given us all 3 talks that we need to study before we get there so you can already tell that he is going to be talking a bit on "Faith." We're excited to meet him!

As soon as we got Ældste Metcalf moved in last Monday the very first thing we started talking about was things we needed to change and do better in the zone. We've brainstormed a ton of new ideas that we're excited to try, and we are especially excited to be more involved with the members of our zone and their interests, needs, and concerns.

There have been 4 big things that we've done this past week to find more potentials and new investigators. We've seen a quite of bit of success from it. I'm sure we won't do exactly the same things this week, but we saw some miracles come out of them.

1. Work with the members.
2. Find effective finding activities for the morning hours
3. Previous Investigators/Potentials
4. Knocking from 3-5:00

Elder Metcalf and I have really put a focus on members this last week. We have had a lot of great experiences with many of them, but one of the many miracles was an opportunity to teach a members brother. Ældste Metcalf and I wanted to visit Lisa and Chris Perkins in our ward, but when we got there that evening they weren't home. We talked a little bit about our next destination, couldn't really decide on what we wanted to do next, and decided to just start biking. Right when we were leaving though, they came home! And not by themselves, but Lisa's non-member brother had just moved in to their apartment to live with them for the next few months. They invited us in, and after talking to them for a little bit Lisa asked if we could give the first lesson to her brother. It was a very spiritual lesson, and even though he has a lot of concerns about religion in general you could see a lot of the things we talked about really touched him. So that was a great example of members being there to help us find new investigators!
The whole Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

We're still trying to find really effective things to do in the mornings since nobody is really home, but we decided to go to the richest homes in our area and try to find au pairs that are taking care of the homes at that time. Most of them are from the Philippines, and therefore are very religious. We actually have found a few potentials from that and hope to set up appointments with those au pairs!

We found a new investigator this week from an old potential that was written in our records from 2011. She is a Filipino au pair. She was the first person that we tried our 15 minute lesson with and it turned out fantastic! The Spirit was strong and we were able to set up a follow up appointment very easily with her since we weren't taking up too much of her time. It really looks like these 15 minute lessons are going to help a lot.

A few months ago, President Sederholm said that in his son's mission they had to knock from the hours of 4-6 or something like that, I can't remember exactly when. But Ældste Metcalf and I decided to try a similar thing since we really needed new investigators. Every day this past week, when possible, we went and knocked from 3-5:00 since Danes tend to get off of work earlier. We've found quite a lot of potential investigators, made some follow up appointments, and also knocked into a Religion/English Teacher that wants us to come to her class and talk about religion! She just emailed us today and so we're going to set it up with her when we're going to come and do that, so we are really looking forward to a lot of these people the Lord has put in our way to find.

The Sisters' investigator was baptized this last Saturday. The Spirit was so strong and you could see the Sister Missionaries loved her so much and were so happy to finally see her baptized. Apparently there were some non-members that sound like they really want to learn more, so that will be fun to see where that leads. Right after the baptism we visited a less-active friend and he really opened up to us about religion and some of the obstacles that have keeping him from coming to church. We're going to get him some home-teachers because he said that would be nice. Hopefully we'll get him to church soon!

That's all I have time for this week! I'm apologizing now that I haven't taken any pictures this week...I'll take some for sure before next time! Remember that I love you and pray for you every day!

Med Kærlig Hilsen, [Love from]
-Ældste Wawro