Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Its Raining Again!

Splits with Ældste Sakurada!
You know it is absolutely incredible how much it can rain here. All the time. And it's cold. And wet. Always.

Wow, it's been quite the week. Lots of long days, and also lots of miracles. We have a great week stacked up and so hopefully the next email will be a pretty exciting one. Especially because Elijah is finally going through the temple for his endowment on Friday! He has his recommend and his clothes, so he's all set!

Elder Metcalf actually made Tacos yesterday, and they were way good! Thanks for all the ingredients, Mom!

And as far as the date goes, the projected date is the 24th of March, but I haven't received my letter yet to confirm that. President believes that that's when it will be, but nothing is set in stone yet.
That's funny that "The Amazing Race" was in Copenhagen! And of course they biked. I've also always wanted to see Malmø in Sweden! I can actually understand the Swedish there, opposed to Stockholm where the dialect gets all weird.

So here's how the week went down:
Up until Thursday we hadn't had a single lesson with an investigator. Things were looking pretty bad. And Ældste Metcalf and I were just so confused! Why is it that when we feel like we have been working the hardest and most effectively that suddenly we stop having lessons? Why aren't we teaching more? Thursday evening we finally had a lesson with our investigator *K* which went ok, but nothing really too exciting happened. We were feeling pretty low.

The next day we met with our investigator, *S*. That appointment ended up going really well! We read in 3 Nephi 11 and he just is super sincere in his desire to really learn. By the end of the appointment he said he would go with us to church.

So we get home to plan that Friday evening and look at our numbers, and we had taught 1 member present and 1 other lesson...and found no new investigators...and we just thought to ourselves wow, what is going on here? So we decided that the next day we weren't going to come home until we found a new investigator. We were going to do everything in our power to find these new investigators that we really desire and need in our area. So we prayed, made very specific plans of where we wanted to go, what we wanted to do, and who needed to be visited.

We started by dropping by some old contacts Elder Metcalf and I had made while knocking doors. We visited all of them in the Søborg/Dyssegård area and, of course, not a single one of them was home. We finally get to our final stop-by in this area before we were going to move on to Gentofte, and as it always is, the last stop-by was home. His name is *L* and he is a very Christian man. He has a wife and a couple of kids. His wife is not super-religious but *L* is trying to help her with that. *L* actually thought we were the Jehovah's Witnesses and only let us in because he has some things he felt like they needed to hear, but he was very excited when he heard we weren't actually JW's, but Mormons! The lesson turned out great and next time he wants his wife and their kids to be present!

We then moved on to the Gentofte area to knock on some doors. We actually were starting to get a little down because we had a bunch of weird contacts at the door with a lot of strange outcomes, none of them positive. The climax was one door that told us they weren't interested and as soon as they closed the door just started mocking us relentlessly. That definitely started making us both mad and discouraged. We had to leave the Opgang [apartment building] to cool off for a second and decide if we still wanted knock here or move on. After a couple minutes, we decided to continue.

We knocked just for another couple of minutes until we reached the end of this row of Opgangs. Nothing memorable happened of course…until the last door. When it opened I started off by asking, "Hey, my friend and I are here to talk about Jesus Christ and what he means to us. Do you have a couple of minutes to chat?" And he said, "Well, honestly, I'm really interested to hear how you're going to go about this, so come inside!"

This man's name is *A*. He really likes to read philosophy, science, and theology. He's come up with a lot of his own theories about God and loves to talk about God from a science perspective. The lesson was a little bit all over the place because he was really good and overcomplicating, well, everything. But at the very end of the lesson we asked if we could pray with him, but he said he would prefer if we prayed and he would just observe. So we did, and then he felt it. He said that he felt something, like light, inside his just that moved to his heart, and that we almost radiated with that same light. He said he didn't know if God was really present or what, but he said that he's beginning to see how maybe God works in our everyday life. It was actually incredible to see how strongly he felt the Holy Ghost. Maybe our 40 day fast [see earlier post] is working!

So on Saturday we ended up finding 2 new investigators which was a huge miracle for us. *S* ended up coming to church on Sunday as well as *J* and, can you believe it, another new investigator! Elijah Thomsen invited his new step-dad to come to church and he really enjoyed it and wants to come again next week! So we had 3 investigators in church which was a huge blessing for us! We also had the chance to meet with our less-active friend, *R*, a couple times throughout the week as well.

Even though things were rough until, literally, the last couple days of the week, there turned out to be great blessings in store for us. Our hope is that we're going to be able to take advantage of these great blessings God has given us!

Unfortunately, no new pictures this week. :( But! I am going to Frederiksborg Slot today and going to see all of the Carl Bloch paintings as well for my first time! So I'm sure we'll have some pictures from that.

Love you all! Let me know how Meet the Mormons is! Have a great week!


-Ældste Wawro