Monday, October 6, 2014

Farewell Sisters!!

Our last District photo before Sister Rigby goes home. (Sister Rigby [dark hair] is the one that we met at Brick Oven right before we entered the MTC)
What an amazing General Conference we had. I still haven't seen Sunday Evening, but the rest of the sessions were truly inspiring.

Today is our MTC sisters' last day before they go home. Pretty weird. They're the people we started our missions with, and they're not going to be here any longer! They will be missed! Kind of on the same note, transfers are today and Ældste Metcalf and I will be staying another one here in Ordrup. Huzzah! We're both really excited for that.

Right after our zone training this week we had a lesson with *S*. It went really well, he's just a really spiritual person. He didn't hold his commitment to read in the Book of Mormon, so we really focused on that. We've been coming to a realization that as long as people are not reading for themselves, it doesn't really matter what we teach them that day. They aren't growing on their own spiritually. So we're going to put an increased emphasis on the importance on holding our commitments, and if they haven't read we're going to read with them.
Ældste Metcalf and I being weird after Zone Training.

We're worried about *U*. He's one of our investigators that we've knocked in to recently and he is sincerely depressed. We've been trying to help him and it seems that he's been enjoying our visits. But last time we had an appointment with him he wouldn't let us in. We're really concerned for him. We just want to help. Ever since his wife and parents all died he's just had a rough time. If anyone needs the gospel in their life, he does.

We have a new investigator named *C*. She's great! She's about 23 years old and her Mom comes from the Philippians. She's lived in Denmark all of her life. She can't believe in standard Christianity because she says the Trinity just doesn't make any sense, so she decided to start looking more into Islam. We knocked on her door the other day and she was excited to hear the message we had to bring. She is still pretty set in an Islamic mindset, but she is open to read and pray and do what she needs to do to find out the truth.

We had a Big Splits Evening with the ward and that went fantastic! It seemed everyone there had a great experience. We ended up finding some new investigators and making some appointments with a few people we're really excited about. We also were able to visit *R*, our less-active friend, with a member and give him a blessing. It was a special moment for all of us. Hopefully the Ward was as excited about it as we were!
Fun at a Ward activity with Sisters Murray and Rigby

General Conference was amazing. It always is, but I feel like this year I received a lot of counsel on how I can improve. We actually ended up watching Priesthood with a non-member named *J* and his wife who is a member which was great! He gives such good feedback even though he's not a member! His wife wants more than anything for him to convert, so hopefully General Conference was a good experience for him to feel the Spirit.

Again, it was a great time for me to think about self-improvement. Ældste Metcalf and I have actually started the Zone on a "40 Day Fast" from the things that distract us from having the Spirit always with us. We have some mighty goals set and we're going to need the powers of heaven to achieve them. So all of us in the Zone has made a list of the things we are either going to give up or start doing for the next 40 days so we can have the spiritual power needed to achieve our goals. We'll let you know how that goes.

I love you family! Thanks for everything you do! Have a great week!


-Ældste Wawro