Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

The Famous Hillerød Slot Castle which contains the Carl Bloch Paintings.
I definitely am going to be missing our tradition of watching Ichabod and Mr. Toad, but it's sure great to be here in Denmark!

Our week started off fantastically with our appointment with *D* and *L* and President Sederholm came with us! They are both so fantastic and she is ready to be baptized. We were a little worried for a while because they hadn't been to church for a couple weeks, but everything was explained and put in order. *D* blessed the Sacrament for his first time yesterday in a very long time. All we have left to do is set up the baptismal interview with *L* and then they will be on their merry way! It's truly been amazing to see their process of spiritual growth.
The Hillerød Slot Castle.

We had a few other lessons throughout the week. One was with our new investigator, *L2*. That went great, we taught the Restoration, and he seems to have really enjoyed it. He is very grateful for our visits and next time we'll be focusing more on the Book of Mormon.

We also had a lesson with our other new investigator, *A*. That one was not quite as good. It wasn't a bad lesson, but he has a hard time keeping things simple. We taught the message of the Restoration and he likes it all, but he keeps trying to tie his way complicated theories about God and science into it as well which don't really make sense. He is very interested in the Book of Mormon, though, and promised he would read. We'll see if that helps with anything.

Me with Queen Margrethe II !
We also had an appointment with *R*. He really is so fantastic and we really just want him to come back to church. He has such a strong faith in God and we always have some great discussions with him. We've been reading out of the Book of Mormon with him and are trying to get him to read out of it himself as well. Hopefully he'll begin to start feeling the Spirit that comes by filling his life with these kinds of spiritual activities.

It's really been kind of a slower week. We're really hoping that we're going to be finding some more investigators this next week, but we'll also have our plates full with a lot of meetings with the Stake and Mission as well as planning for *L’s* baptism. But it's great to be busy!

Oh! I almost forgot! The highlight of the week! Elijah Thomsen went through the temple for his Endowment for his very first time on Friday! It was truly amazing. After all of that work that we did to get Elijah set up for Temple-Prep, working with the Bishop, calling the Temple to make an appointment, getting his clothes with him, it was just so gratifying to see him all ready and dressed in white. Elijah is just so great and wanting to serve God to his utmost ability. It was a touching evening, and one that I'm extremely grateful for.
Going to the Temple with Elijah for his first time!

Love you all and wish you an evening full of Tricks and Treats!


-Ældste Wawro

Weird picture in the castle....