Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Week in the Land of the Danes

Elder Wawro with Youth from Arhus Ward

Hello Hello! I would first off like to start out with an apology....

I left my camera cord back at the apartment so I can't send any pictures. Today was a little hectic and I had to switch bags quickly so I left it back. It's too bad because I took a ton of pictures this week! I'll see if there will be a way I can send the pictures later today...probably not though.

Casey! It's so great to hear about all of your temple trips. That is such a wonderful thing that you are doing. Also, thank you for all of the spiritual thoughts that you send me. They are always so great to read. I hope that Cries for Freedom is going well for you! Make sure to tell the Leavitts Hi for me! Also, great job with your audition! I hope you have a great trip for Student Council and make sure you email me about it.

I bet Nathan is doing a fantastic job as Charlie Brown. I am a little envious of him. I'm sure football is keeping him busy as well. It's too bad he had to quit Cries for Freedom but it sounds like his plate is pretty full as it is.

I hope Haley makes it into the show [In the Heights at the Hale Theater]. She would be perfect. In the Heights would be a great opportunity for her. Sounds like school is keeping her pretty busy. It's hard, but if you try to focus on how what you are learning will help you, it gives you a stronger motivation to carry on.

Now, this email is going to be a little bit shorter. I don't have a lot of time. Oh! By the way, President Sederholm informed us that all of us are required to get bikes for our mission now. Anyone who's staying longer than the end of December has to get them. So there was this bike out back of our apartment that was left by a previous missionary. It's a way nice bike but it was locked up and the key was lost. I went out there last week and pulled on the lock and it turned out it wasn't actually locked! So now I get my bike for free (which is a way nice bike) where as before I would have had to pay a significant amount of money for one! You’re welcome ;)

So this last week has been pretty busy. The highlights can be split up into three different events.

First, do you remember that one investigator I told you about? The one who I bore my testimony on the importance of the Book of Mormon in my poor Danish. We lost contact with her until last week. We met up with her again, this time with a member whom we just recently reactivated.  She was still having a hard time with the Book of Mormon. Luckily, this time our member bore his testimony of the importance of the Book of Mormon. She then opened up and said that because she loves the Bible so much and it has helped her in many instances in her life she has a hard time believing there could be another word of God. She then asked us to pray for her that she could know the Book of Mormon is true like we do. We called her a few days later and asked if she had read. She said she did and that she can now see why we love the Book of Mormon so much. She said finding out the Book of Mormon was true was the first step, and now she needs to come to church!! How amazing is that?
At Ward BBQ Activity

Next, we had a ward barbecue. It was way fun and I will send pictures ASAP! We played a lot of games and the Bishop's kids were helping me with my Danish the entire time. I also got to play a few songs on the guitar and lead the ward in a sing-a-long of Book of Mormon Stories ;).

Last, I went on splits up to a town named Randers with a missionary who got to Denmark the same day I did. We both had only been out here for about 3 weeks and we had to go to all of the appointments, contact, and tract by ourselves! Not going to lie, I was a little nervous because neither of us speaks really good Danish or understands a lot that's being said to us. Amazingly enough, we placed 2 Book of Mormons and got a phone number to contact! We also taught a couple lessons.
Randers, Denmark

Oh! Also the Bishop thought it would be funny if the zone leaders and my companion told me I had to give a 30 minute talk on Sunday! They kept me believing, as well as the Bishop, that I needed to give my talk in Danish until a couple days beforehand. Finally my companion felt bad enough because of my stress that he told me the truth. Ha, my Bishop is so funny...

Well, I hope everything continues to roll in Utah. I'll try to get those pictures back to you as soon as I can. Love you all!