Monday, July 8, 2013

Life Rolls On in Denmark

Hello everybody! 

Another week has come and gone in the land. Weather here has been pretty much perfect. It rains a bit but the last few days have been completely sunny!

I'm going to start off this email with the events of this past week to shake things up a bit:4th of July was pretty depressing here. It was pretty much like any other day. No "Cul de Sac of Fire" here!

Things continue to go well. We got a couple of our investigators to church this week. We got a couple of new investigators this past week. One of them I met on splits with one of the Zone Leaders (we do splits a bit since we live in the same apartment, both work in Århus, and sometimes need to multiple places at once). We taught him in the church and I invited him to be baptized but he said he was unsure about it. Later this week he texted us and said that he felt so peaceful while in the church that he wants to be baptized! So now we are working to get him baptized on the 31st of August.

The other investigator just moved here from Finland. She was a referral from the missionaries there and so we met up with her. She was really receptive to everything we were teaching, so at the end we invited her to baptism. She hasn't committed yet but we have high hopes for her!
Steering a Parked Tall Ship in Arhus 

On a funnier note, I was getting off the bus the other day and I saw an elderly lady struggling to get off so I helped her down. She then asked me if I could walk her to her house so I said yes and called out to my companion to come back since he started walking ahead. The next hour was filled with her just taking her to random places, her knocking on random people’s doors and then trying to get in if they didn't answer! We kept asking for her address and then she would just take us to another random place! We finally got her address out of her and took her to the bus. A member was getting on that same bus so we passed her off to them and sent her on her merry way back home!

The last big thing that I can think of that happened this last week has to do with that one investigator of the Zone Leaders that had the dream where I told him he needed to be baptized one the 12 of July. So his baptism is this week and he has been a golden investigator for them. When they asked who they wanted to do what for his baptism he said he didn't want to offend anybody and choose, so we sent the ward mission leader to ask so that he didn't feel like he was going to offend anyone in their faces. He ended up choosing the first missionary who found him (he currently serves in Copenhagen) to baptize him, but he chose me to give him the Holy Ghost and confirm him a member! I'm not even one of his missionaries! It's going to be a way cool experience though and I am so excited to confirm my first person!

Now back to you guys:

That's super sad about Uncle Manuel. You will have to tell me how the funeral goes. I hope everyone is taking it well. 

Feel free to not send me any pictures of Grandma's toe. I am doing perfectly fine without them. Tell Grandma Betty thanks for writing me and that I'm going to write her back this week! I just need to get a couple of stamps.

Looks like Cries of Freedom was a blast! I'm sure Casey was great in it! Nathan would have made the most Mexican Red Coat ever seen. I hope Casey has a good time on her Student Council retreat! It's too bad Haley didn't make the show. She should have. Its awesome that she saw Maddie and Marissa in the MTC though! If she sees them again she will have to tell them hi for me! 

The motorcycle is fun to ride, huh Dad? And yes, there is a ton of cycling here. Cycling in Denmark is a more popular mode of transportation than driving. They actually have individual lanes on the road for bikers on every single street.

Sounds like everything has been pretty fun and pretty busy back at home. Tell Grandma Warren and all the family hi for me as you see them.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures! Jeg Elsker Jer!

-Ældste Wawro