Monday, September 9, 2013

5 Month Eve

Greetings from the Randers Tropical Zoo
Hej Hej Hej! Greetings from the Land! This week has been very good to us in Randers and we have been very blessed with our missionary work.

It sounds like “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” has just been fantastic! I can't wait to see it when I get back! I'm so glad that it's getting taped. 

That's great that you're still doing General Ruckus Casey! Sounds like you have your plate full with that, volleyball, and Student Council! Keep it up!

That Audra McDonald concert sounds like it was super! (Oh, btw, Danes here try to mimic some of the American phrases so they say "super" and "mega" a whole lot. Sometimes together! One of my favorites is when they say "super mega nice!") She really is so talented! I'm also super jealous that Haley got to do a workshop with her as well. Oh, and keep me updated with how her callback went! That would be great if she got the part!
Just Like Indiana Jones? 

Det vil altid gør mit hjerte glæde at høre BYU vinder deres kampe! [Translation: It always makes my heart happy to hear BYU win their games!] Sounds like the weather has been crazy! Well, comparatively to how Utah usually is. It's always raining here. ;) But all of those floods! I couldn't even believe the picture of the parking lot! 

So I haven't gotten the package yet but I'll let you know in a couple weeks because that's when the Assistants are coming for Zone Conference. 

I can't believe Ashley is leaving! So exciting, but she still has a few weeks left to squeeze in all the many things she'll want to do before leaving. How's Jared doing? So weird to think that he's home...

Cool to see that Michælah was on the cover of the Houston newspaper! I must say though, those American missionaries are pretty spoiled...we haven't heard anything of any of the new technology coming to the Great Danish Mission anytime soon! ;) We have a joke here that they're going to make "The Distrikt: European Edition" but it's just going to be missionaries contacting and knocking doors!

So this past week was filled with quite of few miracles. I believe we were blessed for our diligence for the week before even though we weren't receiving success. We passed out many copies of the Book of Mormon and many people told us to come back.
Ahh...Now that is a real Danish pastry!

I don't know if you know this already, but the highest ethnicity outside of Danish here is actually Muslim. There are more Muslims here than Swedes or Norwegians or any of these other countries. There are a lot of Muslims. Anyway, we were knocking in an opgang (it's like an apartment complex) and everybody seemed to be Muslim. They kept saying, in English because they don't know Danish well, "Everybody here is Muslim! Try somewhere else!" After one of these doors we were wondering whether or not we should just move to another no-so-muslimy area, but we decided to keep trying. The very next door....nobody answered. But! Just as we were walking down the staircase the door opened and this young Muslim lady called out to us to come back. I explained that we had a message about another prophet here on earth and she told us to come back to hear more about this prophet!

So one of our investigators had another dream. We had lost contact with her for about 3 weeks and we couldn't get a hold of her. Finally, we made an appointment with her and she explained this dream: In her dream she had a question that she couldn't seem to find an answer to. Then, God spoke to her and told her to answer her phone. Her phone started to ring and when she answered it …it was us! She's been really positive since then and we hope she stays that way!

Both Ældste Peterson and I made a couple mistakes this past week...hehe...First, we had a zone training and we received a text in Danish which Ældste Peterson thought said "The meeting is moving to 1:30" but really it said "The meeting is going until 1:30." We got a call about 10 minutes before it began asking if we were on our way and we replied we were still in Randers. We ended up being 45 minutes late to the training...ha, but the Mission President just laughed at us because he knew it was an honest mistake.

Then, the very next day we walked outside of the apartment and a horrible realization came over me. I had locked the keys in the apartment. We had no way to get in and we had locked all the windows as well! (I found that out as I climbed the fire escape to our apartment balcony ;)) We ended up having to take a train down to Århus and spend the night there until we got our key. That was fun. 
Randers Branch Building

Finally, we had had a few investigators who told us they would come to church this past Sunday and we were working really hard because our Mission President was speaking that Sunday and we knew how awesome of an opportunity that would be for all of them to hear him speak. We haven't had anybody come to church since I've been here in Randers but everything was in order for a couple investigators to be there. Then, the night before, both texted that they were not able to come so we didn't have anybody coming to church. We just started praying for God to let somebody come to church! We had worked so hard and all we wanted was 1 person! The next morning nothing happened, and we prayed again that God would let someone come. We got there and nobody was there...disappointing, but we went to Branch Council. When we came out we saw a family sitting there who had been investigating the church 15 years and have only come to church twice before! We had invited them but we had never imagined that they'd actually come! Then the senior missionary couple walked in and they brought somebody in as well! Then, out of nowhere, a family we had never taught before came in this huge car and made their way in the chapel. Turns out that one daughter had been baptized, came to visit them, and brought them to church with her! All in all we had 9 guests in church when we expected to have none! God surely blessed us that day.

Well, I hope that this week will be just as amazing as this last week for you all! I love you all!


-Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro