Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Half Birthday To Me!

Preparation Day in Randers, Denmark
Greetings from the 19 1/2 + 1 day old Ældste in Randers! Yesterday was my half-birthday so I sure hope that everyone did something to celebrate! A cake, maybe a balloon or two?

As usual, it's great to be up-to-date with the daily affairs of the family back at home. Casey with Volleyball and Seminary, Nathan with Homecoming and his acapella group, Haley with school and Savior of the World, Mom with finishing It's a Good Man Charlie Brown and training, and Dad with...whatever he's doing. Probably busy being awesome.

BTW, mom, I have been getting your Dear Elders and I really appreciate them. I love hearing about Ældste Soper, Zushi, and Søster Wawro! Thank you for sending them! And I should be getting your package this week in Zone Conference!

Visiting Old Friends in Arhus
Honestly, this last week wasn't super eventfull. Not that it was boring or even that we were just knocking doors, but not anything too crazy. The highlight was probably when I was on splits in Århus.

My last companion, Ældste Lindstrom, is training again and so his new trainee is my brother in the Mission Family. I went on splits with him this last week and it was interesting to see him in the same position that I was in 3 months ago. Frustrated with the language, but eager to do missionary work. We had a couple lessons with some of my previous investigators and that was really great to see them again.

One of them we watched the Joseph Smith film with and he really enjoyed it. He's a muslim who is honestly seeking the truth to find God's will for him. It was interesting though, his favorite parts were some of the small parts we don't really think about. He really liked that part where Joseph was running with the kids and then when that one lady yelled, "Smith! I don't believe in your religion! But I do want to thank you for your service." and he replies, "Well, you might say that that is our religion Ma'm." He also told us that whenever he thinks that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ it just takes his breath away. It truly is an amazing story and we should remember how blessed we are to have this knowledge and be grateful that Joseph Smith had the courage to pray to God for wisdom.

The other investigator was one of my really positive investigators from before. He is supposed to be baptized this week and I'll be playing piano at his baptism. I really hope and pray that it goes through because he has really turned his life completely since he began meeting with us. 

Elder Peterson and I at a service project at the Randers Branch building
Language Testing and Transfers?
Tomorrow I'm going to Copenhagen to take my language test! If I don't pass, I'll be deported from the country! Ha, but I should be fine, a missionary has never failed the test. Oh, this is also the last week til transfers and there will be around 20 new missionaries coming this next week so we will see if Ældste Peterson and I stay together or if one of us will be on the flight! I might be in an entirely new area next time you hear from me! ;)

I hope everything continues to go well with you all! You are in my prayers always! 

Ældste Wawro