Monday, September 30, 2013


BIG NEWS EVERYBODY! I'd love to share that all with you now, but I think I'll wait to the end to write it. By the way, I got a 35 on the ACT on the English section so I do not need help with the English language Dad! ;) [Christian's dad had to reacquaint him with certain grammatical rules of English such as the differences between "their" and "there."]

I must say, my favorite thing to read are the funny family stories. They make me laugh so hard!

My coats have actually been just great. I don't need a warmer coat. Oh, and actually, remember that side bag that we bought from Mr. Macs? First, they changed policy so we always need to wear sidebags, so I'm glad we bought that. Also, the bag says TASKE and that's Danish for Bag! Funny stuff.

It's great to hear about Jared. I wish I could have seen him before I left! Sounds like he's adapting fine to normal life.

Shakespeare festival should be a great experience for everybody. That was always one of my favorite parts of the year! I love the Shakespeare Festival! I'm sure the Madrigal is going to turn out great.

I think Casey's decision about Seussical was smart. She's already busy enough as it is. I don't think it's anything she needs to stress over. No use stressing over things that are out of your control. I also think that Volleyball has been a great new opportunity for her! Keep it up! Keep me updated on Nathan's Football games. I want to hear how he is doing.

I hear Christmas in Denmark is fantastic, but I am going to miss Temple Square. That's so great that Haley has the opportunity to be in the “Savior of the World” [production at the LDS Conference Center this Christmas season.]

Ha, Dad did mention about Gayle's [Lockwood] comment [about how she could use Christian for an accompanist for her 12:00 voice lessons at BYU this semester]. Tell her I'd be more than willing in a year and a half!

Glad the garage sale was successful. I've actually learned the joy of having a clean and organized house/apartment since being here on my mission. It's really the only way to go! Sorry I didn't learn that lesson earlier. ;)

Yes, it is funny that I live on Prince Christian's Road! It actually took me a couple weeks to even realize that. I need to take a picture of me next to that sign. And yes, Denmark is so clean and beautiful. It's green and filled with old architecture and the clouds are amazing. I'll actually send some pictures that show that today! But yeah, there is also a lot of not so clean stuff on billboards...everywhere.
Missionary Apartment (brown door on right) on Prince Christian Street.. No kidding!

Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro
Pr. Christians Gade 15,st TH
8900 Randers C

About all the new social media stuff, trust me, the missionaries here are on edge just waiting for our turn to begin this new phase of missionnæring.

This past week has been a lot of finding and not so much teaching, but actually, it was fun while doing it. We really learned a lot about finding during the zone conference and it's made it so much more enjoyable to do because we really are searching out to find the elect. I also think it's better for us because Ældste Peterson and I are understanding significantly more in Danish and can start really getting to know the people we meet. Where before giving out 1-2 copies of the Book of Mormon was a good week (it was the same in Århus while I was there) we are now giving out 2 BoMs every day! It is really great to see.

I had been having a little bit of problems with my bike so that's why I've been spending money out of my debit card. Everything is fixed now though!

Probably the biggest miracle this last week was when we met with one of our investigators. She is one that Ældste Peterson and I found our first day here in Randers. They have been good lessons, she doesn't have a Christian background so we have to go really slow with our REALLY slow. One time we had watched "Finding Faith in Christ" the week before and began talking about His 12 apostles and she said, "What?" We replied, "Do you remember from the video (and all of our lessons before) that Jesus had 12 men who helped him out?" She sat there for a second and then began, "oh, Oh, OH! Ya, the Three Wise Men?!" .... No, not the Three Wise Men.

Anyway, she had been asking about why we don't drink coffee or tea. We were a little nervous to teach her the Word of Wisdom because since our first visit she had gone through around 3-5 cigarettes a visit. Huge smoker. Anyway, we decided it was time to teach her, so we prepared our lesson and went to her apartment. When we got there we realized it smelled significantly better than usual. We sat down, prayed, showed her a video (because she loves the Mormon Messages) and were about to begin but she cut us off and said, "Yeah, so this last week I don't know why but I decided to stop smoking, so I'm not doing that anymore!" We were dumbfounded. Here was this lady who smoked packs every day and out of the blue just randomly stopped even though we had not even remotely mentioned that we don't smoke in our religion. Needless to say, we proceeded quite easily into the Word of Wisdom and she committed to try and live everything in it.
Elder Peterson and Elder Wawro

Ok, time for the BIG NEWS! -
So Ældste Peterson and I were making dinner on Wednesday night I believe where out of the blue we got a phone call from Præsident Sederholm. Obviously we knew something was up because you don't just get calls from him for no reason. Anyway, I answer and he asks me to put it on speaker phone. He then tells us that all the missionaries have received "THEIR" (happy Dad?) VISAS and they would be coming the following week. 15 new missionaries are coming and we have need for emergency transfers, so Ældste Peterson, you're moving to Fyn (the middle island in Denmark)

*RANDOM SIDE STORY!! - The lady write next to me on the computer here in the library heard me ask a question to Ældste Peterson in English (don't worry, I usually speak Danish to him) and introduced herself as also being an American. Small world!

Back to the story - "So Ældste Peterson, you're going to Fyn and will be companions with Ældste Eisert. Congratulations! Now Ældste Wawro, who is going to be your companion?" "Well, I don't know Præsident, you should tell me." I replied. He laughed and then said, "Ældste Wawro, you will be receiving a new missionary and will be training him in Randers!" CRAZY! So on Wednesday I will be going down to Copenhagen (I feel like I was just there) pick up my new missionary. Obviously it's a little scary because I've only been in Denmark for almost 4 months and am still not super great at the language, but I guess the Lord qualifies his servants!

So that is all for today folks! I hope this week will be a fantastic week for you all! I'll let you know all about my trip to Copenhagen and my new missionary in my next email! Oh, and get ready for some pictures of my trip to another castle last week!


-Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro