Friday, September 6, 2013

The Week of Bonking (door knocking)

Greetings from Randers
Hej fra Randers! Det glæder mig til at skrive hjem idag. Dette uge har været rigtig langt!  [Translation: Hello from Randers! I am pleased to write home today. This week has been really long!]

It's great to hear about all of the great experiences going on back at home. That's great Haley is back at school. I'm actually really excited for school again and I think that I'll be taking it a little bit more seriously than before. I mean, I did well my last semester and got good grades, but I'm excited to actively learn and really try to remember the things that I learn and not just memorize them for the tests. Remember that Haley! Enjoy learning!

Mom, it's so fun to see the play you’re directing, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” is finally opening at Orem High! I love that musical!! I bet it is going to be so fun! It's hilarious that you do the Les Mis march in it! 

Sounds like your trip driving to Texas with Uncle Jeff in his new Jeep has been fun Dad! Make sure to tell everyone that I say hello! Also, I have been getting Grandma Betty’s Dear Elders letters but I have no idea how long they take to get here. I think only a day or two...anyway, I'm actually writing a letter for her tonight so tell her to expect it in a week or so! 

Thanks for the scripture Mom! I love that scripture too. Also, how is Grandma Warren adjusting to living at our house?

That's awesome about the Volleyball team Casey! That will be so much fun. It's great that you're starting up sports again. As for sports in Denmark, they are really into Soccer. There is actually a Major soccer team in Randers named FC Randers. A member works there and told us that she'd actually take us to one of their games on a P-Day! 

So, about the baptisms in Århus...they actually didn't happen. It was so sad to hear. None of the three ended up being baptized on the date planned. Luckily all of them just got moved back a few weeks, so hopefully it will happen soon!

My companion Ældste Peterson comes from Vernal, Utah. He actually began his mission the group before me, but because he applied for his VISA the same day I did, he ended up being reassigned to Tennessee for 8 weeks. We got to Denmark the same day. He's a really nice person and it's been a fun last few weeks.

This past week has been a little was a ton of contacting. Actually, we only had three total lessons last week so we just went out bonking [translation: door knocking] and contacting for hours and hours every day. We kept praying to put somebody in our path but day after day nobody in these hundreds of people we've talked to were interested. We didn't pass out a single Book of Mormon up to this point. It was a little disheartening, but we kept trying and just pressed forward. Yesterday, after having no appointments and it was the last hour of the day we decided to knock on one last door. It was a huge house and we assumed that because they were rich they wouldn't be interested. A young man opened the door, let us in, and we taught the Restoration to him! God literally waited until the last hour of the week to give us someone to teach! It was a great miracle and I know it wouldn't have happened if we hadn't been working as hard as we could to find someone new.

This week we also went to meeting of another church denomination on a Friday evening. We were the only white people there but they were super nice! A friend we met here invited them a while ago and while we were praying for new ideas to find people (as contacting was getting really old) Ældste Peterson remembered that promise so we went! The church was called "The Gathering of Champions" ....and the preacher gave a really good sermon.

This was the first time last week that somebody thought I wasn't American. He asked if I was Swedish, then said "No, you must be Norwegian from the way you speak Danish." He was surprised to hear that I was actually American and have only been here for 3 months! I've promoted from American accent to a Scandinavian Accent!

Anyway, that's my week! Can't wait to hear from you all again next week! Jeg elsker jer og håber at I vil have et rigtig godt uge! [Translation: I love you and hope you will have a great week!]

Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro