Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Months, Moving to the Double Digits!

Just thought you would like to see this Huge, Banana Peperoni Pizza we bought the other day with some members. Enjoy!
Today marks my being on my mission for 10 months. Pretty crazy to think about. In some ways I feel like I've been out here forever, and in some other ways I feel like I'm still a new missionary. It's really weird how time works on your mission.

That is crazy about the Danish man who fought in the Alamo! Charles Zanco isn't a very Danish name though. I wonder where that came from! 

[Christian’s parents visited the Alamo and found out that a man named Charles Zanco was defender of the Alamo and was born at Randers, Denmark, in 1808. Zanco and his father immigrated to America in 1834 after the death of Charles's mother. They settled in Harris County, Texas. The Zancos were farmers, and Charles was also a painter by trade. In the fall of 1835 Zanco joined the first volunteers at Lynchburg for service in the Texas Revolution. He helped design the company's flag, which featured a painted star and the controversial legend, "Independence." Zanco may have been the first person ever to paint a Lone Star on a Texan flag. He took part in the siege of Bexar as a member of the Texan artillery. He remained in Bexar as part of the garrison under Lt. Col. James C. Neill. He was promoted to lieutenant and served as an assistant to the garrison's ordnance chief. Zanco entered the Alamo on February 23, 1836, at the approach of the Mexican Army. He died in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836.]

Congratulations to Haley with MDT!!! That is awesome! So great! That will be a great opportunity for her. I hope her the best with Callbacks to the Yellowstone Park Theater! Congratulations to Nathan as well with his part in Crazy for You! Casey too! That should be a great show.

Happy Birthday to Casey! I sent her a gift so I hope it gets there in time!

This week has been pretty great. Some ups and downs, but mostly ups!

We met up with an investigator again and unfortunately, it didn't go awesome. It's not that she took any steps backwards, but I feel like she really didn't anything out of the lesson. She is a person who gets distracted very easily and it was impossible for her to focus at all. She already has this bird that flies around the entire room, lands on our heads, and makes loud noises. But in addition to that she was babysitting her neighbor's dog who in the beginning looked really cute but ended up being the destruction of our lesson. He kept running into different rooms, he bit us, and he peed right next to my shoes! We tried to get her to put her animals in a different room, but by that point in time it was hopeless. I guess it was a good learning experience for us to get rid of the distractions in the beginning, right?

We went to a new bible study group this past week to meet some more people. It turned out to be a great experience. People are always asking us questions about life as a missionary, why we wear nametags, why we always dress the way we do, and other such things. After getting to know them we had a great discussion about the nature of God. Afterwards, while talking to some of the people there, I heard one of them quote the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" which I love, so I started a conversation with that. We moved from that to basketball to find out that he is really good friends with one of our Members in the Randers Branch who plays Basketball professionally here in Denmark! He expressed to us that he is not sure what is true right now and he's still searching to find what is best for him, so we invited him to come to church and see how he feels about our beliefs. He agreed he would come and learn more.

We also learned a lot more about the leaders of this bible study group. He is way cool. He knows the Bible extremely well even though he is in his low 20's. We talked to him a lot and he agreed to come check out our church. Yesterday he actually came! He really enjoyed himself and loved talking about the Book of Mormon. He accepted one and is excited to learn more about it.

We had another lesson with somebody from the Fri Kirke as well. He is totally against the Book of Mormon so we were really considering if it would be worth it to meet with him. We decided to stop by and just hear his thoughts on the Bible. We asked him how he found Christianity and his experience reading through the New Testament for the first time. We also asked him his favorite scriptures in the Bible. He really opened up to us as we asked him about his faith and beliefs. We don't know if it will go anywhere with him, but only time will tell!

We met with our investigator whom we haven't seem for the past few months. He's the one that's a Free Mason. He went on vacation to Spain in November and he just got back. We stopped by to see if he was home and he let us in. A lot of different gospel topics were discussed, but the highlight was at the end when he asked if we could pray for his son. His son does not have any faith, he's addicted to drinking and smoking and drugs, and he really is not doing anything with his life. We prayed that he might find hope and comfort and come to a knowledge that God is his loving Heavenly Father. He was very emotional by the end and was very grateful for our visit. 

We also did a lot of follow-ups and we have a few lessons with new people already set up for this next week! We're excited to meet them and hope to get some new investigators who are prepared and ready to accept the Gospel. 

Happy Birthday to Casey again! Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all! And Happy 10 Months to me!

Med Kærlig Hilsen [Translation: With Loving Regards],

-Ældste Wawro