Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Days of Our Lives

On the Dock in Ebeltoft.

Salutations, my dear friends! Another week has come and gone. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

First off, congratulations to Haley on getting the part of Eponine [at the Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone this summer]!! That is amazing! That will be so much fun. That's super fun about Casey [running into and taking pictures with BYU’s Young Ambassadors] at Temple Square!

I don't know that I'll buy a new suit now. The sales are starting to go away and I've already spent the money on that jacket and new pants. But for my birthday, I hope that you send some pictures in a photo album or something of our family, and maybe some of me growing up too. I'm also pondering about you sending me new scriptures, but I'll have to think about that one a little more. I've have the same scriptures that I got when I got baptized and they're getting pretty marked up and worn out. But I can't quite get myself to move on from them. I'll look and see if there's a set that I really want though. Right now I'm kind of leaning towards the Brown, Real Leather Big Print Ones, but I'm not sure. Ha, ridiculous I'm thinking this much about new scriptures. BTW, I'll be here until the 10th of March. I'm pretty sure I'll be transferred on that day, but not positive! So if you send anything this week it should get here in time.

That's crazy about all these people getting married. Becca Nielsen writes me weekly and she always tells me about all the people that are getting married from our friend groups, and it's crazy! Everyone's going to be all grown up when I get back!

The Distrikt is doing well. I love everyone in my distrikt. Everyone is so much fun but they are really hard workers. They're a great addition and I'm glad I get to work with them!

This past week we had a ton of appointments cancel on us. We were super excited because we had around three lessons scheduled for people we hadn't met with before that were looking really positive, but all of them either cancelled or burned us. It's disappointing, but we hope we'll be able to meet with them in the future.

We taught one of our investigators this week. It went ok. She read in the Book of Mormon so that was an improvement! I'm just worried that her drive to live the principles of Christ and keep the commandments isn't nearly as strong as it was. We hope we can do something that will instill that desire she once had.

We met with another investigator and it went great! The Spirit was so strong in that lesson. He had been telling us that his son is really going nowhere in life right now. He said that he's prayed and prayed for him but nothings really changed and he has kind of given up trying to change him and has just been trying to be a loving father to him. We had the idea to read Mosiah 27 with him which is the account of the conversion of Alma the Younger. It turned out to be the perfect scripture for him. He was really touched by reading how Alma the Older reacted to the entire situation. By the end of the lesson he said that the last thing he was going to do before going to bed was to kneel down and pray to God for his son. He said he's stopped praying, but seeing how Alma the Older was so diligent in his prayers he said he was going to start up again. And he says it's all because of us. We hope we now can get him to church, but we'll see how that goes!

The great miracle of the week happened yesterday at church. So Saturday evening Ældste Brindley got really sick and started throwing up and getting cold sweats, so he went to bed early. I was still up doing some planning and some studying, when I got the impression to pray that someone would come to church. It was just a little thought, but I knelt down and prayed that God would please let someone come to church. I had no idea who, because all of our investigators said they couldn't come, but I felt like I really needed to pray about this.

The next morning we prayed again as a companionship and went to church. We came out of our branch council meeting to see a lady we had never met before. We found out that she had just moved from Brazil a week earlier and just moved around the church. We had recently made an open house sign for our big open house event happening next Saturday, and we had it outside, so she decided to come in and take a look! She really enjoyed the services and said that she would be coming back with her 18 year old daughter next Sunday! What an answer to my prayer, and who knew that my answer would be a woman from Brazil.

Other than that we had some successful member appointments where we discussed their family mission plans. The members are excited to help with this open house and are very impressed by the work that they've seen us put into it. We hope that it will be a good turn-out this Saturday!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! Love you!

-Ældste Wawro

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