Monday, February 3, 2014

Transfers, Round 1 - 2014

On the shore in a village called Grenå
Hello Hello Hello! Transfer time has once again rolled around here in Denmark! And guess what. I'm getting transferred! Wonder if you can guess where!

*Drum Roll please...................*

The Lucky next are is......


Ha, I'm moving back to the old apartment on Prins Christians Gade. Crazy, right? I suppose they love me here in Randers. Actually, there's only 2 missionaries here besides the Senior couple again and I guess they decided to keep me. Ældste Kinch was transferred as well so it's just me and Ældste Brindley! It's pretty weird having to move back to the old apartment, but it should be fun! So send letters to that address now!

Ældste Christian Patrick Wawro 
Prins Christians Gade 15,st TH
8900 Randers C

Prince Christian Street
Our district is a little different now. It consists of us, the Senior Couple, the Skive Elders and the Viborg Elders. We're called the Midtjylland Distrikt and it should be pretty cool to have other people in our district again outside of Randers. I will be staying District Leader so now I have to coordinate transportation, but that's all cool beans I suppose!

So, funny story about my suit! I actually didn't buy one with that money you put in. As I have told you, it has been getting progressively colder here in Denmark and my one jacket I had just wasn't keeping me warm enough. It's been really cold. So we were walking buy a store the other day and I noticed a winter jacket on sale for 350 Kroner ($63.23) and it was the last one of my size! Generally the very cheapest they get for a jacket of this quality is 500 Kroner, and that's on sale, so this was a find! It is the warmest jacket I've ever owned and pretty cool as well. I'll send a picture! Oh, I also bought a pair of khakis at that store because one of my khakis got a hole in the behind, and I don't need anyone seeing that! So that will count for my birthday present! I'll send pictures of the coat.
New coat. 

Your trip to Texas sounds exciting! Hope you have fun! I wish everyone luck with all of their auditions! Oh! What happened in the Super Bowl?? We got invited by a ton of our investigators and friends from other churches, and our church, to come and watch it with them. Unfortunately, we had to decline.

We had a few opportunities to help people move this week within the ward. It's always great to give people a helping hand where we can. We've also spent the majority of our week contacting our referrals. We had a lot of referrals to catch up on, and just with everything that's been going on it's been a little bit hard staying on top of it all. Desværre [Unfortunately], none of the people we've contacted so far has been too positive, but we have a few left that we have to stop by.

We actually did get one referral out in Grenå that is looking fairly positive. He was referred to us from one of my previous investigators in Århus! He has a lot of questions for us and wants to meet. We had an appointment with him this past week but he cancelled on our way down to Grenå which was unfortunate. But he still wants to meet.

We were in Grenå for a point in time not exactly sure what to do. Because Grenå is so far out from Randers it wasn't like we could just turn right around, so we decided to visit a part-member family and that turned out great. We had a really good talk with them both and we hope that her husband will come with her to church. He knows everyone in the branch really well and he basically is a member, I just don't know what he needs for that last push.

This is pretty funny. So we had a lesson with that man who has visited Utah last week that I forgot to email you about. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was really strong. We had just finished talking about resurrection and being able to be with your family forever. The member that was with us paused, and asked, "Does anyone else have something to add?" There was a moment of silence where we were letting the silence sink in. Then one of my companions I'm training raised his hand, not understanding what was just asked because it was in Danish, and asked, "Can I use the toilet?" Hahaha!! It was so funny! You had to be there.

Good Neighbors
Our highlight of the week was the new investigator we found. There is this man that I met in my first week here in Randers that is our next door neighbor. For the last 6 months we had seen him but we had no idea what his actual name was. He moved from Århus just around the same time that I moved from Århus. He promised us that we could visit him but for the last 6 months he said that he has just been so busy. The last week, though, I ran into him at the market on our preparation day, and while we were talking he invited us to come over. We met about a week later and it was a really good discussion. He's around 37-40 years old, and he completely opened up to us. Over the past year his life has completely fallen apart. His parents died in a car crash, he was hit by a car as well and now can't work. His wife who he has grown up with for the last 35 years completely separated herself from him because of the "dying wish of her father" which was to separate from him. Apparently both of his in-laws do not like him. She took two of his daughters with her and he hasn't seen or talked to any of them for the past year or so. He moved to Randers with his one daughter he has custody of to get away from it all. He basically lives only for his daughter so that he can provide a good life for her. He said, after she moves out, he has no idea what he's going to do. He told us he's looking for a new direction in life, and of course, we told him that we may have just what he's looking for. He said he has faith but doesn't understand why God would let all of these bad things happen in his life. We told him that our message could help him understand better why things have happened the way they have and how he can move past this trial in his life. He agreed to come to church with us this next week so we hope that he does!

That was my week! I hope that you all have a wonderful week and accomplish everything that you want to! Oh, by the way, look up this band called the Nashville Tribute Band. They are a Mormon Band and they play some pretty sweet tunes. Especially on their album titled "Joseph". They also have one entitled The Work which is a tribute to missionaries. You should look them up! Some of my companions have had them on their iPods and they're pretty fun to listen to.

Vi Snakkes!

-Ældste Wawro