Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Love General Conference!

Elder Wawro and Elder Jewkes on splits
Can you believe that General Conference is already here?! Things are flying by too quickly! We had a great week here in Ordrup, but I actually forgot my planner so I'm going to have to try to remember all of the most important details...

I started off the week on splits with Ballerup 2. I was with Ældste Jewkes in Ballerup and Ældste Metcalf was with Ældste Wilsher in Ordrup. It was a great splits and their district meeting was inspiring as well. It seems like everyone in the district really is working hard to achieve our zone goals. It was a grand ol' time!

Right after we went on splits with the Virum Elders. I was here in Ordrup with Ældste Mogensen. It was great fun to be with Ældste Mogensen again, but we also saw a lot of miracles together! We had 3 lessons in a row before 1:00 P.M.! The rest of the day we did some finding and ended together with an eating appointment with a member. Great day, but let's talk about some of the positive people we met with at those appointments:

We found 2 new investigators in one of those appointments. It is an aunt and her nephew and they come from Nepal. They are very nice people and active Hindus. That is, of course, going to be a big obstacle we're going to have to overcome, but they are both incredibly interested to learn more about Christ, even though they're not quite sure why. Great lesson and we're excited to share more about Christ in our next lesson!
Mission Leadership Council

The other great appointment we had was with *S*. He isn't your typical Dane. He loves the scriptures. Every time he reads scriptures or books about religion, he gets this feeling of peace, joy, and happiness that he can't describe and can't find any scientific explanation for. It just comes! He doesn't really have a specific Christian religion, but he goes to church every once in a while. Since our first lesson he's looked us up on Mormon.org and has read a lot about our standards. He thinks all of our "rules" are very practical and make a lot of sense. It's amazing! He took notes at we talked with him and he also wrote down all of our commitments we gave him. There's some good potential there.

The other highlight was, of course, [our investigator's] baptism. Even though he wasn't our investigator, it was such a powerful experience. He is from Iran and fled because he became convinced that Christianity was the truth. He is an incredibly intelligent man. He's actually a Dentist! It is such an inspirational story. The Spirit was so strong, actually, probably one of the most spiritual moments on my mission! He is amazing and we are so excited for him to continue to grow in the church.

So here is the crazy story for the week:
So Elijah Thomsen from the ward decided to invite us to an activity. He called it African Night. He told us that a bunch of Africans were getting together and that it would be a great opportunity for us to contact and meet a lot of people at one time. His brother was hosting it and so we could get in free. We decided, why not?!

Here's a few reasons "why not":
We finally arrive at this place, imagining a small building where they would be gathering. When we find the address we walk up to this giant 5 star hotel in the middle of Copenhagen! There's a red carpet from outside leading everyone in to this incredibly fancy African function. Everyone there is dressed as if they are going to the Oscars with tuxes and fancy dresses. We're only in our white shirts, ties, and slacks. Everyone there is African. Well, we are not African. Little did we know that we actually stumbled upon the finest African Event in Denmark, The Celebrate Africa Awards Ceremony.
Walking the Red Carpet

We tried to walk out as fast as we could, but Elijah came down in his nice suit and vest and convinced us to stay. Let's just say that the entire evening we were feeling quite out of place as we were sitting with all of these incredibly rich and successful Africans while we were, well, white Mormon Missionaries. Not everyday you experience something like that. Leave it to Elijah to leave out some critical details about the event.

This is the last week for the sister missionaries in our MTC Group! We're going to miss them a lot. But, good news, Ældste Ludlow is going to be back tomorrow!! So this is a farewell to the sister missionaries in our group, and a welcome back to our good friend Ældste Ludlow!

Thank you for everything you do! I love you all so much! Have a great week!

-Ældste Wawro

P.S. - Here's a picture of Ældste Jewkes and I on Splits together, and Ældste Metcalf "Sport Contacting" which means that if we win they have to listen to our message. We won.